Friday, November 27, 2015

Charms and More Charms

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Charms are pretty much charming. They tell the wearer's story to everybody. They are a window into someone's soul, dreams and history. They also have the magical power to make people bond over exquisite jewelry and their identities. Charms are also transcendent of age and can become family heirlooms. There's just nothing to hate about these things. And one man since the 1950s has been in the business of making exquisite charms. That man is Aaron Basha. He was born into a third generation of a family of jewelry traders in the Middle East who had an impressive list of clientele including royalty. Since creating his first charms, he has been known to be one of the greatest makers of them. His pieces are both fanciful and elegant. His lines include pieces for children making him a Willy Wonka figure in the luxury industry. 
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Refined but Edgy Contemporary Designs

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The jewelry you choose to wear is an indication of your personality, mood and style. And nobody wants to be generic. Everybody wants their personality to shine through even though we wear store-bought clothes. It's pretty hard to customize everything today. But jewelry is a different thing. We kind of have a choice with regards to this luxury. So choosing a brand is key when one wants to let their own unique personality and mood to shine through. If you want a classy, edgy but elegant look for the day, you can never go wrong with Chimento. The company is known for that brave unapologetic look of refined contemporary style. Chimento is also known for its expert use of gold in showcasing its unique vision and creativity. Every detail is perfectly executed just so you won't have a problem showing them off from any angle. 
For a refined contemporary style, Chimento is your go-to brand. Catch more of what Chimento offers and visit Shreve & Co. in Portland, Oregon.

Breaking Traditions, Making Something New

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Some traditions are meant to be broken. If we don't break any, how do we make new ones? How do we combine the old with the old and the new with old and any other combination that elevates our arts and culture? Well, this is exactly what Michael M thinks. And this is what contemporary jewelry enthusiasts and even general culture is. Today, we see mixtures and medleys of complimentary designs and cultural artifacts today. The strong statement pieces are not mixed with classic Old-World elegance. And Michael M's take on this contemporary design is a personal favorite of mine and, of course, many others. One favorite of mine is the Pave Diamond Fashion band set in 18k gold. This goes with the Pave Diamond Circle Pendant that is also in 18k gold. This modern designs have a classic appeal to me and I can where them for everyday luxury or in formal events. 
Check the Fine Jewelry Collection out over at Shreve & Co. on Post Street, San Francisco.

Quality Meets Design

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The great thing about bridal jewelry luxury brands is that they get the fundamentals just right. What people want with bridal pieces are the brilliance of the diamonds, the durability of the pieces and the perfect fit. And when they transition to designer jewelry, this just follows with all the new design inspirations from the design team or a partner designer. This is exactly the case with Hearts on Fire and their designer collections bring to the table. The company was joined by the now Director of Design, Ilaria Lanzoni, in 2012. In the first year of this venture, the company established two hit collections the Copley and the Illa. In 2013, the company added Atlantico and Lorelei. In the following year, Hearts On Fire added the Aerial collection that takes inspiration from natural elements of nature in the air such as snowflakes, suns, raindrop and butterflies among many. 
To see more of the designer collections, visit Shreve & Co. in Portland, Oregon. 

It's not just business, it's personal

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Diamonds are just beautiful. I haven't met any person that does not like them. It has a universal appeal that crosses time, space and cultural boundaries. Diamonds are just simply magnificent to behold. It is this intrinsic beauty that has fascinated people for a quite a long time that many families have centered their lives around this beautiful thing. One of the families is the Kwiat family. Since, 1907 the family began their diamond journey and have shared their great knowledge of such beautiful gemstone to the world, couples and the discerning lovers of jewelry. They perfected the art of making the diamond shine its brightest. What's also great about Kwiat is that it remains to be family owned. Many businesses out there are answerable to their shareholders and are wary about profit margin and growth. Kwiat is only answerable to customers. This gives the company's passion for innovation no bounds. 
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Friday, November 20, 2015

Love, Symbols and Furrer Jacot

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Love. Is it just a feeling? Is it a commitment? Is it both and so much more? Well, nobody can truly express in words the deep-seated feeling that has existed since time immemorial. Love too has been expressed in many different ways and in many different times. But one symbol that is almost as eternal as love is the circle. It signifies no beginning and no end. It is the emblem of a union that, against all odds, will continue to live on forever. Swiss company Furrer Jacot understands this symbolism, maybe, much better than anyone. The company creates every piece individually as it understands how love is experienced differently by individual. Furrer Jacot wedding rings and bands designs portrays subtle elegant purity that is associated with undying love. Collections and styles such as Ringdividuell, Magiques and Sculptures offers different takes on human personality. You'll be sure to find what's truly yours in Furrer Jacot's collections.
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Love, Symbols and Mémoire

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The world is full of symbols. We function herein with the luxury of having representations to aid help us improve many of our undertakings and our relationships. And it is in our relationships that we get our strengths to push on, to give and to further love; and also to remember. This is why the symbols that enhance this aspect of our lives should also be as strong as what they represent. For love, we want to symbolize it through gifts that have the same property as our feelings and how we value our significant others. Beauty, elegance, endlessness, passion, and respect among others. We want to encapsulate these in tokens that we can touch, see and behold. This is why it is important to choose a maker of symbols that knows just how to do it. A maker that knows how to combine all those feelings in rings that will stand the test of time. One trusted maker of such symbolizing tokens is Mémoire
See Mémoire pieces for yourself. Visit Shreve & Co. in Portland, Oregon. 

Crafting Old-World Style

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As a fan of jewelry, I have always liked reading how these exquisite pieces have taken shaped. The last one I have looked into and wish to share with you is from one of best companies when it comes to craftsmanship -- Harry Kotlar. What's great about the Harry Kotlar approach is that the firm is a master of old world techniques which hardly changed in over half a millennium. This Old-World artistry is combined with modern sophistication to form pieces whose timelessness and timeliness just melts into all points in time. All starts with forging of gold or platinum - heated and shaped by hand. Then the stones are set also by hand in a masterful way. The carving and polishing are also done without the age of computers or digital techniques -- a tradition that was built by history and heritage. The product? Always a Harry Kotlar perfection. 
See Harry Kotlar pieces firsthand at Shreve & Co. on Post Street, San Francisco.

For Gifts and Indulgence

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100 is the perfect number. This is why it was chosen to be the namesake for a Roberto Coin collection of perfection. There are many pieces in the collection that one can give as a gift to a loved one or enjoy for herself. The elegant beauty in Cento pieces revolves around the unique cut of the diamond. With 100 facets, it is the most unique diamond that captures the ultimate fire of the diamond. Cento pieces range from pendants to necklaces and to rings. They can be worn with endless possibilities. I see myself wearing them in casual clothing, formal wears and even in a laid back staycation kind of way. Many women have enjoyed that extra level of fire and brilliance that Cento diamonds bring. They are laid out in beautifully crafted precious metals that enhances the look while making them comfortable to wear. The collection might be named Cento. But there's more than a hundred reasons why this collection is a go-to collection for gift-giving or, better yet indulging. 
Cento is available at Shreve & Co. in Palo Alto, California. 


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Italian jewelry has always been regarded as high quality. Italy's rich history, tradition and culture is just bound to produce people that make beautiful pieces of art that one can wear on her body. One man that has always been regarded to be at the top of contemporary Italian jewelry design is Roberto Coin. The designer takes inspiration from Italian history and culture and captures them in pieces that evoke awe and deep connection. One collection that embodies liberation and freedom is the Tanaquilla. This is inspired by the Etruscan empress Tanaquil who is a cultural icon of freedom. The collection is elegant as always. It's pieces can all be worn together or as accents to other Roberto Coin jewelry. One favorite is the Collar with Brown Diamonds made out of 18k gold. Another eye catching piece is the Cuff with Brown Diamonds. Both pieces exudes an organic elegant charm fitting for Italian Royalty. 
See this tantalizing creation from Roberto Coin and visit Shreve & Co. in Portland, Oregon.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Highlighting Brilliance

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A. Link in its early days started creating jewelry that do not highlight the designs of gold but the brilliance of the diamond. This philosophy is still carried to day and has helped set the company apart in the jewelry making industry. A. Link specializes in bringing your inner sparkle out for the world to see. It has become a company synonymous with the most brilliantly cut diamonds in the world. The precision, design and attention to detail enables A. Link to wow us with wonderful and brilliant pieces that are hard to take our eyes off of. Take the Round Brilliant Diamond Flower Pendant Necklace for instance. It features a small diamond flower pendant in 18k white gold with fifteen round brilliant cut diamonds. This is on a 16 inches chain necklace that is also in 18k white gold. Just talk about the brilliance and elegance that this piece offers. 
See more of what A. Link can offer. Visit Shreve & Co. in Palo Alto, California.

Aquamarine Leaf

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Pushing a step ahead of what women want has always been the style of designer Penny Preville. But innovating and continuously creating does not mean that she abandons her own personal style. She believes in continuity and remains true to her design. She has her signature style that pervades every collection. She creates pieces that are strong and striking that turn the observers gaze towards the wearer. And this is the same story with her new collections like the Aquamarine Collection. One piece in the new Aquamarine collection is the Aquamarine Leaf. This piece is 18k Yellow Gold Diamond and Rose Cut Bangle Bracelet. It features Pave Diamond and Rose Cut Aquamarine accents. This piece has just that elegant and conservative yet sensual feel to it that every woman would fall in love with it. 
See the Aquamarine Leaf firsthand at Shreve & Co. on Post Street, San Francisco.

Purple means Joy and Vitality

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Wellendorff has been a company that is known for the innovating and pushing the boundaries of jewelry making. With great concepts and well-executed engineering and craftsmanship. But Wellendorff is not just all about the craft but the company is also about the connection. In Wellendorff's Purple Collection, pieces are forged not just with magical precision but are forged to make a special bond with people and unforgettable moments. These pieces are made to be good luck charms, to keep special memories and even keepers of secrets. The pieces range from rings to earrings. Each look as if they come from magical places and found their own way to our realm. They were meant to help wearers radiate their own joy from within to sparkle and radiate vitality. 
See this magical pieces for yourself. Visit Shreve & Co. in Portland, Oregon. 

The Dahlia Collection

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Kirk Kara's heritage started from 1890 as the firm gets designers and artisans to work together to create and capture beauty from different inspirations. One collection that draws from the beauty of nature is the Dahlia Collection. Dahlia has been named the to be the national flower of Mexico in 1963. The collection takes inspiration from this to create pieces that offer a unique yet understated beauty that flows naturally. Every piece off the collection is intricately designed with milgrain edges, marquise leaves, floral details and fresh colors - reminding the wearer and the beholder of spring in bloom. 
Pieces from this collection show a design aesthetic that emphasizes the pureness of nature itself. See the Dahlia Collection up close. Visit Shreve & Co. in Palo Alto, California.

Martin Flyer Fashion

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Martin Flyer has always been a brand that is known to help couples kindle and rekindle their love. It has been a company that has been present in many love stories for couples around the country. But this is not where the Martin Flyer service ends. Now, Martin Flyer sets its sight on just you. Martin Flyer now offers wonderful fashion designs that you will not want to take off - designs that you can wear everyday and in every situation. All of the fashion pieces are still made with that promised Martin Flyer quality that tops the industry. Take the Splash Collection for instance. They too resemble the famous Martin Flyer stacker bands but with a great fun and playful twist having diamonds and gyms carefully lining the outer part of the bands. These are great to pair with both casual and smart casual clothing and if you are daring and creative, you might get them to work in black tie events. 
Check the new Fashion Collections from Martin Flyer out. Shreve & Co. is an official dealer for Martin Flyer. Visit Shreve & Co. in Portland, Oregon.

Friday, November 06, 2015

Playful Sophistication

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David Yurman has always been known to be an artist. He has been engaging in the creation of different design ranges that evoke flat-out edgy to simply cute. But even with this wide range of designs, the brand still retains that unique David Yurman charm and elegance of playful sophistication. This playfulness can be seen in David Yurman's Bubblegum Pinky Rings collection. Pink Rings have been emblems for aristocracy for ages and David Yurman made these modern so many can join the David Yurman royalty. David Yurman Pinky Rings range from sculpted cable designs to Pave ones. But nothing is more playful than the Bubblegum Pinky Rings in limited edition. The collection boasts of five fun colors and each is irresistibly scented. There is one made of turquoise resin infused with fragrance oil set in 18k yellow gold called Cotton Candy. Others are called Grape, Bubblegum, Licorice and Peppermint. All are made with resin infused with different fragrance. 
Get some of these David Yurman playful pieces for yourself or loved ones. Get them at Shreve & Co. in Portland, Oregon.

Circulos de Fuego

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Carrera y Carrera is known for being one of the thirty most prestigious jewelry companies in the whole world. It has achieved this reputaiton because of its rich tradition of exceptional craftsmanship and creativity. Carrera Y Carrera remains an icon of luxury to this day because of the unique style it offers in every piece - mixing gold and precious stones and making them come to life. One of the Carrera Y Carrera collections of note is the Circulos de Fuego. This collection is mostly made up of dragon designs - universal symbols of strength and power. Carrera Y Carrera craftsmen bring these mythical beasts to life using precious metals, gems and gold. 
The collection boasts of many jewelry pieces such as earrings, pendants and rings. All of which are intricately imagined, designed and executed bringing out the best of all the materials to bring out the best from the wearer. 
The Circulos de Fuego collection is available at Shreve & Co. in Palo Alto, California.

Just One of a Kind

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A. Jaffe carries with it a 120 year heritage of great craftsmanship and timeless design. Every piece is built with exceptional beauty and also, comfort in mind. The company's signature design has this subtle squaring of the shank that minimizes the twisting and gives the wearer a different kind of comfort not offered by other brands. Each piece is given diligent care and effort. Every piece takes up around 80 hours to complete. This painstaking process ensures perfection in every aspect of every piece. A. Jaffe has been known for bridal pieces but this specialization crosses over well to fine jewelry. One of its fine jewelry collections is aptly called "One of a Kind". In this series, the company celebrates craft and tradition by making special pieces that only one person in the world can enjoy wearing. One eye-catching piece from this series is the Magnolia Ring with a Pink Diamond. 
See A. Jaffe pieces firsthand at Shreve & Co. on Post Street, San Francisco.

A Continuing Passion

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Humans have had a deep fascination with pearls. They have been symbols of purity, beauty and elegance since we can remember. But one man's passion for pearls have been found to be greater than others. That man was Kokichi Mikimoto. And even he has passed away a long time ago in 1954, his passion lives on through a brand that bears the same name - Mikimoto. Having succeeded as the first man to produce the first cultured pearl, his dream lives on as the house of Mikimoto continues to discover beautiful pearls and mixes the their intrinsic beauty with other precious metals to produce pearl-based jewelry that any woman would be proud to be adorned with. Pieces range from necklaces, pendants, earrings, rings and brooches. Mikimoto even offers male jewelry such as cuff-links and tie holders. 
See more of Mikimoto's passion that continues to live on with the brand that he founded. Visit at Shreve & Co. in Portland, Oregon for your Mikimoto pearl jewelry pieces. 

Creativity: At the Heart of Piaget Design

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Piaget has made its name because of its innovations in watchmaking. It has pushed the boundaries of what the watch should be like and what the watch can be. But even in the most conventional Piaget pieces, the brand still manages to stand out from the many. This is because creativity and design is valued as much as precision and accuracy. The brand manages to do this by having an in-house creation studio housing an eight-man team of designers who have a free reign in the creation of new models. This eight-man team conceives about a hundred new watch references every year. With a development time of nearly one year for every watch, this statistic give us an idea of the quality of the creativity that flows in the studio. From the first designs, 3D modeling, prototypes and the final model, these designers work closely with engineers to make these fantastic pieces from imagination into tangible pieces of art that one can wear on his or her wrist. 
See Piaget pieces firsthand. Visit Shreve & Co. in Palo Alto, California.