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What’s legacy will you leave your loved one?

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We all leave something behind when we die. It can be material wealth or, more importantly, a legacy carried over by the memory of our name. Patek Philippe reminds us of the importance of leaving a respected name to our children. Although we know the signature timepiece is a luxury piece of precision engineering and style, the brand goes beyond the surface. It promises to keep on ticking for generations, literally handing over time to your children, which bespeaks of our general aspiration when we leave the world: a legacy that will connect us to the next generation. The house may burn down, the car will soon break down, and the inheritance will soon dissipate. But your name, however, you live by it, like a Patek Philippe, is your real treasure you can pass on to your children.
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The Round Bell & Ross

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Mention Bell & Ross and the first thing that comes to your mind: square watches. The signature is known to mimic vintage WWII airplane instruments, those square altimeters and compass found in early plane designs. But Bell & Ross has a few surprises up its sleeves, notably, two round style watches. These designs are limited editions, a round among a sea of squares. The Bell & Ross BRWW2 model features a high-quality polished pink gold round case and un-bordered subdials to give it an elegant soft touch. Only 99 pieces are made worldwide. Similarly, the Bell & Ross BR126 Flyback features an orange themed central seconds and minutes dials to highlight the chronograph movement, and an orange canvas strap. The watch has a sloped flange ring around the hands for better visual and bold appearance.
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The Toast of celebrities

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One of Longines long-running successful collections, the Longines Master Collection, exhibits the Swiss brand’s superb movement and stylish elegance. The watches exude character and confidence; not a few CEOs and celebrities have been spotted to wear one. Aaron Kwok Fu Shing, a Hong Kong superstar, is proud of his Longines featuring an L707 calibre, self-winding movement with 4 retrograde functions and moon phase beating at 28’800 vibrations per hour and 48 hour-power reserve. His watch is in stainless steel with scratch-resistant sapphire crystal and alligator strap. The watch highlights Shing’s elegance and confidence, a perfect match for a gentleman in tune with his career. The Master Collection also comes in 18 carat pink gold, yellow gold, black dials, and different sizes. It’s the toast of celebrities.
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Spell Corum

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So you have some disposable income to, well, dispose, and you’re looking for a truly opulent watch. There’s a timepiece that won’t disappoint. It’s got the luxury, the precision movement, the exclusivity, and, not the least, the price. Corum watches may not be as popular in public as its more celebrity-endorsed competition, but that’s exactly its attraction: only a select few are invited to own one. The watch is known for its line of limited editions and ostentatious price. The Corum Tourbillion Billionaire, for one, costs nearly four hundred thousands, a collectible truly reserved for the super rich. It features a white gold case set with white and black diamonds, a manual winding tourbillion movement, 90 hours of power reserve, and black crocodile leather strap. If you’re looking for luxury watches, it spells C-O-R-U-M. 
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The Essential Baume & Mercier

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The elegance and Swiss precision technology aside, a Baume & Mercier is all about emotion. When Louis-Victor Baume founded the signature watch in 1830, he envisioned a timepiece that not only features superb movement, but a class on its own, a piece that embodies universal aspirations of happiness, commitment, passion, and the drive to make things more beautiful. Capturing his vision, Baume & Mercier recently commissioned a renowned photographer, Peter Lindbergh, to use his distinct cinematographic skills and dramatic touch to illustrate Baume & Mercier in photos. The irony of this project, you won’t see a Baume & Mercier watch in the pictures; rather, Lindbergh simply captured “moments in life” as the brand’s founder envisions the timepiece. The elegance of a wedding, mother and child in a deep embrace, and the bond that ties friendship together… Lindbergh highlighted the Baume & Mercier essentials. 
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The Watch and the car

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With its classic and elegant style and precision movement, the Bugatti Aerolithe by Parmigiani Fleurier truly celebrates the supercar’s vision of high-class, high-flying living. Featuring 68 jewels, a 50-hour power reserve, and a titanium casing, among others, this watch is simply reserved for the Bugatti man. If you’re impressed with the timepiece, wait until you check out the car. Did you know that among the top ten most expensive cars owned by celebrities, five of them are Bugatti Veyron? Simon Cowell is one of them; he’s spotted driving a blue Bugatti with a smile in his face (imagine that, Simon without the trash-talk). But the real cake about Bugatti is, it’s the fastest road car today even beating the Ferrari Enzo with a top speed of 254mph vs. the Enzo’s 218. Only a few, indeed, are chosen for the watch and the car.
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Dressing up your watch with a supercar

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They say when you dress up with a Jaeger Lecoultre watch, you’re made. Wouldn’t be a pity if you’re seen taking the sub or driving a compact car why wearing Jaeger Lecoultre? Call it elitist or superbly snotty, but a Jaeger Lecoultre man deserves something better when going around—a supercar maybe? Check out the celebrities and how they travel in style. You may not know Jay Z, but the rapper owns a Maybach Exelero worth $8M. He just happens to own the most expensive car. But if you find that too ostentatious, wait until you hear the Bugatti Veyron of Flo Rida (yes, another rapper). He wrapped it in gold! If you’re a family man, give it to David Beckham. In true dad-totting fashion, he drives the kids around Beverly Hills in his family car: a Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead. Now that’s style.
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Friday, August 08, 2014

The Tease of Chanel

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The name itself lends to jewelry a classic elegance, almost akin to vintage grace and style. Chanel jewelry is truly reserved for the most sophisticated woman, she who has not just the wealth, but the fashion style to exhibit the jewelry. One of its highly regarded lines, the Chanel Baroque Collection is a cut above all other vintage jewelry. The rings in 18k white gold feature diamonds encrusted in boxed sections, each one linking to the other sections to create a continuous chain of sparkling gemstones. The Chanel Baroque Bracelet is equally opulent. The cuff is made in 18k white gold and 18k yellow gold, combined with onyx and diamonds. The gold, onyx and diamonds are linked in an alternating pattern to give the bracelet a lavishly playful appearance. Not to be outdone, the Baroque Necklace, like the cuff, exhibits the three materials and links them alternately for that classy yet teasing aura.
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Two more Breitling reasons

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Breitling is one of those rare brands that can create tough yet elegant watches for the most demanding men and environment. Originally, designed for pilots to aid them during flight, Breitling is now a sophisticated symbol of an accomplished gentleman, someone who’s a good run in both career and literally the outdoors (maybe in their yacht or private jet). Here are two more reasons to get a Breitling. The Transocean Day & Date watch has a slim bevelled bezel and features a chronometer-certified self-winding movement. It’s perfect for those who want a classic yet contemporary style. The Transocean Unitime Pilot, on the other hand, exhibits a satin-brushed steel casing for that masculine appeal. It also features the Manufacture Breitling Caliber B05 for that ultimate aviator movement.
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Quality starts in each single piece

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What makes A. Lange & Sohne an excellent timepiece? You can say it’s because it goes through a quality-driven five-step process. First, its engineering and design ensures each watch features outstanding functionality. No matter the design is, each item exhibits the traditional A. Lange & Sohne elements of an engraved balance cock, screwed gold chatons, and untreated German silver plates. Second, the timepieces go through prototyping and testing, where each component is individually handcrafted and tested. Third, all critical parts are produced in-house. These include the blanks for plates, bridges, levers, springs, wheels, and pinions. Fourth, the finish and engraving process gives each watch the final aesthetic touch. Lastly, the watches go through a second assembly to ensure each component is working seamlessly with the rest of the movement.
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IWC loves Ju-Air

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You cannot get a closer relationship between a timepiece and an airline than that between IWC and the Swiss airline, Ju-Air. The airline has carried the IWC logo for two decades now, built on both companies’ admiration of the Ju-Air’s JU-52 jet. It’s classic and enduring, just as the watch. In fact, in 2000, a Ju-Air plane even circumnavigated the world to promote IWC’s newest pilot’s watch model. In return, IWC paid tribute to the classic planes with the release of the IWC Pilot’s Watch Chronograph Edition. Only 500 watches were made, making this model one of the sought after collectibles among watch collectors. The watch is plated in rhodium and its dials are made of white luminescent material. It also has a flyback function and features the signature red triangle icon in the date function.
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Extreme watch for extreme weather

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There are few things harsher than the polar environment. Frigid ice caps, sub-zero strong winds slashing against your skin, and miles thick of snow that make walking a foot like taking a mile hike, only the tough survive in this extreme weather. Like Richard Limeburner, oceanographer and deep sea recovery expert from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. He studies the general circulation, buoyancy, and ice annual cycles, among others, under stressful conditions. For Limeburner, the Ball Watch is the perfect timepiece to help him deploy oceanic instruments at the right time. When he’s not in the ice caps, he’s helping conduct rescue at sea. Limeburner was part of the team that helped to locate Air France 447, which crashed in the Atlantic Ocean and disappeared for a long time. 
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Local beat

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You can say Marco Bicego gemstone jewelry pieces are similar to festivals around the world. Each collection has its flavor and aura. Whether it’s a Murano or Marrakesh, a Delicati or Goa, the jewelry represents a culture, a town, or the idiosyncrasy of a people. The Marco Bicego collections are like attending a town festival, you can sense the local flavor and marvel at the depth of artistry or musicality. It’s like going to the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, the only place where the beat of the bulls’ hooves sends tourists running away with smiles in their faces. Or like dancing at the Carnival in Rio, a place where scantily clad curvaceous women dance seductively and it’s okay to watch them with your kids. In another place both scenes will be sacrilegious.
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Purity of love

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Why did we fall in love with the movie, Notting Hill? It’s about a young man living in Notting Hill, a town in England, which apparently is as inconspicuous as a small English town can get. He keeps a regular ordinary day running his bookshop, until one day, he encounters Anna, a Hollywood celebrity from the U.S. They fall in love, got separated because of differences that are worlds apart, but in the end, they get back in each other’s arms. Can something be cheesier than that? Maybe none, but we like the feeling of love putting two persons of different backgrounds as varied as an apple is to orange. We aspire to the purity of love, that day when we, too, will be slipping a Suna Bros. ring in our loved one’s finger without prejudice to her background.
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Flirting tricks without looking easy

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Flirting is an art and you can do it without appearing easy or game. You just want to get into the dating game. So here are some tips. First off, flirting is a matter of location. Where you do it suggests a lot. Eyeing a man in the office or supermarket is harmless as compared in a bar, where guys are in the one-night-stand mode. Likewise, using humor or laughing at his jokes is a graceful way of saying you’re interested. Looking at his eyes directly while smiling also teases him, while you maintain a distance. Another trick that men seem to have picked up a long time ago is when you fondle your jewelry piece a little, like subtly curling an Alex Sepkus bracelet in your fingers, it makes you sensual.
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Things not to tell a woman

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Call it unfair, but there are simple things that men should not tell a woman, lest they be damned. First, never say “relax” to a woman who’s freaking out. It implies that she’s crazy to be over reacting, which, of course, she won’t admit. Second, saying “I love you” in the midst of a fight. It suggests you’re using “love” as an excuse to get out of the mess. Third, saying, “It’s up to you.” It makes her feel abandoned, like you don’t care. Fourth, telling her “You knew I was this way…” is like admitting you won’t change for the better, not even for her. Lastly, the most dreaded of all: saying nothing when she wants an answer. When words fail you, hey, there’s always a nice Hearts On Fire diamond jewelry to make it up to her.
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How to strike conversations in formal dinners

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You’re all glitzy and elegant in your black dress and Kwiat jewelry. All the VIPs are in attendance and you’re nervous how to strike a conversation. Relax. Here are some tips on how to do it during formal dinners. Think first what you’ll say and when you say it, pay close attention to the other person’s reaction. Be sincere about your topic; something you’re familiar with or has experienced, or something you genuinely feel passionate about, will be most handy. But be careful not to hog the talk. Listen also to what others are saying, and pick up their topic in relation to what you know. If you have really nothing in common to share, general conversations about the food, wine, music, fashion, or your jewelry will almost always work.
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Wearing the right hair in cocktail parties

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You’ve worked hard to impress your guests with your black dress and matching it with Micheal M. Diamond Collection. How about your hair? It should also match your overall elegant look. Here are some trends that are making it in fashion magazines. Try the accessorized loop. Gather your hair at nape level and clip it with a diamond brooch. You can also try a low ballerina bun style similar to Gwyneth Paltrow’s hair. This style also highlights your earrings. For a little tease, a side-swept chignon worn by Jennifer Garner gives you a playful air while still keeping an elegant side courtesy of the exposed other ear and earrings. Sienna Miller’s classic ballerina bun is also ideal for cocktail parties; it highlights your forehead and face, so make sure to keep that smile always handy.
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How to achieve an elegant look

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Some celebrities like Audrey Hepburn and Julie Andrews seemed to carry elegance without an effort. Truth is, you need a conscious effort to achieve elegance. It helps a lot to start with a sophisticated jewelry signature like a Stephen Webster. Wear them with confidence without being ostentatious. Likewise, pay attention to your hair. A swept back hair in buns appears “clean and neat,” making your hair more refined. Also stick to time-tested formal colors for your wardrobe like black and white, although some occasional red or yellow dash is welcome. Also give your eyes the cat style with a simple dab of eyeliner, and make sure to use subtle makeup. Lastly, always carry a smile. It never fails to give you that touch of grace.
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Drinking alcohol in cocktail parties

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You’re all sexy and glamorous in your formal dress and Christopher Designs jewelry attending a cocktail party. Liquors are in the air and you’re in the mood to, well, party. Don’t lose that glamor (or heaven forbids, the diamond ring) when you go home, though. Make sure you watch what you drink and how much. Likewise, avoid a head-splitting hangover the next day. Drink lots of water to combat the dehydrating effect of alcohol. Also drink your cocktails “in the rocks.” As the ice melts, it dilutes the alcohol level of your drink. Furthermore, avoid carbonated mixes. Carbonated drinks increase the rate of alcohol absorption. In general, light drinks like champagne and white wine contains less alcohol than darker drinks like red and brandy. Finally, enjoy a long talk. After all, you can’t drink while talking, right?
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