Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Founding Standards Live On

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Platinum has been their metal of choice and they have been well-known for their cushion diamonds. Harry Kotlar, for three generations now, has thrived and excelled in providing businesses and individuals with high quality diamond laden jewelry to enjoy. This family-owned business takes pride in their expertly cut diamonds and stylish yet classic designs. Every Harry Kotlar piece is sure to be exquisite having only expert hands and eyes grace each piece from selection to creation. Through more than 50 years in the industry, Harry Kotlar had been known in giving outstanding service and value to old and new customers alike. The founding standards of quality, beauty, and integrity had found their way to every Harry Kotlar creation since the founding of the firm in 1948 to this day. And the family has no plans of letting go of these values soon or ever. For topnotch quality pieces, visit Shreve & Co. — authorized dealer of Harry Kotlar.

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