Friday, June 07, 2013

Ball Watch: Lifesaving Precision

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Ball Watch has been saving lives since the late 1800s. Before the American watch brand came into the scene, there was no recognized standard time. It really was no big deal, except on the railroad where trains came and went along crisscrossed tracks loaded with thousands of passengers on board. In 1891, a couple of minutes’ timekeeping difference between two trains led to a devastating crash that took the toll of many, many lives near Lake Shore and Michigan Southern Railway. After that tragedy, the railroad was ready for some drastic changes. Ball watch was established by jeweler and Chief Time Inspector Webb C. Ball, the Ball Railroad watch was created to serve the train masters and officers, and the rail lines instituted a strict standard time measurement that synchronized time all throughout the roads with to-the-dot precision. Since Ball’s participation in the operations of the American railway, the train tracks have become a so much safer and enjoyable means for meaningful journeys.
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