Friday, November 08, 2013

Chanel and Essence

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There is no telling where a few strands of dreams and a cupful of determination can take you. For Coco Chanel, it led to a highly diversified fashion empire that continued to expand even well after her lifetime. Chanel had started out in the early 1900’s on Boulevard Malesherbes, the first items were delicate high fashion hats handmade personally by Coco. And as a woman with high hopes, she determined and dreamed for greater things. The “little black dress” of Chanel started a fashion revolution among the working class, post-war women who thought it was a much better choice to wear Chanel’s fashion as their primary preoccupation started to shift from just home to home and day job. Until now, the brand is still associated with woman empowerment and modernity. Now a multinational label, Chanel’s collections also includes luxury jewelry, perfumes, jewelry watches, high fashion outfits and other little things that remind today’s woman of being empowered. 
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