Saturday, May 25, 2013

Some Things Never Change

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Beauty, art and perfection mean one thing to Harry Kotlar – excellently crafted diamond jewelry.  Harry Kotlar came to the United States as a Polish émigré in 1948. The persevering salesman brought with him his passion for beauty, art and perfection that built the Harry Kotlar Jewels, now handed down to the third-generation of Kotlars who run the company with the same zest for the qualities and values that established it more than 50 years ago. After half a century of serving the diamond industry, Harry Kotlar has grown, expanded, and become synonymous with high quality and perfectly cut diamonds, coupled with unmatched integrity and customer service. Like the unchanging nature of beauty, art and perfection – the company’s unfading mantra, Harry Kotlar remains committed through the years, to bring you only the best offerings when it comes to diamonds and jewelry.
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