Friday, November 22, 2013

Joyful Dance

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The story of Kirk Kara has reached far beyond America in its century-old existence. Since 1890, the brand has been perfecting the art of handcrafting rings and fine jewelry. The company’s many awards such as its 6-time Jewelers Choice Award attest to this admirable perfection. Kirk Kara’s excellence lies on its excellent gemologists and craftsmen, time-tested crafting methods and innovative design. One of Kirk Kara’s collections, Pirouetta, captures the grace and joy of dancing with dainty diamond rings set on platinum. Different shades of gold are balanced delicately in the design to achieve a noticeably unique look. The designs are replete with elegant details, emulating the rare and graceful poses and shapes of a joyful dance. Indeed, the woman who receives a Kirk Kara ring is sure to dance with glee as well.
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