Friday, January 31, 2014

Vintage watches

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Are you craving for unique fashion without really having to look out-of-this world like Lady Gaga or Ceelo Green? To be a rare kind, you need not look very futuristic like you came from another planet. You can probably warp back in time rather than conform to what's hot and trendy. Try vintage. You'll be surprised that some fashion trends in the past never really get outdated. In fact, like history, fashion tend to repeat itself. Retro clothes, for instance, remain popular--especially among those who love to explore the styles and cultures of another time or those who simply want to standout. To complete your vintage look, you will also need vintage-style accessories. You don't have to look for the dusty pieces sold in antique store. Bell & Ross has a cool collection of vintage watches. Though the watches are predominantly masculine, they have watches for women too. Bell & Ross watches are mostly designed for pilots, astronauts and divers. But who cares in the name of rarity?
Bell & Ross is available in Shreve & Co. at Post Street, San Francisco.

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