Saturday, August 10, 2013

A Shining History

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As the premier jewelry manufacturer Harry Kotlar celebrates its 65th anniversary this year, the company looks back with poignant pride to its rich and inspiring history. After toughing out the frightful challenges of the Second World War, Polish immigrant Harry Kotlar arrived in the United States with his family to start a fledgling diamond business. The name that is now synonymous with “The World’s Most Brilliant Cushion Cut Diamonds” began humbly in the pioneer jeweler’s dedication as he personally sold loose diamonds, cut by his brother-in-law, to jewelry manufacturers and retailers. Having lost most possessions during the preceding war, Kotlar’s biggest asset was his quickly-expanding network of relationships based on trust and integrity. The third generation of the family continues to uphold the brand’s sterling reputation in the industry, as well as the first generation’s commitment to Beauty, Art and Perfection.
In addition to the brand’s expertly-cut polished loose diamonds, Harry Kotlar offers luxury and bridal jewelries all meticulously handcrafted and set in the most endearing designs. Shreve & Co. in Portland, Oregon is an authorized dealer for Harry Kotlar. 

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