Monday, March 04, 2013

The Multiple Facets of True Love

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Hearts on Fire is committed not only in creating fine diamond rings but also in ensuring its pieces truly represent the love between the couple who buy and wear them for each other. In its endeavor to always come up with fresh ways to enthrall both wearer and giver of Hearts on Fire fine jewelry, the leading brand introduces its Multiplicity Love Collection. As suggested by its title, the collection delivers the message of genuine love in more ways than one. On the outside, the multiplicity ring is studded with well sized, well fitted diamond stones that dance in beautiful hues to love's gentle melodies. On the interior of the band are impressions of hearts that remain hidden from strangers' view. Its a secret expression of affection that remains between the lovers. Ooh-la-laa for this subtle yet hearwarming show of devotion from the country's favorite jeweler. The Multiplicity Love Collection and other Hearts on Fire pieces are proudly carried by Shreve & Co. in Portland, Oregon - authorized distributor of Hearts on Fire and other luxury jewelry.

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