Friday, April 19, 2013

Setting Hearts on Fire

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A diamond’s unquenchable fire is the perfect symbol of never ending love and romance. What more perfect diamond can you give as a token of your love and commitment to the woman of your life than Hearts on Fire, the World’s Most Perfectly Cut Diamond? This is not just hearsay, it is a fact. Only hearts on Fire Diamonds can claim this distinction. A uniquely exclusive cutting formula gives every HOF diamond its perfect proportions, symmetry and polish that maximize its brilliance and fire, reflecting eight dazzling symmetrical hearts in a burst of light giving rise to the company’s distinctive name. Complementing the perfect beauty of the diamonds is the finest quality of precious metals – platinum and yellow or white gold. A brilliant testimony of HOF’s excellent craftsmanship and unmatched quality are the superbly handcrafted Anniversary and Wedding bands that are designed to match and be worn with the engagement rings. Just as an anniversary celebrates an enduring love, each perfectly scintillating diamond on an Anniversary Band represents the priceless moments that keep love’s fire aglow and are treasured in our hearts forever.
You can check out HOF rings and bands at Shreve & Co. in Portland Oregon.

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