Friday, January 15, 2016

Why buy signature diamond

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When buying diamonds keep in mind of the three Cs: cut, clarity, and carat. These are the three aspects that define a signature diamond like a Cento from generic diamonds. The cut determines the amount of brilliance created by the diamond. A regular shaped raw diamond stone in the hands of a master diamond cutter will always outshine an excellent raw diamond worked on by an amateur cutter. On the other hand, clarity depends mainly on the raw state of the stone. Generally, the clearer the stone is the higher its value. But some diamonds have clarity imperfections that make them more valuable, like the case of rare yellow diamonds. Meanwhile, carat refers to the weight of the diamond. The heavier the diamond, the more value it fetches. You don’t have to master all these technical aspects to get a quality diamond; often it’s best to go for a known signature like the Cento
Roberto Coin's Cento is available at Shreve & Co. in Palo Alto, California.

Friday, November 20, 2015

For Gifts and Indulgence

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100 is the perfect number. This is why it was chosen to be the namesake for a Roberto Coin collection of perfection. There are many pieces in the collection that one can give as a gift to a loved one or enjoy for herself. The elegant beauty in Cento pieces revolves around the unique cut of the diamond. With 100 facets, it is the most unique diamond that captures the ultimate fire of the diamond. Cento pieces range from pendants to necklaces and to rings. They can be worn with endless possibilities. I see myself wearing them in casual clothing, formal wears and even in a laid back staycation kind of way. Many women have enjoyed that extra level of fire and brilliance that Cento diamonds bring. They are laid out in beautifully crafted precious metals that enhances the look while making them comfortable to wear. The collection might be named Cento. But there's more than a hundred reasons why this collection is a go-to collection for gift-giving or, better yet indulging. 
Cento is available at Shreve & Co. in Palo Alto, California. 

Friday, September 11, 2015

Earrings and faces

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Earrings add sensuality and elegance to your fashion. However, wearing the right pair depends on your facial shape. If you have an oval face, where your face tapers off from cheeks to chin, almost any type of earrings will look good in you. Dangles like Roberto Coin's Cento Cascade Earrings add some length to your face, while hoops like Roberto Coin Fantasy Earrings complement its shape. Round faces, where your face is widest at the cheekbones, are also ideal for dangles, but not hoops. For women with heart-shaped faces--the forehead is wider than the cheeks--earrings with elongated lines or curves provide a neutralizing effect. Meantime, square-faced women, those with strong cornered jaws--should go for round earrings or hoops that reach the jawline to soften the face.
Cento is available at Shreve & Co. in Palo Alto, California.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Cento's perfection

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It isn't just a glamorous diamond. A Cento stone by Roberto Coin stands out for one reason: it's the first diamond to feature 100 facets compared to the average 57 facets of ordinary diamonds. The result is a richer, kaleidoscopic brilliance because of its deeper refractive light trajectory. The Cento diamond appears hypnotic and grabs attention even in a roomful of fine jewelry. It's designed with one thing in mind: to impress even the most sophisticated client. Roberto Coin has spent years of research and work with the most skillful diamond jewelers to develop the techniques for the Cento's innovative cut. When you wear a Cento, you're not just wearing a luxurious diamond, you're also wearing a testament to the jewelry artist's passion for perfection.
Cento is available at Shreve & Co. in Portland, Oregon.

Friday, May 29, 2015

How to keep a healthy relationship

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Building a healthy relationship that nurtures mutual respect needs no secret formula; only commitment. Let's focus on four main factors to cultivate a fulfilling relationship. First, stay involved with each other. It's easy to slide down to the motion of playing your stereotyped roles of husband-father and wife-mother, especially with bills to pay and kids to raise. Instead, make sure you have time to share common interests or passions to build on until your old age. Second, be humble when there's conflict. Don't be afraid to lose face or insist on being correct when trying to express your point. Third, keep a healthy external network of friends to balance your internal familial life. And fourth, keep the communication line always open even through conflict. A good way to communicate is through a special gift, for instance, giving a Cento ring to atone for your shortcomings.
Cento is available at Shreve & Co. in Palo Alto, California.

Friday, April 03, 2015

Cento, Roberto Coin's Masterpiece

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If Roberto Coin is renowned for its novel and stylistic approach in its gold and diamond jewelry collections, one line stands out as exquisitely conservative, the Cento. The symmetry and settings are hallmarks of highly skilled traditional jewelry artists and craftsmen, a talent honed from years of practice under the best mentors. Perhaps this is best reflected by the engagement ring line. You have an array of solitaire, pave, trilogy, and tulip styles to choose from to match your fancy. The bands are equally stunning, they are polished to glimmering 18k white gold. A close look at the setting and meeting point of metal and stone reveals the attention to detail and fluid symmetry of the two elements to become a single masterpiece in the hands of Roberto Coin master jewelers.
Cento is available at Shreve & Co. in Portland, Oregon.

Friday, October 10, 2014

What make signature jewelry worth the buy?

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Sure you can get any expensive-looking jewelry off the mall for a fraction of the cost of the original. But buying luxury jewelry is more than just about the price. It’s about the value the jeweler puts in his brand and the value you put in your fashion taste. Signature jewelry like Cento by Roberto Coin often embodies the character or personality of the brand’s founder. This trait is reflected on the style or art of the pieces. Unlike cheaper generic types, which are mass produced to sell more, signature jewelry has a limited line, giving your jewelry a more prized value of exclusivity. A limited edition earring, for instance, is more valuable than a generic diamond earring even if the latter has a higher tag. Next time you shop for jewelry, look beyond the price and focus more on the signature.
Cento is available at Shreve & Co. in Portland, Oregon.

Friday, August 29, 2014

How long is an engagement?

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After giving her the Cento diamond ring for your engagement, now what? How long does an engagement be to keep a healthy relationship, not the least, prepare your finances for the wedding? Although there’s no definite rule on engagement periods, the general idea is that it’s the preparation for wedding, which is to say, don’t be engaged forever.  Around the sixties, seventies, and eighties, engagement lasted between three to five months, just enough time to arrange wedding plans.  But today, it can mean years. Our advice? Don’t wait too long to make the relationship cross over to the big day. It’s the level of commitment between the parties that makes engagement work. After all, asking her hand and accepting his request is already the manifestation that you both want to get married. Why wait?
Cento is available at Shreve & Co. in Portland, Oregon.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Is your Diamond Conflict-Free?

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In the movie Blood Diamonds, Solomon Vandy (Djimon Hounsou) witnessed his country Sierra Leone plunged into a civil war between government loyalists and rebel factions. Beyond the differing ideologies, ethnicities, and religious undertones, at the heart of the conflict lay the rich diamond mines of the country. Whoever controls the country controls this high-value trade. Although the movie is fictional, it highlights the issue of the diamond trade funding the warlords’s war and their atrocities, including one that almost got Vandy: amputation of the hand to prevent the people from voting. To ensure diamond jewellers are not unwittingly supporting atrocious rebel factions, the United Nations created the Kimberly Process, a program that prohibits the purchase of diamonds coming from areas of conflict. Today, a number of diamond signatures including Roberto Coin support this U.N. programme, ensuring that the Cento ring you’re wearing didn’t support any atrocities.
Cento is available at Shreve & Co. in Portland, Oregon.

Friday, June 13, 2014

The Key to Progress

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We think of progress as mankind’s quest to perfect his previous works. Mozart didn’t stop at playing what he learned from his maestros; he composed new, complex sonatas. Shakespeare loved Chaucer, but the former improved on his craft to elevate English literature to a new level. Newton learned from ancient philosophers, but he pushed the boundaries of science even further. Similarly, Roberto Coin, yes the jewelry maker, was fascinated by diamonds, but he wanted more. A diamond that would reflect more light and create more kaleidoscopes. To make the extraordinary more exemplary. Thus, was born Cento, his patented diamond cut that is more intense and brilliant than regular diamonds. It features 100 facets versus the average 57 facets, a product of years of research and drive for perfection. We don’t think it’s the perfect diamond because Roberto Coin, for all we know, must be thinking of pushing the boundaries even further.
Cento is available at Shreve & Co. in Portland, Oregon.

Friday, May 09, 2014

Diamonds from conflict-free zones

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Diamonds are so precious that countries would wage war over its mines. From the colonization of South Africa by the British Empire, which wiped out the last vestiges of the Zulu Empire, to the contemporary rebel groups that seek to undermine legitimate governments, much mayhem and murder have been done in the name of diamonds; hence, the term, blood diamond. To counter this violence, ethical diamond jewelers like Roberto Coin follow a Kimberley Process Certification Scheme, which certifies that the diamond business is not financing violence by rebel movements. Roberto Coin’s Cento is, in fact, certified to be free of diamonds from conflict areas. The jeweler’s social and ethical commitment ensures that you, too, will not be party to promoting violence in Africa when you buy a Cento.
Cento is available at Shreve & Co. on Post Street, San Francisco.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Roberto Coin and Cento

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The Cento diamond is designed by world-renowned Italian jeweler Roberto Coin. The diamond’s distinctive 100 facets gave the pattern its name Cento, which means a hundred. A symbol of perfection, the collection also reflects the multi-faceted personality of the famed maestro. Roberto Coin’s tireless pursuit for excellent quality and unique creativity in the realm of jewelry making has made him a trendsetter in the modern times. He has always remained loyal to his principle of individuality, ‘the art of being different’. This is true in his Cento Diamond collection, which showcases the 100 faceted diamonds crafted from the most delicate and meticulous work, expertly balanced to reveal the true beauty of a diamond with captivating fire and brilliance. 
Experience unique diamond beauty through the eyes of the master craftsman, Roberto Coin. Cento diamonds are available at authorized retailer Shreve & Co. in Palo Alto.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

A Hundred Facets of High Fashion

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The Cento diamond by celebrated Italian jewelry designer Roberto Coin is a tribute to the sophistication of high fashion. Cento means “hundred” – a hundred facets of the designer’s vibrant personality and trendsetting creativity. The master jewelry designer stays true to his principle of individuality, employing the “art of being different” even with the way he cuts his diamonds. Roberto Coin’s signature Cento pattern is designed with a hundred facets per stone, double the 57 to 58 for generic round cuts. This means each Cento stone, carefully mounted on the brand’s special jewelry pieces, dazzles with extra fire and brilliance that effortlessly invited admiring glances whether as a solitaire engagement ring, an elegant pendant or as a lovely pair of earrings. 
Find the finest Cento diamond jewelry from Roberto Coin at Shreve & Co. on Post Street in San Francisco.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Perfectly Different

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“The art of being different,” unfading principle of Italian master jeweler Roberto Coin, is apparent even in the way he cuts his diamonds. The 100-faceted Cento diamond is the designer’s most extravagant and creative, not to mention meticulous feat. The perfect proportions of the stone’s table size and pavilion depth best display the combination of refraction and brilliance, designed to showcase more brilliant light and fire. Instead of the conventional 8 sides with 57 or 58 facets, Cento diamonds sparkle and stand out in their nine fold symmetry with exactly 100 facets, a special number that marks the master’s ingenuity and unrivaled craftsmanship. Carefully cut by hand for 12 to 15 hours, each precious Cento stone reveals a beautiful floral pattern that beckons to the jewelry lovers with the most discriminating tastes.
Perfect as central stone in a solitaire engagement ring, as a component of a family heirloom or displayed in a gregarious piece of Haute Joaillerie, the rare beauty of Cento finds a special place in every jewelry collection. Find yours at Shreve & Co. on Post Street in San Francisco.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Cento: Diamonds Reinvented

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As the world’s most valuable gems, diamonds inevitably fetch considerable attention from the masters in the jewelry making industry. Roberto Coin's Cento loves to express the beauty of the world in terms of creative jewelry pieces decorated with the rarest and most popular stones alike. Completely passionate about precious gems, Roberto also has his own share of successful explorations in diamond cuts and patterns. The Cento is Roberto’s signature brand of luxury diamond pieces. What sets his Cento apart? Only a spark of ingenuity in the stone’s daring 100 facets, which completely reinvented the face of round brilliant diamonds. Instead of the tradition 8 sections that create around 58 facets, Cento diamond has nine-fold symmetry with 100 facets, designed to display more brilliant light and disperse the same to create more fire. The floral patterned diamond cut that takes 12 to 15 hours to perfect by hand offer the best display of sparkling brilliance. Looking for the rarest diamond cut?
Check out Roberto Coin’s Cento collection, proudly carried by authorized dealer Shreve & Co. in Post Street, San Francisco.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Cento: The Next Best Thing to a Falling Star

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How we all wish we could “catch a falling star and put it in [our] pocket” just for that special moment when everything is right and we are standing next to the person we most love. Since those heavenly gas balls are humanly out of question, the next best thing is to carry in those special-moment pockets is a Cento.  Roberto Coin’s innovation Cento diamonds derive their name from their outstanding 100 facets that create much more brilliant and fire. For the tedious preparations, design and actual production of these gems, each Cento diamond ring is indeed a star in its own right. You can get on your knees before her, pop the question, and get exactly the same effect that receiving a star would have on her.
Check out Roberto Coin’s Cento diamonds at Shreve & Co. in Post Street, San Francisco. Who knows, tonight might just be the night when love taps you on the shoulder.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Scoring a Hundred

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The regular diamond shines in its dazzling 57 to 58 facets. But Roberto Coin never cared for regular gems. When he decided to create diamond jewelry, the leading Italian manufacturer determined to make the already stunning precious stone stand out even more. After two years of cutting and recutting, and several million dollar’s worth of rough stones, Roberto Coin perfected another masterpiece - the Cento diamond. Cento comes from "hundred" which indicates just how far above it is over other round cuts in the market. Cento has a hundred shining facets which come from the nontraditional nine cut sections instead of just eight. The effect is an unusual brilliance that displays more scintillation and creates more fire. One glance at these ingenious diamonds is nearly all it takes for Cento to score a hundred in the sophistication and quality score. But of course, Cento deserves more justice than that. So, along with each stone come a certification report and a laser-embedded Cento number.
To purchase your Cento, check out Shreve & Co. in Post Street, San Francisco. 

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Daring Creativity

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Roberto Coin is a recognizable name in any part of the world. As creator of bestselling diamond pieces, ha can boast of patrons like Ashley Judd, Salma Hayek, and Demi Moore. He is a well-established icon in the craft of jewelry making. But Roberto does not stop to bask in his past successes. He loves to think up of something new for every piece he creates. “The best part of my life is creativity,” claims the top Italian jewelry designer. That is why after thriving for decades in the highly standardized diamond industry, he dares to surpass the conventions.  The classic brilliant cut for a diamond makes about 50 facets.  Yes, they are beautiful, but Roberto Coin’s Cento diamonds are more than beautiful. They are cut to perfection with 100 facets, doubling the scintillation of every stone. The brand’s cento jewelries sparkle with twice the vibrance and twice the elegance. There goes one more round of applause for the master jeweller’s creative feat. For more of Roberto Coin’s creations, check out Shreve & Co. in Portland, Oregon – authorized dealer for Cento.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

From Extraordinary to Perfect

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Most diamonds have 57 facets but a Cento diamond is not just every diamond. It is Roberto Coin’s masterpiece having a hundred facets like its Italian name suggests. The symbol of light, love and value takes on another form; the special reaches another level of special. These unique diamonds exhibit unique brightness that can only be obtained through holding a longer refraction brought to life by the innovative cut. This cut brings the ‘perfect’ out of these extraordinary stones. These diamonds grace every piece of the Cento collection; may they be earrings, rings, or pendants. And these diamonds can grace your skin too, lending you their scintillating shine.  Many have fallen in love with Roberto Coin pieces and many more have distinguished themselves among Cento lovers. For your fiery Cento Collection pieces, visit Shreve & Co. — authorized dealer for Cento

Friday, November 16, 2012

Avant Garde without Mimicry

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Coming from a multifaceted man is a 100 faceted signature diamond cut that took two years of cutting and re-cutting and 4 million dollars worth of rough stones. The Cento collection by Roberto Coin has done it again for him – avant garde void of mimicry. With most diamonds having just 57 or 58 facet cuts, Roberto Coin outdid most by having a collection with 100 and a floral pattern to match it. This perfection of craftsmanship doesn’t just come out from the pretense of trying to be different; it comes from just being different. This modern take comes in many forms in the collection but each is certified to have undergone 12 to 15 hours of cutting by hand, be laser inscribed and are conflict free. By having more cuts, these diamonds are designed to have more fire or brilliance than others. From bracelets, rings, necklaces, these diamonds reflect and refract exceptional high degree of shine. For scintillating Cento diamonds, visit Shreve & Co. – authorized dealer for Cento by Roberto Coin. 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

100: A Perfect Number

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100 is a special number. For century plants, some species of the Agave, they only live for 25 years but they only bloom once in a hundred. Eskimos even have 100 words for ice. But for Roberto Coin, Cento or a hundred in Italian is the perfect number for his collection. The Cento Collection holds pieces that are subjected to the strictest Roberto Coin standard. The collection ranges from earrings, pendants and rings.  Anyone can be sure that every diamond in this collection is selected basing from the internationally recognized 4’C’s of carat weight, color, clarity and cut. And with the aim for perfection, The Cento Collection adheres to the Kimberly Process. This process puts into account international traded diamonds to be exclusively from “conflict-free” countries. To avail of pieces from the Cento Collection, visit Shreve & Co., an authorized dealer for The Cento Collection.  

Monday, June 11, 2012

Rare made rarer

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A diamond is the perfect symbol of love and beauty. A masterpiece of nature honed more perfect in the hands of a gem-cutter, a diamond enchants, allures, seduces. If you are thinking of impressing your woman with a diamond, think a notch higher. Already a rarity, it was even made more unique when the world was introduced to the Cento diamond, an innovative cut that sets the standards of round diamonds one level up. Instead of 57 facets, a Cento has 100. This features increases the fiery explosion of glow of a traditional diamond, creating a fiesta of dance as light refracts from the masterful proportionally cut of the facets. A Cento diamond also has a nine-fold symmetry instead of eight. It has a distinct floral pattern which regular cuts lack. And instead of the traditional machine-cut, only the expert strokes of a cutter who spends 12-15 hours manually shaping and polishing the diamond can breathe a fiery life to a Cento diamond. A Cento bearer soon discovers that the patent cut gives the best combination of brilliance, sparkle and fire that sweeps a woman’s heart any day. Cento diamonds are conflict-free and certified with laser inscriptions.
Shreve is an authorized dealer for Cento diamonds.
Image: Cento Corona Diamond


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