Friday, June 07, 2013

A Story of Modern Beauty

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Mademoiselle Privé, Chanel’s sophisticated ladies’ watch, tells something more than the time – it tells a story.  The high-precision quartz timepiece flaunts the time in an onyx dial that is decorated with a camellia in mother of pearl marquetry and brilliant-cut diamond indicators.  Mademoiselle Chanel had always loved the camellia for its delicate elegance, a trait that has been attached to the brand since the first decade of the 1900’s at Gabrielle Chanel’s studio on Rue Cambron in Paris. Like the Mademoiselle Privé that sits grandly on the wrist with its expertly crafted 18k white gold case, beautifully cut stones and painstaking mother of pearl intricacy, Chanel’s world-renown was also carved from one woman’s passion and hardwork. Mademoiselle Privé’s story is not just about Chanel but about every fashionable modern woman who thrives and makes a beautiful life the way only a woman can. Let the story unfold for you from Chanel’s timelessly lovely treasures.
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