Friday, June 24, 2016

Be in the Company of celebrities

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Admit it—you’re in awe of celebrities even if subconsciously. That’s why we find them endorsing brands because marketers understand how they influence our buying decisions. This is especially true for luxury jewelry, where prestige matters.  So if you want a jewelry signature that puts you in the company of celebrities, Carrera Y Carrera should be in your list. Let’s call out who have worn the brand. Olivia Wilde wore Sol y Sombra bracelet at the gala night of Cowboys & Aliens. Jennifer Lopez is proud of her Tiger and Cordoba rings during her judge stint in “American Idol”. Berenice Marlohe also likes the Tiger ring at the Madrid premiere of Skyfall. Meanwhile, Sarah Hyland likes the Granada ring and was spotted wearing it at a premiere of the “Hunger Games”. Nice company, eh?
Carrera Y Carrera is available at Shreve & Co. on Post Street, San Francisco.

Breitling soars high

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Breitling isn’t only synonymous to high-precision Swiss watches. The brand also brings to mind the signature jet team that graces various major air shows in the world. Like the recent “Warriors Over the Wasatch” event at Hill Air Force Base in northern Utah. The Breitling Jet Team wowed the audience at the Pineview Reservoir Weber County with their stunts of flying a few feet close to each other while they flipped and rolled together in varied formations.  The team showcases the importance of precision and timing, two characteristics of the Breitling name.  The jet team is the largest civilian display of military aircraft in the world flown by some of the best pilots. "There is no equivalent to what we do and we perform these planes around the world,"  team leader Jacque Bothlein said. "We really try to build the show as entertainment."
Breitling is available at Shreve & Co. on Post Street, San Francisco.

The Man and the diamond

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He’s one of fashion industry’s fastest rising star. Bibhu Mohapatra and his creations have graced big-shot fashion magazines, such as, Marie Claire, and Vogue, and also top media outlets like New York Magazine, Time, Forbes, DNA, and Wall Street Journal. So, what makes him click? Perhaps it’s his style of fusing the old with the new, the traditional with modern, with a dash of social consciousness. His collection of hand-woven silks sourced from traditional weavers in his hometown in India, for one, is well critiqued. On the other hand, he has partnered with Fire & Ice by ForeverMark to create a line of diamond jewelry exclusive to the brand. The collection—Winter Fall Show—was highlighted at the New York Fashion Week. The jewelry pieces are an ideal complement to Mohapatra’s vibrant and colorful fabrics.
Fire & Ice by Forevermark is available at Shreve & Co. on Post Street, San Francisco, and in Palo Alto, California and Portland, Oregon.

A Really Impressive luxury watch

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Want a luxury watch that is not as widely used and media saturated as the usual suspects you find endorsed by sports and Hollywood celebrities? There’s one  that’s just released this year by Corum. But be prepared to shell out $40,000 up for it. The Corum Golden Bridge timepiece is exclusive; the company only released the first version of the brand’s signature “baguette” movement now since the ground-breaking feature was introduced more than 35 years ago.  The watch model is patterned after the iconic Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, CA and is available in 18k diamond-encrusted white gold, 18k rose gold, and 18k rose gold set with 84 diamonds. It measures 43 mm across and 8.3 mm thick. The watch is water resistant up to 30 m. But the main attraction is that you can see a 360-degree view of the movement.  The Corum Golden Bridge Round is developed by Dino Modolo.
Corum is available at Shreve & Co. in Palo Alto, California.

Exclusivity lends more value to your jewelry

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It takes a little sleuthing to discover a luxury jewelry that is at once elegant and, well, not that widely seen, so what you get is a more exclusive look. One of these jewelry “secrets” is Eclat. French for “burst of light,” Eclat showcases bright gemstones elegantly set in precious metals with a whimsical and adventurous take. The brand is quite new—launched in 2003—but it has a fresh appeal that can lend to your style a rejuvenating look. For example, the Multi-Strand Emerald Bead and Diamond Bracelet is bold but still classic. On the other hand, the “Happy Necklace” Gemstone and Diamond Necklace is a cornucopia of playful colors that adds sexiness and sophistication to your casual or formal wear. Eclat has more “secret” styles for you to unravel.
Eclat is available at Shreve & Co. on Post Street, San Francisco and in Palo Alto, California.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Meet Carmen

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Carmen Jorda Buades is not your usual model. She’s beautiful, slender and has this fiery look—a stunner if you must. But all the stereotypes of a model stop right there. She’s after all a professional race driver, a development driver for the Renault F1 team. It’s no surprise then that Bell & Ross has picked her recently as the watch signature’s brand ambassador for its ladies watch collections. The move reinforces Bell & Ross’s direction to position the signature along the exciting and glamorous image of motor sports. For Jorda, the partnership couldn’t be more natural. " I fell in love with Bell & Ross brand back in February and particularly with the BR S collection,” she said. " They are unique and classic watches that convey strength as well as femininity.” 
Bell & Ross is available at Shreve & Co. on Post Street, San Francisco.


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Aaron Basha, the “magical” jewelry known for its collection of evil eye and baby shoe charms, has a new line of jewelry pendants. Called Hamsa, the collection takes inspiration from the folkloric apotropaic amulet that depicts the hand as a magical protection. Hamsa is Arabic for five, referring to the digits of the hand. In Jewish it’s called hamesh. It’s traditionally used as an amulet or decorative pendant. Aaron Basha transforms this item into cute little pendants that feature the hand in different styles, material and gemstone accents. There is a Hamsa in18k rose gold featuring a diamond and sapphire eye. Likewise, another Hamsa shows an 18k yellow gold with turquoise and diamond as the eye. Yet another Hamsa features an 18k light blue enamel with diamond accents.
Aaron Basha is available at Shreve & Co. on Post Street, San Francisco and in Portland, Oregon.

4 Reasons to buy a luxury watch

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Buying a luxury watch isn’t just a fancy impulse. It has specific uses that go beyond telling you the time. One, you need not brag about your wealth or status; an expensive watch like A. Lange & Sohne will do the talking. Two, you showcase your fashion taste or cultural appreciation. This is especially true if, like an A. Lange & Sohne, the watch embodies heritage. Three, you love machines, even minute engineering piece like the gears and springs that move in unison. A luxury watch is almost always an engineering marvel, particularly for timepieces featuring Swiss movement. Fourth, you want to impress people. It’s like having a sports car only on a smaller scale. A watch signature never fails to draw the attention of your male friends.
A. Lange & Sohne is available at Shreve & Co. on Post Street, San Francisco.

Be Different

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When we think of what luxury jewelry to wear on a formal evening party, we often imagine classic elegance. Either we go for diamond or pearl piece to match our streamlined gown. Fancy, but nothing out of the ordinary. What happens is everybody tends to look similar. Just check any Oscars night and you get the picture. However, you can stand out and be different without looking ridiculously out of place. There are a number of luxury jewelry brands now that cater to your fancy but they still evoke that formal wear appeal. Signatures like Alex Sepkus—its dome rings and fancy necklaces are at once bold, different, yet still elegant. Our favorite? The 18k gold, rose cut and natural color diamond "Victorian" dome ring (5.4mm wide) matched with the 18k gold and diamond red coral necklace.
Alex Sepkus is available at Shreve & Co. on Post Street, San Francisco.

Looking for a new member to your collectible watches?

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We all love Baume & Mercier Capeland. They are functional and elegant at the same time. Each model in the collection expresses a complicated, sophisticated look powered by its chronograph function. Just when we thought we’ve seen all the bells and whistles of the Capeland line comes the latest from Baume & Mercier: the limited edition Capeland Shelby Cobra timepiece. A first look and you know this one is for keeps, a collectible piece with its vintage appeal. The exclusive watch model is based on the Shelby Cobra race car that won the 1963 Sebring, a grueling 12-hour race event. The watch has the same black and yellow livery of the CSX 2128 race car. Likewise, the watch’s dial design is patterned after the Cobra’s dashboard with the addition of the Cobra emblem as counterweight to the seconds hand. It sure is a nice addition to your collectible watches.
Baume & Mercier is available at Shreve & Co. on Post Street, San Francisco and in Portland, Oregon.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Plan ahead in buying the wedding ring

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Choosing the right wedding ring should be planned ahead so you make sure you end up with the band you’ll love for the rest of your life (or marriage, at least). First, start the research early, as far a year ahead from the big day. Second, narrow down your choices. Do you want a platinum or gold? Yellow or white gold? It’s easier to choose from a smaller set of options. Third, work around a budget. There’s no point thinking about platinum if you can only afford gold. Fourth, think about the future. Your preferred style may be trendy now, but what of ten years from now? If you’re unsure about style a classic design like an A. Jaffe wedding band is a safe bet. Lastly, only buy from an authorized seller.
A. Jaffe is available at Shreve & Co. on Post Street, San Francisco and in Palo Alto, California.

Can you have mismatching wedding rings?

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Your wedding rings don’t have to match if you have differing style choices. It may sound the marriage is off to a bad start because you can’t agree on a similar wedding band, but no. In fact, quite the opposite, having your own style each is a good sign of a healthy respect for each other. So, if you want yellow gold because it matches your fair skin, go ahead and get a yellow gold ring. If platinum is his choice, no problem. Both of you may like Suna Bros. but in different styles. Go ahead. What’s more important is you have an inscription in both rings that bond them together. Maybe the wedding date or your initials engraved on your partner’s ring and vice-versa.  On a symbolic note, your respect and love towards each other are what make the rings special.
Suna Bros. is available at Shreve & Co. on Post Street, San Francisco and in Palo Alto, California and Portland, Oregon.

The Show-off diver’s watch

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Who says diver’s watches have to be bulky, rugged, and bold? They can be classy and luxurious, too. Yes, they can carry the Tudor elegance. The Tudor Heritage Black Bay Bronze is arguably the classiest diver’s watch around. The 43mm bronze case is matched by a light aged brown fabric strap and matt brown disc, giving the watch a vintage air. The watch features a proprietary mechanical movement developed by Tudor and certified by the Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute. Likewise, it is protected by a high-performance aluminum bronze alloy with brushed finishes and housing twenty-five jewels. The watch can dive to as deep as 660 feet or 200m. It’s an elegant and high-function diver’s watch that you can show off and depend on during weekend out-of-town diving gigs.
Tudor is available at Shreve & Co. on Post Street, San Francisco and in Palo Alto, California.

Oddly beautiful watches

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Luxury watches can go beyond elegance and opulence and be oddly beautiful. Take Vacheron Constantin Metiers D’Art, a timepiece collection depicting artworks in watches. This Vacheron Constantin line showcases not just the art, but talent and outstanding expertise of the brand’s watchmaker. The designs are out-of-the-box ideas. For instance, the Elegance Sartoriale-Herringbone Pattern showcases a smaller watch inside the case and is placed off-center right. On the other hand, the Mecaniques Gravees assembles a mechanical artwork as a dial backdrop. Meanwhile, Lady Kalla features an elongated watch in a glass-like casing. There are more odd but elegant styles that will challenge your norm of a luxury watch. The watches feature Swiss movement with manual winding and water resistant up to 3 bars. These are eccentric designs that reflect your desire to stand out and be different.
Vacheron Constantin is available at Shreve & Co. on Post Street, San Francisco.

Wellendorff comes to the U.S.

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Wellendorff recently opened a boutique in San Francisco, it’s first in the U.S. Although the company has been manufacturing its signature rope-like made from wafer-thin gold filaments and spinning rings made of colorful enamel and diamond for over a century now, it’s only lately that the brand takes on the American market.  The great-great grandson of the founder, Christoph Wellendorff, admitted San Francisco is an ideal place for an acquired taste like Wellendorff. “I came back for business reasons 45 times in my life and my love for SF grew even more as I began to appreciate and understand American wine and the American kitchen. We’ve created a Wellendorff family here in San Francisco,” he said. Wellendorff are fancy luxury jewelry that has had adorned royalties and nobilities of Europe. 
Wellendorff is available at Shreve & Co. on Post Street, San Francisco and in Palo Alto, California.

Friday, June 03, 2016

Wear yellow the right way

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Yellow gold is classic and almost always lends to you an elegant, sophisticated style. Almost, because if you wear it wrongly, like any other jewelry, yellow gold distracts rather than adds to your allure. Here are a few tips on how to wear yellow gold properly. First, let the piece shine. Wearing too many pieces may hinder each piece to show off its potential. Instead, keep the pieces at a minimum, like 2-3 different yellow gold pieces at one time. Second, mix and match yellow gold with other gold colors like rose and white. The other gold color can provide the accent to highlight the yellow tone. Third, be bold if you have to. This means wearing a statement piece, for instance, a Steven Kretchmer 24k Gold Collection, tells others that you’re sophisticatedly rich.
Steven Kretchmer is available at Shreve & Co. in Portland, Oregon.

Italian jewelry at its best

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Ever wonder why Italians are good at design, whether it’s automobiles, furniture, the dome of the church, or, yes, jewelry? Unlike Scandinavian, Swiss, or German designs, which follow a cohesive style much like a clockwork precision engineering, Italians go for drama. They play around emotions more than structural patterns or formulaic principles. The result is an unpredictable yet fiery style that triggers subtle emotional response from us. This is also true for Roberto Coin. Its Coin Classics are the embodiment of Italian passion. Simple lines punctuated by unexpected accents, collections that are as varied yet beautiful as vintage and contemporary are apart yet alluring. Roberto Coin prides itself not just as a top jewelry brand, but a culture that defines your lifestyle and fashion taste.
Roberto Coin is available at Shreve & Co. on Post Street, San Francisco and in Palo Alto, California and Portland, Oregon.

Rolex is not a watch

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Rolex isn’t only a luxury watch. It’s a luxury lifestyle brand. The signature goes beyond the highly precise Swiss engineering that moves the watch’s parts or the high-grade workmanship that defines the timepiece’s make. Rather, Rolex rubs onto the wearer an air of prestige, a mark of status. In fact, the brand is synonymous to another luxury lifestyle icon, yacht racing. The watch has been the sponsor of the Sydney Hobart Yacht Race for the longest time and this year, it is prepping yet again a memorable competition for Australia’s most prestigious blue water race around the south coast of the country. Yacht racing perfectly complements Rolex because, like the watch, the sports is not just a symbol of luxury, but also a testament of hard work and efficiency, where each member, each part of the boat, has to be in perfect unison with the rest to work.
Rolex is available at Shreve & Co. on Post Street, San Francisco and in Palo Alto, California.

Cheap ruby ring?

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When Mark Zuckerberg married Priscilla Chan in 2012 all eyes were not just on the couple, but on that “cheap” ring. Some people were aghast why one of the world’s richest billionaires gave his wife, not an expensive diamond ring, but a ruby ring that “only” cost $25,000. This from the man who has built one of the world’s top ten most valued companies. But a close inspection, the ring isn’t really “cheap”.  It’s a Royal Asscher, a world-famous luxury jewelry brand that specializes on rubies and diamonds. In fact, the name is a legacy, the family dynasty with 160 years of heritage to its claim to fame. Besides, the Asscher Zuckerberg gave to Chan is special: he designed it himself. Asked why ruby, the Facebook owner said it’s because red has an emotional meaning in Asia, referring to his wife’s Chinese ethnicity.
Royal Asscheris available at Shreve & Co. on Post Street, San Francisco.

Mother and daughter team up for a promising luxury jewelry brand

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Many luxury jewelry brands are defined by heritage that has been passed down through generations from father to son and so on. Usually, the founder would start the brand as a small company, focusing on perfecting the art side. Then, the son would expand the operations until succeeding generations would transform the brand into an established asset built on the original founder’s creativity. For Sloane Street, however, the generational story may be too long a wait. Instead, the mother and daughter founders eagerly started working together to release one of the world’s most promising luxury jewelry brands today. Their chemistry is evident in the Sloane Street collections like the Caviar. Blues, pinks, and greens are played out subtly, interlaced with 18k yellow gold. The result is somewhere between a classic and contemporary, a real tease to the eye.
Sloane Street is available at Shreve & Co. on Post Street, San Francisco.


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