Friday, August 29, 2014

Nice hairstyles for formal evenings

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Attending a formal evening means you have to choose the right dress and wear fashionable jewelry like Penny Preville. But don’t forget the hair. Celebrities are a good source to help you think what hairstyle to wear and what better congregation of celebrity hairstyles than in an Oscar night. Jessica Chastain’s half up and half down style with wavy hangs frames the face and highlights its soft features. Natalie Portman’s princess-like updo with a barrette gives her the vintage class. Stacy Keibler’s off-the-shoulder waves give her a teasing but neat look. Emma Stone’s twisting bun and paired with cat-eye gaze evokes a sweetheart appeal. Lastly, Sandra Bullock’s shiny ponytail she wore in 2012 Oscars proved the style isn’t dead yet. The swing gives her that swagger look.
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