Saturday, May 04, 2013

The Emblem of Mastery

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The emblem of Corum watch, a key pointing skywards, is a symbol of adventurous curiosity, tenacity, exploration, inventiveness, and the boldness that is required to gain mastery over time. This is the insignia that stands for the watchmaking brand founded by Rene Bannwart and Gaston Ries at La Chaux-de-Fonds in 1955.  Innovative and daring, the company is recognized even among its peers as one of the most creative in the industry. The Admiral’s Cup, the brand’s trademark model, was launched in 1966 by the second generation of Bannwart watchmakers. Over the fruitful years of Corum, this model has grown into a flagship collection of classic and elegant timepieces that endure tough conditions and are mainstays in the international sports scene. This year, Corum welcomes the newest addition to the set – the Admiral’s Cup AC One 45 Chronograph, which comes with an innovative case but still inspired by the nautical, twelve-sided bezel of the original 1966 design.
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