Saturday, August 31, 2013

On Top of the Game

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Patek Philippe, the globally acclaimed Swiss watch manufacture, is undoubtedly at the pinnacle of watchmaking. That said, the company continues to invest heavily in Advanced Research for making more precise watches in thinner more elegant cases. The adage “If you’re not moving up, you’re going down” rings true in the dynamic environment of Patek Philippe’s Geneva workshop and administrative headquarters.  As fourth generation and current President Thierry Stern puts it, “We are at the top now, sure, and we could last maybe ten more years without trying something new, but after that we would fall if we did not continue to push things forward.” Patek Philippe’s competitive edge comes from its focus on authentic precise instruments that offer real substance – top-class aesthetics, innovative modern technology, and unchallenged technical functionality that springs from four generations of legendary watchmaking experience. With its undying drive for excellence, the company’s trailblazing streak is surely tough to beat. 
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