Friday, August 01, 2014

Flirting tricks without looking easy

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Flirting is an art and you can do it without appearing easy or game. You just want to get into the dating game. So here are some tips. First off, flirting is a matter of location. Where you do it suggests a lot. Eyeing a man in the office or supermarket is harmless as compared in a bar, where guys are in the one-night-stand mode. Likewise, using humor or laughing at his jokes is a graceful way of saying you’re interested. Looking at his eyes directly while smiling also teases him, while you maintain a distance. Another trick that men seem to have picked up a long time ago is when you fondle your jewelry piece a little, like subtly curling an Alex Sepkus bracelet in your fingers, it makes you sensual.
Alex Sepkus is available at Shreve & Co. in Portland, Oregon.

Things not to tell a woman

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Call it unfair, but there are simple things that men should not tell a woman, lest they be damned. First, never say “relax” to a woman who’s freaking out. It implies that she’s crazy to be over reacting, which, of course, she won’t admit. Second, saying “I love you” in the midst of a fight. It suggests you’re using “love” as an excuse to get out of the mess. Third, saying, “It’s up to you.” It makes her feel abandoned, like you don’t care. Fourth, telling her “You knew I was this way…” is like admitting you won’t change for the better, not even for her. Lastly, the most dreaded of all: saying nothing when she wants an answer. When words fail you, hey, there’s always a nice Hearts On Fire diamond jewelry to make it up to her.
Hearts on Fire is available at Shreve & Co. in Palo Alto, California.

How to strike conversations in formal dinners

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You’re all glitzy and elegant in your black dress and Kwiat jewelry. All the VIPs are in attendance and you’re nervous how to strike a conversation. Relax. Here are some tips on how to do it during formal dinners. Think first what you’ll say and when you say it, pay close attention to the other person’s reaction. Be sincere about your topic; something you’re familiar with or has experienced, or something you genuinely feel passionate about, will be most handy. But be careful not to hog the talk. Listen also to what others are saying, and pick up their topic in relation to what you know. If you have really nothing in common to share, general conversations about the food, wine, music, fashion, or your jewelry will almost always work.
Kwiat is available at Shreve & Co. in Portland, Oregon.

Wearing the right hair in cocktail parties

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You’ve worked hard to impress your guests with your black dress and matching it with Micheal M. Diamond Collection. How about your hair? It should also match your overall elegant look. Here are some trends that are making it in fashion magazines. Try the accessorized loop. Gather your hair at nape level and clip it with a diamond brooch. You can also try a low ballerina bun style similar to Gwyneth Paltrow’s hair. This style also highlights your earrings. For a little tease, a side-swept chignon worn by Jennifer Garner gives you a playful air while still keeping an elegant side courtesy of the exposed other ear and earrings. Sienna Miller’s classic ballerina bun is also ideal for cocktail parties; it highlights your forehead and face, so make sure to keep that smile always handy.
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How to achieve an elegant look

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Some celebrities like Audrey Hepburn and Julie Andrews seemed to carry elegance without an effort. Truth is, you need a conscious effort to achieve elegance. It helps a lot to start with a sophisticated jewelry signature like a Stephen Webster. Wear them with confidence without being ostentatious. Likewise, pay attention to your hair. A swept back hair in buns appears “clean and neat,” making your hair more refined. Also stick to time-tested formal colors for your wardrobe like black and white, although some occasional red or yellow dash is welcome. Also give your eyes the cat style with a simple dab of eyeliner, and make sure to use subtle makeup. Lastly, always carry a smile. It never fails to give you that touch of grace.
Stephen Webster is available at Shreve & Co. in Palo Alto, California.

Drinking alcohol in cocktail parties

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You’re all sexy and glamorous in your formal dress and Christopher Designs jewelry attending a cocktail party. Liquors are in the air and you’re in the mood to, well, party. Don’t lose that glamor (or heaven forbids, the diamond ring) when you go home, though. Make sure you watch what you drink and how much. Likewise, avoid a head-splitting hangover the next day. Drink lots of water to combat the dehydrating effect of alcohol. Also drink your cocktails “in the rocks.” As the ice melts, it dilutes the alcohol level of your drink. Furthermore, avoid carbonated mixes. Carbonated drinks increase the rate of alcohol absorption. In general, light drinks like champagne and white wine contains less alcohol than darker drinks like red and brandy. Finally, enjoy a long talk. After all, you can’t drink while talking, right?
Christopher Designs is available at Shreve & Co. on Post Street, San Francisco.

Classic Chains

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Nothing beats the classic in timeless elegance. The John Hardy Classic Chain Collection embodies this principle, showcasing a line of 18k yellow gold and sterling silver chain jewelry for the most elegant night. The deft hands that work on John Hardy creates masterful strokes of interwoven links that produce a seamless, unblemished piece, whether it’s a bracelet, a cuff, earrings, or necklace. The Wide Woven Braided Cuff is accented with pave diamonds, set in either sterling silver or yellow gold. You can match it with the Large Woven Braided Saddle Ring, also set in sterling silver. Meantime, the Large Link Bracelet exudes boldness while keeping an elegant appearance. The same style is evident in the Classic Chain Small Braided Drop Earrings, which features 0.42ct pave diamonds.
John Hardy is available at Shreve & Co. in Palo Alto, California.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Wendi’s Chimento

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Admit it. You only need a celebrity to make you want a luxury jewelry signature. Like when you see Wendi McLendon-Covey at the fourth Annual Critics’ Choice Television Awards at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. The actress and producer known for Bridesmaids (2011), Reno 911! (2003), and Blended (2014), won the Best Actress for a Sitcom for Reno 911! For the occasion, Wendi wore an elegant cobalt blue gown that highlights her fair skin and blonde hair. To add glamour to her outfit, she donned a Chimento yellow gold and diamond ring from the Infinity Collection. She paired this with a diamond bracelet from Chimento’s Bamboo Over Collection. It was a chic style, somewhere between classy elegant and modern eclectic style. Wendi is just a one of a growing list of celebrities who have fallen in love with Chimento.
Chimento is available at Shreve & Co. in Palo Alto, California.

Palo Alto, California

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For an eccentric jewelry style to go with your novel look, the Roberto Coin Pois Moi Collection offers a unique design inspired by the classic television shape. Using gold as its primary material, the collection evokes a refined and avant-garde look, making it at once classic and modern. Impress curious eyes with the Pois Moi’s urban chic pattern that runs across the collection’s rings and bracelets. In 18k rose gold, the Pois Moi Bracelet is lightly toned and matches a wide range of skin hues. Likewise, the Pois Moi ring, also in rose gold and light toned, features a set of brilliant cut diamonds as center piece. Both Pois Moi pieces work well with any formal dress or casual everyday outfit. They are a nice break to your traditional diamond jewelry look.
Roberto Coin is available at Shreve & Co. in Palo Alto, California.

First Date

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You’re holding a Harry Kotlar that you’re giving to her to propose. It’s been five years and you thought it’s time to take the relationship to the next level. As you marvel at the exquisite style of the ring, you start to reminisce of the past: your first date. You were just starting out a career in sales and all you could afford was to treat her to a burger joint. You and she just cabbed it to the movie because you’re still saving up for the SUV. You had some extra cash in your wallet because you’re unsure if your credit card would not max out that night (you remember your naughty thoughts checking out hotels in the area). Not that you felt insecure back then; in fact, it was fun and nostalgic, something that put a smile in your face as you close the Harry Kotlar box and get ready to meet her tonight.
Harry Kotlar is available at Shreve & Co. in Palo Alto, California.

Accessories for more Charm

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Aaron Basha offers a line of pretty and charming bracelets and charms for you or your daughter. The pieces are inspired by lady bugs and baby shoes, which provide a nostalgic and child-like air to the jewelry signature. To get the best out of an Aaron Basha piece, Aaron Basha also provides a wide selection of chains and accessories. Its 16” chains are stylish, featuring thin or wide chains in 18k yellow or white gold, some of them featuring diamond barrels. You also have diamond enhancers like the 18k yellow gold U shaped lobster clasp with 0.2 cts diamonds, or the 18k yellow gold spacer, also with diamonds. How about an enamel heart pin with diamonds or an 18k gold double strand evil eye to provide an accent to your Aaron Basha bracelet?
Aaron Basha is available at Shreve & Co. on Post Street, San Francisco.

Is your Diamond Conflict-Free?

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In the movie Blood Diamonds, Solomon Vandy (Djimon Hounsou) witnessed his country Sierra Leone plunged into a civil war between government loyalists and rebel factions. Beyond the differing ideologies, ethnicities, and religious undertones, at the heart of the conflict lay the rich diamond mines of the country. Whoever controls the country controls this high-value trade. Although the movie is fictional, it highlights the issue of the diamond trade funding the warlords’s war and their atrocities, including one that almost got Vandy: amputation of the hand to prevent the people from voting. To ensure diamond jewellers are not unwittingly supporting atrocious rebel factions, the United Nations created the Kimberly Process, a program that prohibits the purchase of diamonds coming from areas of conflict. Today, a number of diamond signatures including Roberto Coin support this U.N. programme, ensuring that the Cento ring you’re wearing didn’t support any atrocities.
Cento is available at Shreve & Co. in Portland, Oregon.

The Luxury of Getting the Furrer Jacot Signature

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Why make your wedding, engagement, or luxury rings a Furrer Jacot? Aside from tapping one of the leading brands in luxury diamond rings, Furrer Jacot offers more value for your money. It’s made using 100% premium Swiss quality control. That means from sourcing to craftsmanship, a Furrer Jacot ring passes the most rigid quality check. Likewise, Furrer Jacot gives you a wide array of rings in different materials such as gold, diamond, carbon, and platinum. You also have a range of customization options for your handcrafted Furrer Jacot ring. The rings also showcase unique designs featuring bands that seem to flow or contemporary style doused with classical touches. Moreover, the rings are comfortable to wear and you can always count on Furrer Jacot after-sales service should have any issue or concern about the ring.
Furrer Jacot is available at Shreve & Co. on Post Street, San Francisco.

First Romance

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A Mémoire diamond ring is all about memories and they can go as far back as, well, the first romance. It’s that nostalgic feeling when you see your first girlfriend (or boyfriend) today and wonder how things would have turned out had you and her been partner today. You’re both married now, but not to each other, yet both of you still feel that unspoken amber of emotions inside. Should you lit that amber and let it spark once more as you reminisce about the intimacy between the two of you? Or hide it and keep it locked and prevent it from spreading like a wild fire to wreak havoc to your present relationship? Not all memories are nice or pleasant, some are wickedly pleasant.
Mémoire is available at Shreve & Co. in Portland, Oregon.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Mystic Jewelry

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Oh, those amulets worn by barbarians with unsophisticated cultures. They are at best full of imaginations with little regard of reality. People in the past wore them during battles thinking they earn certain powers. Clearly, amulets belonged to societies untouched by the logic of civilization and culture of science. You wouldn’t see yourself wearing these childish trinkets in this modern age, would you? Well, maybe not. Wellendorff creates a stunning line of rope necklaces that borrowed the style and (imagine) perceived power of amulets, at least in a fun glamorous take. The Wellendorff  amulets and rondels add splendour to a necklace and your neck, too. They have a magical air to them reflected by the signature cold enamel and 18k yellow gold. Wear them in a formal evening event and watch eyes glow with envy and whispers of admiration. 
Wellendorff is available at Shreve & Co. on Post Street, San Francisco.

Dress Up the Eyes

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David Yurman draws inspiration from its free-spirited bohemian lifestyle and comes up with an array of bold yet elegant line of sunglasses. They are the perfect match to the iconic David Yurman coiled bracelets. The David Yurman eyewear for women goes well with dress attire or a flashy style. Wear them outdoors or indoors, in casual gatherings or ritzy events. These sunglasses are handmade and features acetate oversized styles reminiscent of a hippie but swanky sixties. They have 100% UVA/UVB protection with smoked double gradient lens. Highlights include: a black onyx with silver; lapis with sterling silver and lapis stones; polarized sunglasses with garnet texture; and waverly sunglasses with black onyx. True to David Yurman style, the cable classics sunglasses feature sterling silver and gold cables on its side.
David Yurman is available at Shreve & Co. in Portland, Oregon.

Nostalgia and Jewelry

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The intricate patterns and exquisite details displayed by the bar cuff, entirely encrusted with brilliant diamonds, exhibit art deco. The style is both modern and classic, having been inspired by the art movement that sprung from France after World War I. Art Deco had a profound influence across industries, flourishing across countries and inspiring designers. It showcased geometric shapes and lavish ornaments, combining traditional craft motifs with images from the Machine Age-inspired steel and glass, among others. Penny Preville revives this influential art movement in its line of cuffs, rings, earrings, and necklaces, while adding a dash of luxury. Diamonds line the elaborate patterns and the platinum reflects a modern metallic appeal. This Penny Preville jewelry collection fits perfectly the classic woman with a taste for nostalgia.
Penny Preville is available at Shreve & Co. in Portland, Oregon.

Love in the Face of a Storm

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Talk about true love under adverse conditions. Anna and Richard (not their real names) planned a lavish Catholic church with an equally lavish reception after in one of the city’s oldest and grandest restaurants. Everything went as planned except for one thing—a brewing storm. Come wedding day and helpless against the onslaught of a direct typhoon hit, Anna and Richard saw their grand wedding fell apart detail by detail. The cake didn’t make it. The restaurant got flooded. Only a handful of the guests showed up. The limo was caught in the horrendous traffic. The only thing the couple had was the gown and tuxedo they’re wearing… and the Kirk Kara Richard had in his pocket. In the middle of this chaos, stuck in traffic and all formalities swept away by the storm, Richard pulled out the ring and professed to Anna his vow, storm or no storm.
Kirk Kara is available at Shreve & Co. on Post Street, San Francisco.

The Classics are Forever

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Nothing beats the classics. They exude timeless elegance amidst changing trends. Likewise, they reflect confidence and maturity without needing to bow down before the pressure of frivolous and loud fashion. In luxury jewelry, the classics endure like Carrera y Carrera Clasicós. The Spanish jewelry signature goes back to its roots with this luxury line of figurative designs, surface finish perfection, and combination of art and nature. Its Promesa rings and bands in yellow or white gold and encrusted with diamonds features a two figurative heads exchanging vows. Likewise, the Angelitos shows a cupid shooting love arrows across its line of rings, earrings, and pendants. The Ronda is yet another Clasicós take, exquisites bass-relief showcasing hearts or butterflies in its yellow or white gold rings.
Carrera y Carrera is available at Shreve & Co. in Palo Alto, California.

Hundred Years of Solitude…Together

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That lady you’re marrying? She’s sensual, sexy, had skin as soft as snow, and she got all the qualities a man desires. That man in front of you on wedding day? He stands proud and confident. Has a solid career that lends to your relationship a secure future. He’s caring while free of cares. It’s the perfect match…for the next five years or so, maybe. Over the course of your marriage, her pretty skin will sag replaced by fats, her beauty but a memory. He, too, will feel the pain of growing old, perhaps his career will hit a snag, or his demeanor challenged by daily mortgage and bills. But despite all of these, they will still be wearing their Martin Flyer FlyerFit wedding rings, a symbol of unwavering love.
Martin Flyer is available at Shreve & Co. in Palo Alto, California.