Friday, August 29, 2014

How to impress a girl

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If you’re single and looking to meet new girls, there’s no need to try hard and memorize pickup lines to impress them. Rather, be yourself and follow some basic clean rules so you come out as a natural nice guy, not a creepy dude out to stalk someone. First, dress neatly. Keep your hair cut or neatly combed, your mouth fresh, and your clothes clean and pressed. Second, be polite. You’ll be surprised how girls are attracted to men who can still show their chivalric side. Third, pay her a classy compliment. On this regard, it pays to know a bit about what girls like (but not too much or you’ll come across as feminine). For instance, if she’s wearing a Roberto Coin bracelet, give it a casual look and mention the name then move on to the next topic. She’ll think you’re probably a sensitive and sophisticated guy to know about jewelry. 
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