Monday, July 08, 2013

If Diamonds Could Talk

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Diamonds do not speak, but they have a lot to say. Kwiat diamonds speak up for something even more precious than fine jewelry – water. Having been a world-leading designer and manufacturer of diamond jewelries since 1907, Kwiat understands that the value of diamonds are not just in their inherent dazzling brilliance, but in the precious things in life that they stand for. Now past its hundredth year, the brand which has been a well-known symbol of love and commitment joins the fight against water crisis by launching its Diamond Waterdrop Bracelet. The piece features a braided leather wrist band decorated with a silver water droplet set with .02 carat diamond. Every Waterdrop bracelet is literally as precious as water, as all proceeds from these pieces go completely to the procurement of clean and safe water to the parts of the world that need it. At Kwiat, diamonds do not only make you feel beautiful; they truly make a difference.
Find Kwiat at its authorized dealers, including Shreve & Co. Jewelers on Post Street, San Francisco.

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