Friday, November 29, 2013

I Love You a Hundred Times Over

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From Roberto Coin’s flair for beauty and excellence comes an astounding gem – the Cento Diamond. Taking the brilliance of this beautiful gem to a higher level, the Cento has twice as many facets as the traditional 57-facet diamond. Boasting of 37 facets on the table and an astounding 63 facets around its pavillion, Cento dazzles with its brilliance and fire. Its facets create a symmetrical floral pattern at the heart of the gem. Made from flawless to nearly-flawless stones, this cut is applied to diamonds over 0.07 carats. Roberto Coin chooses only colorless diamonds to bring out the Cento’s ultimate beauty. Seeming to say “I Love You” a hundred times over, the Cento C-profile Solitaire Ring is made of platinum with a 4-prong C-profile setting that securely holds the centerstone, which is often accented by smaller diamonds. Roberto’s signature ruby on the inside of the band completes this fabulous piece.
Propose with a Cento Diamond from Shreve & Co. on Post Street in San Francisco.

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