Friday, March 08, 2013

Impulses of a Genius

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Alex Sepkus designs do not go through the sketch pad. They are conceived in the designer's imaginative mind and are born straight in gold or other precious metal - no stop-overs in a sketch pad where a design team hovers over for long periods of time rearranging, conceptualizing, polishing inconsistencies. Perhaps this is just one more part of Alex's genius, which makes him a genre unto himself in the jewelry industry. "I stopped making sketches years ago," explains the award-winning artist from Lithuania. "I imagine the piece I want to make and my hands work by themselves. Sometimes, I am surprised at what comes out." And if he, himself, is surprised everyone else astounded by his never-ending shows of spectacular miniature works of art. They are simply unconventional and inimitable. Learn more about Alex Sepkus and his craft when you visit Shreve & Co. at Palo Alto – authorized dealer for Alex Sepkus.

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