Friday, August 29, 2014

How to impress a girl

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If you’re single and looking to meet new girls, there’s no need to try hard and memorize pickup lines to impress them. Rather, be yourself and follow some basic clean rules so you come out as a natural nice guy, not a creepy dude out to stalk someone. First, dress neatly. Keep your hair cut or neatly combed, your mouth fresh, and your clothes clean and pressed. Second, be polite. You’ll be surprised how girls are attracted to men who can still show their chivalric side. Third, pay her a classy compliment. On this regard, it pays to know a bit about what girls like (but not too much or you’ll come across as feminine). For instance, if she’s wearing a Roberto Coin bracelet, give it a casual look and mention the name then move on to the next topic. She’ll think you’re probably a sensitive and sophisticated guy to know about jewelry. 
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How to keep him interested

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You got your dream man and now the hard part—how to keep him interested up to that day when he’ll want to give you an A. Link ring. You don’t have to try hard; just be yourself. One good way is to maintain a bit of mystery. Don’t divulge to him all your interests, skills, likes, hates, hobbies, achievements…keep something as a secret and let him discover this. Just when he thinks he’s got you wrapped around his arms, spring a surprise by showing him you play the guitar (just an example). Pamper him a bit (but not too much) by playing around his favorite likes. For instance, he likes spicy food. Without looking obvious eat spicy food with a poker face once in a while and watch his amazement especially that he knows you don’t like spicy. Just keep that glass of water really close.
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How long is an engagement?

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After giving her the Cento diamond ring for your engagement, now what? How long does an engagement be to keep a healthy relationship, not the least, prepare your finances for the wedding? Although there’s no definite rule on engagement periods, the general idea is that it’s the preparation for wedding, which is to say, don’t be engaged forever.  Around the sixties, seventies, and eighties, engagement lasted between three to five months, just enough time to arrange wedding plans.  But today, it can mean years. Our advice? Don’t wait too long to make the relationship cross over to the big day. It’s the level of commitment between the parties that makes engagement work. After all, asking her hand and accepting his request is already the manifestation that you both want to get married. Why wait?
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How to make your guy romantic

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Guys will do everything to appear romantic in the early stages of a relationship. They’ll give you gifts, even luxury jewelry like Furrer Jacot, to impress you. But once they’re in the relationship, they tend to revert back to their poker-face self. So, how to make your guy romantic forever? There are no fast rules, but try these. Take the lead. Plan a romantic date with you picking the restaurant and the menu. He’s been doing this for so long and he’ll be touched to see you taking charge for once. Make your dates into a game, such as, who can come up with a crazier or more romantic plan. This should put him on his toes to think of new ways for your dates. And if he wins every time, you win.
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Nice hairstyles for formal evenings

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Attending a formal evening means you have to choose the right dress and wear fashionable jewelry like Penny Preville. But don’t forget the hair. Celebrities are a good source to help you think what hairstyle to wear and what better congregation of celebrity hairstyles than in an Oscar night. Jessica Chastain’s half up and half down style with wavy hangs frames the face and highlights its soft features. Natalie Portman’s princess-like updo with a barrette gives her the vintage class. Stacy Keibler’s off-the-shoulder waves give her a teasing but neat look. Emma Stone’s twisting bun and paired with cat-eye gaze evokes a sweetheart appeal. Lastly, Sandra Bullock’s shiny ponytail she wore in 2012 Oscars proved the style isn’t dead yet. The swing gives her that swagger look.
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Difference between man’s and woman’s brains

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As with many things, men and women look at jewelry differently. When a man look at Martin Flyer for example, he thinks of the price and the wealth it projects. A woman looking at the same exact piece thinks of its beauty, fascinated by the diamond’s craftsmanship. The disparity between how men and women look at things has its roots on social biases. Men are trained to be providers, hunters, power brokers, while women are made to believe they need to attract the best man to raise a family; hence, the beauty perspective. For a man, luxury jewelry is a symbol of power and sophistication that reinforces his social stature. On the other hand, a woman sees it as a tool to adorn her, to make her more attractive, to attract attention.
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How to meet new people

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Don’t just dream of one day receiving a nice engagement ring like a Wellendorff from a guy who’s on his knees begging for your ‘yes.’ Whether you’ve just broken off from your last boyfriend, or you’re still waiting for the right guy, take the lead and meet new people now. The sooner you start the faster you’ll find him. Go out with friends and their friends or visit new hangouts to expand your horizon. When you’re introduced to a new prospect, keep it casual. Live in the moment and enjoy his company without thinking that he may be the right one. The trick is to be curious about him, rather than conscious about you. Stay positive, too. Don’t talk about past failed relationships or people you hate. Rather, think of the future and people that you love to meet.
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Friday, August 22, 2014

Surprise her

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Sometimes when your relationship starts to get monotonous and both of you are just going through the motions of being together, it’s time for a few surprises. Here are some suggestions on how you can startle her to remember that, yes, you still love each other, the bills and work aside. Cook her dinner. This is even more surprising if she knows you don’t cook at all. Show up at work and invite her to lunch. This can be a good break for her from all those office stress. Create an album with all your pictures together during the early months of the relationship. Invite her after work to a spa. If you’re in a penny pinch, offer to massage her yourself. But if you have money to splurge, buy her a Kirk Kara for no reason at all.
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Havana night

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It’s got the Spanish passion and tropical temperament. The Carrera y Carrera Gardenias Collection reminisces about the romance between Mother Spain and its volatile, excited daughter, the island of Cuba. The rings can be flashy and a bit loud like Havana nights, following the beat and swings of salsa in a hot summer afternoon. It’s sensual, artistic, and at once reserved and liberal. The Gardenias Collection includes the medium ring, which features white gold, rock crystal, and diamonds. It has 78 diamonds and measures 0.96 x 1 x 1.12 inches. This ring is also available in a slightly bigger size, the Gardenia Maxi Ring. For a twist, you can have the ring in yellow gold,  reflecting the golden sunset of Havana, when the city is just about to turn the heat.
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Happy non-occasion day

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There’s a David Yurman for anniversary, wedding, engagement, birthday, or just about any occasion when you want to surprise her. You have a wide array of luxury pieces to mesmerize her: cable bracelets in yellow gold or sterling silver, diamond accented necklaces, timepieces, earrings, and even eyewear. But what if there’s no occasion? How will you gift her with a David Yurman? Well, instead of just giving something out of the blue, make it more meaningful with a trivial reason. For example, pretend that the occasion is the day you first saw her and got interested. Call it a “You Got Me” day or something funny. Or when the weather is bad, say, it’s raining or snowing hard, call it at that—Happy Rain or Snow Day then surprise her with the David Yurman. That should perk up even her most mundane day.
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It’s Italian

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“Quite simply, we are the best.” The words of Italian architect Luigi Caccia echo across the globe and none dare to refute it. He’s referring to Italian design as world trendsetter across various industries, from fashion to furniture, urban to industrial design and not the least supercars. Caccia said Italian designers have more imagination, culture and that their designs are culled from both its past and future. His statement couldn’t ring more true when you look at Panerai, the Italian luxury watch. Its Radiomir Collection reflects the forties fashion—big dials and leather-strapped—yet it sets the trend for bold, luxurious watches of tomorrow. Panerai features all that are expected of designer watches: P.3000 movement calibre, 21 jewels, 8-day power reserve, sapphire crystal, and leather strap. It’s simple but elegant, truly an Italian.
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Black tie simplicity

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When a black tie occasion calls for the most elegant fashion, keeping it simple is key. Unless you’re a model and promoting a new trend, or a celebrity who can get away for wearing something off to catch the paparazzi’s attention, stick to traditional tuxedo. But put a little splash in subtle accessories like platinum cuffs and a signature watch like Piaget’s Gouverneur. This Piaget Collection is perfect for the most formal occasion, featuring an impressive fusion of circle and oval casing that exudes an artistic harmony. The finishes are detailed, crafted meticulously and enhancing its overall luxury. The Piaget Gouverneur watch features a rose-gold oscillating weight and 800P movement. For exclusive luxury and a royal feel, each watch is stamped with the Piaget coat-of-arms.
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The Next stage in relationships

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If you find yourself arguing with your partner more often now and you miss the days when she’s everything to you, and long for those exciting feelings when you two are together, fret not. Your relationship is healthy. It’s just going to the next stage when you start to “see” each other’s shortcomings and flaws. It only means that you’re intimate enough that you can see each other up close and really personal. At this stage, your goal is to learn to accept each other’s faults and annoying habits. Remember when you promise to lover her forever? Well, this is the phase when that promise will be tested. Make the effort to be romantic (even if you feel like just acting at first). Give her a jewelry, like a Mikimoto, to keep the romance from dying.
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Emotional buy

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Buying an A. Jaffe jewelry piece is beyond appreciating its durability and price. Although we go for value-for-money when it comes to purchase decisions, sometimes, our emotions get the better of us. Take A. Jaffe, even before checking the specifications of its material, one look at its line of exquisite rings can mesmerize you with designer styles and one-of-a-kind craftsmanship. The graceful lines that make white and rose gold seem to dance in a passionate tango, the bands locked in each other’s embrace and accented by scintillating diamonds, soon, you stop thinking about the workmanship and start appreciating the art. Call it sales brinkmanship, but A. Jaffe knows the best way to attract you is to simply put its design forward and hopefully hook you and your emotions. 
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Thursday, August 14, 2014

What’s legacy will you leave your loved one?

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We all leave something behind when we die. It can be material wealth or, more importantly, a legacy carried over by the memory of our name. Patek Philippe reminds us of the importance of leaving a respected name to our children. Although we know the signature timepiece is a luxury piece of precision engineering and style, the brand goes beyond the surface. It promises to keep on ticking for generations, literally handing over time to your children, which bespeaks of our general aspiration when we leave the world: a legacy that will connect us to the next generation. The house may burn down, the car will soon break down, and the inheritance will soon dissipate. But your name, however, you live by it, like a Patek Philippe, is your real treasure you can pass on to your children.
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The Round Bell & Ross

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Mention Bell & Ross and the first thing that comes to your mind: square watches. The signature is known to mimic vintage WWII airplane instruments, those square altimeters and compass found in early plane designs. But Bell & Ross has a few surprises up its sleeves, notably, two round style watches. These designs are limited editions, a round among a sea of squares. The Bell & Ross BRWW2 model features a high-quality polished pink gold round case and un-bordered subdials to give it an elegant soft touch. Only 99 pieces are made worldwide. Similarly, the Bell & Ross BR126 Flyback features an orange themed central seconds and minutes dials to highlight the chronograph movement, and an orange canvas strap. The watch has a sloped flange ring around the hands for better visual and bold appearance.
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The Toast of celebrities

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One of Longines long-running successful collections, the Longines Master Collection, exhibits the Swiss brand’s superb movement and stylish elegance. The watches exude character and confidence; not a few CEOs and celebrities have been spotted to wear one. Aaron Kwok Fu Shing, a Hong Kong superstar, is proud of his Longines featuring an L707 calibre, self-winding movement with 4 retrograde functions and moon phase beating at 28’800 vibrations per hour and 48 hour-power reserve. His watch is in stainless steel with scratch-resistant sapphire crystal and alligator strap. The watch highlights Shing’s elegance and confidence, a perfect match for a gentleman in tune with his career. The Master Collection also comes in 18 carat pink gold, yellow gold, black dials, and different sizes. It’s the toast of celebrities.
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Spell Corum

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So you have some disposable income to, well, dispose, and you’re looking for a truly opulent watch. There’s a timepiece that won’t disappoint. It’s got the luxury, the precision movement, the exclusivity, and, not the least, the price. Corum watches may not be as popular in public as its more celebrity-endorsed competition, but that’s exactly its attraction: only a select few are invited to own one. The watch is known for its line of limited editions and ostentatious price. The Corum Tourbillion Billionaire, for one, costs nearly four hundred thousands, a collectible truly reserved for the super rich. It features a white gold case set with white and black diamonds, a manual winding tourbillion movement, 90 hours of power reserve, and black crocodile leather strap. If you’re looking for luxury watches, it spells C-O-R-U-M. 
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The Essential Baume & Mercier

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The elegance and Swiss precision technology aside, a Baume & Mercier is all about emotion. When Louis-Victor Baume founded the signature watch in 1830, he envisioned a timepiece that not only features superb movement, but a class on its own, a piece that embodies universal aspirations of happiness, commitment, passion, and the drive to make things more beautiful. Capturing his vision, Baume & Mercier recently commissioned a renowned photographer, Peter Lindbergh, to use his distinct cinematographic skills and dramatic touch to illustrate Baume & Mercier in photos. The irony of this project, you won’t see a Baume & Mercier watch in the pictures; rather, Lindbergh simply captured “moments in life” as the brand’s founder envisions the timepiece. The elegance of a wedding, mother and child in a deep embrace, and the bond that ties friendship together… Lindbergh highlighted the Baume & Mercier essentials. 
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The Watch and the car

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With its classic and elegant style and precision movement, the Bugatti Aerolithe by Parmigiani Fleurier truly celebrates the supercar’s vision of high-class, high-flying living. Featuring 68 jewels, a 50-hour power reserve, and a titanium casing, among others, this watch is simply reserved for the Bugatti man. If you’re impressed with the timepiece, wait until you check out the car. Did you know that among the top ten most expensive cars owned by celebrities, five of them are Bugatti Veyron? Simon Cowell is one of them; he’s spotted driving a blue Bugatti with a smile in his face (imagine that, Simon without the trash-talk). But the real cake about Bugatti is, it’s the fastest road car today even beating the Ferrari Enzo with a top speed of 254mph vs. the Enzo’s 218. Only a few, indeed, are chosen for the watch and the car.
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