Friday, November 08, 2013

A Watch that Rocks

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Ball Watch has built its reputation on total reliability, incredible expertise, and frontier-stretching innovations that have accompanied serious adventurers and professionals on extreme expeditions over the stretch of more than a century. In 2010, Ball’s latest version of Engineer Hydrocarbon proved its worth as “a watch that rocks” as it accompanied Ball Explorers Club member Alex Hannold in a death-defying solo climb on the 2,130 meter rock walls of the Yosemite National Park. Hannold’s single minded pursuit for greater heights as well as well-disciplined and calculated precision, looks very much like Ball Watch’s own quest for excellence in the field of watchmaking. The black Engineer Hydrocarbon, a reliable COSC-certified instrument powered by automatic caliber, is rigged with 29 micro gas tubes, timetelling and day and date functions and protected by the company’s intensive shock, water, antimagnetic resistance and extreme temperature tolerance.  With such a hardy profile, it is no wonder the world’s most daring professionals strap on a Ball Watch for their adventures.
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