Monday, July 09, 2012

Wizard of Madison

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There’s a wizard at 680 Madison Avenue turning baby shoes and ladybugs to adorable jeweled trinkets for women across ages: grandmothers, mothers, soon-to-be mothers, daughters and children.  Aaron Basha, who has been into jewelry retail since the fifties, is building an army of playful little jewels from cufflinks to stud sets, charms to chains, accessories and, of course, his signature collections of baby shoes, lady bugs and the evil eye. Aaron Basha has lent his name to this brand that transforms childhood imagination to magical pieces in 18k gold, platinum, French emerald, diamond settings and other gemstones. And if you happen to drop by the Madison showroom, you may bump on the wizard himself, who is ready to help you choose among the myriad creations that inhabit this enchanted kingdom. Start a collection, or give someone a novel gift to express life’s magical moments. An Aaron Basha is always a welcome spark to a world gone serious. The wizard may even whisper a secret or two to a curious ear about the magical properties of baby shoes and ladybugs, the way they put a smile on someone else’ face.
Shreve is an authorized dealer for Aaron Basha.
Image: Aaron Basha Diamond Turtle Charm

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