Friday, January 03, 2014

Aged Techniques for New Traditions

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Kirk Kara uses time-tested techniques to forge new inspirations into reality. The founder of the renowned bridal jewelry company inherited the trade secrets in the craft from his family’s long line of jeweler generations. He was trained by a master jeweler who was also his father, and wandered the shops of his uncles as a young boy. When Kirk Kara entered the trade in 1965, jewelry making was part and parcel of his being. His outstanding attention to details and rich imagination are exhibited in his brand’s valuable creations. Kirk’s creations evoke a strong sense of family. He draws inspiration from his loved ones and treats every design and every piece as a beginning of a new family heirloom for those who purchase Kirk Kara. Crafted the traditional way, his collections are meant to be part of new family traditions and part of long family histories.
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