Friday, December 13, 2013

Gift of the Orient

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John Hardy takes the best of two worlds as the brand successfully blends traditional Balinese jewelry–making techniques with Western designs and concepts. The distinctive modern oriental look of John Hardy creating this exemplary brand’s definite appeal. Palu in Balinese means “to hammer”. It is also an age-old Balinese jewelry-making technique of rhythmic hand-hammering that transforms gold’s surface into undulating dunes of a sun-kissed golden beach or silver into a rippling moonlit lake. This ancient technique is the inspiration for John Hardy’s appropriately-named Palu Collection. The interplay of light and shadow on the precious metal’s surface is the focal point of this breathtaking collection. Superbly handcrafted in fine silver and gold and shaped to emulate the moon’s cool beauty and the sun’s shimmering brilliance, the Palu Collection beautifully expresses John Hardy’s love for natural elegance.
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