Friday, September 27, 2013

Judge the Book by Its Maker

Posted by Shreve & Co. at 11:43:56 PM in Alex Sepkus (30)

Renowned artist Alex Sepkus has a unique take on his chosen craft. "when I design a piece of jewelry, it is as if I am writing a book." The renegade Lithuanian-born jewelry maker writes his chapters with shapes and textures instead of words. Famous for his intricate miniscule designs, Alex Sepkus weaves unique and interest-piquing stories using geometric patterns and bizarre details etched on gold under the aid of microscopes. The vibrant colored stones and hair-thin etchings are crafted hand in hand with the master by no more than 17 seasoned artists based in the company's New York workshops. They are such a small, elite crowd producing exquisite jewels that are loved the world over. This is just another one of the admirable oddities of Alex Sepkus. Even in the production process, he is less interested in making commonplace and mass-produced adornments than in making works of art that all bear an exciting tale to share.
Shreve & Co. in Palo Alto is an authorized dealer for Alex Sepkus.

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