Friday, April 18, 2014

Beyond antimagnetic standard

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Ball Watch features some of the most advances in watch technology including its patented SpringLock, gas light and shock resistance. One of its most important technological features is the antimagnetic property. As a popular watch signature for outdoor activities and in tough situations where accuracy is critical, Ball Watch guarantees that the watch doesn’t stop even if exposed to magnetism. The earth has a magnetic field that can influence the tiny mechanical parts of a watch. Likewise, man-made magnets like those used in railroad tracks or electronic equipment can impact on a watch’s movement. With an antimagnetic casing or alloy to protect the mechanical parts, Ball Watch ensures precision movement is maintained even when exposed to magnets. Ball Watch timepieces have a magnetic tolerance up to 12,000A/m, where the industry standard is only 4.800A/m.
Ball Watch is available at Shreve & Co. in Palo Alto, California.

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