Friday, July 22, 2016

Creating your jewelry style signature

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Wearing luxury jewelry is an art that involves creating your own signature in the process. Your signature is the style that you keep and not necessarily the signature brands that you wear. So you can limit your own style by wearing only one signature luxury brand—for example, Penny Preville—or create your signature based on the jewelry material across different brands. For instance, you prefer yellow gold in most of your jewelry collections or you can be known to love colored gemstones. Keep in mind though that creating a brand of style isn’t a zero-sum game; you can still deviate from this style occasionally.  Some of other elements to base your personal jewelry style include: type of stone, trendy vs. classic, monotonous vs. fusion, and bold vs. minimalism. 
Penny Preville is available at Shreve & Co. on Post Street, San Francisco and in Palo Alto, California.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Be open to other luxury jewelry options

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Signature jewelry is a function of luxury and personal taste, and, as expected, its customers are often the same people who go for repeat purchases. If you’re the typical luxury jewelry buyer, it’s likely you have a favorite brand and you stick to it for the longest time.  This thinking makes sense if you’ve found a brand that complements your style. However, the downside is you may reach a saturation point, where your style becomes stagnant and boring. So, to counter this, why not open yourself to other jewelry brands that are equally, if not better, elegant and exclusive. Newer brands like Penny Preville combine elegance, fashion trends, and innovation. What it lacks for heritage, it makes up for high-quality workmanship and unique designs. In fact, the signature has been seen not a few times worn by  celebrities in major Hollywood events. 
Penny Preville is available at Shreve & Co. on Post Street, San Francisco and in Palo Alto, California.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Strong Penny

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Penny Preville has released a new wedding band style in 18k white gold (0.99 ct. t.w.). The band features round and princess cut diamonds and sold under $5,000. It has a vintage appeal, plus a stunning Old World elegance reminiscent of royal opulence. Yet, the band maintains a sense of subtle balance, ensuring it doesn’t overwhelm the senses. What’s perhaps the most likable feature of this Penny Preville is that it’s sturdy and fits you right if you love a physical lifestyle. If you enjoy running or hiking over the weekend, you can take this wedding band without the fear of damaging the setting. The diamonds are well entrenched and secure in the precious metal. Penny Preville has more stylish and elegant wedding band collections, each one evoking a unique appeal.
Penny Preville is available at Shreve & Co. on Post Street, San Francisco and in Palo Alto, California.

Friday, January 08, 2016

True Value of Signature Jewelry

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Genuine signature jewelry is not about trendy looks or expensive prices. Their true value lies on the confidence they exude, and this is true for Penny Preville. When you look at hot, trendy jewelry brands today often endorsed by hot, trendy celebrities, you sense a lack of connection between the brand and the endorser. This gap usually stems from the celebrity endorser’s lack of understanding what the brand stands for. For instance, a Penny Preville adheres to simplicity, confident that its quality work alone stands for its real value.  The signature’s collections are far from elaborate or being gaudy, but they exude a stylish air only a truly stylish wearer will appreciate. The jewelry complements the confident personality of the one wearing it; and not steals the attention from her.
Penny Preville is available at Shreve & Co. on Post Street, San Francisco.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Aquamarine Leaf

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Pushing a step ahead of what women want has always been the style of designer Penny Preville. But innovating and continuously creating does not mean that she abandons her own personal style. She believes in continuity and remains true to her design. She has her signature style that pervades every collection. She creates pieces that are strong and striking that turn the observers gaze towards the wearer. And this is the same story with her new collections like the Aquamarine Collection. One piece in the new Aquamarine collection is the Aquamarine Leaf. This piece is 18k Yellow Gold Diamond and Rose Cut Bangle Bracelet. It features Pave Diamond and Rose Cut Aquamarine accents. This piece has just that elegant and conservative yet sensual feel to it that every woman would fall in love with it. 
See the Aquamarine Leaf firsthand at Shreve & Co. on Post Street, San Francisco.

Friday, September 04, 2015

Casual luxury

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Luxury aside, fine jewelry like Penny Preville can also be worn casually. After all, you want people to admire your luxurious taste every day, not just on special occasions. Even a pair of jeans and shirt go well with a gold or platinum necklace, as long as the bling is not overwhelming. The luxury feel neutralizes the casual look and you come across as someone with a fine taste but isn’t pretentious. Likewise, it doesn’t have to be because of fashion; a jewelry, diamonds included, can have a special meaning that you want to wear it every day. From a goodluck gold charm to an anniversary wedding ring, these important jewelry pieces should be with you all the time. Another reason to wear fine jewelry on a non-occasion is that you exude an effortless sophisticated style. It shows your confidence even in casual wear.
Penny Preville is available at Shreve & Co. in Portland, Oregon.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Famous diamond

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Each diamond is precious, not only for its value, but the story it keeps. When you give someone a Penny Preville diamond ring, its true value lies in the memories that it represents, whether it's an engagement announcement or on the wedding day. It's the same reason, albeit on larger scale, that famous diamonds are renowned, because of the amazing stories that they keep. For example, the Orloff is a 300 carat bluish green diamond from India said to be set once as the eye of a Vishnu's image in a temple in Sriangam. It was stolen in the 1700s by a Frenchman and was sold to an English captain. It found its way to Amsterdam, where an ex-lover of Catherine the Great heard of the stone and bought it for 90,000 pounds and took it to Moscow. The diamond is now kept in the Diamond Treasury of Russia in that city.
Penny Preville is available at Shreve & Co. in Palo Alto, California.

Friday, May 22, 2015

What's your type?

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Okay, he gave you a Penny Preville engagement ring to show his true love. You know he loves you, but let's play a little game and go deeper: in what way? Sociologists Thomas Lasswell and Terry Hatkoff identified five types of love. Romantic love is the nostalgic love characterized by unrealistic attraction, jealousy, and impractical tolerance; it doesn't last long. Companion love is developed through commitment, not necessarily excitement or obsession. Unselfish love is a rare one, illustrating devotion and patience. Logical love is calculated, which often looks at compatibility as the main unifying factor. Lastly, game-playing love is typical of relationships developed by playboys, who are after the excitement of gaining a new lover; it's bereft of a substantial emotional connection. What type is yours?
Penny Preville is available at Shreve & Co. on Post Street, San Francisco.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Prehistoric Jewelry

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Study shows that wearing jewelry isn't vain at all. In prehistoric times, people would wear them as a form of identify. For instance, bead necklaces and bracelets had less fancy roles to the bearers; the jewelry signifies which tribe they belong or which class. It could have also symbolized accomplishments, like number of kills for a warrior. The jewelry was even more important to identify their wearers when they're killed or gone missing to give clues to those who were looking for them. So when you see someone wearing a signature jewelry, for instance a woman showing off her Penny Preville platinum piece, she has thousands of years of reasons behind her. She may as well be identifying herself to belong to a tribe: that of classy women.
Penny Preville is available at Shreve & Co. in Palo Alto, California.

Friday, October 03, 2014

Penny Preville collections

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Penny Preville offers a wide array of exquisite jewelry from bracelets to necklaces. They are styled for the most elegant evenings and daytime gatherings. You can choose from different gemstones, precious metals, and thematic styles to match your fashion. While they have various personalities, all collections feature Penny Preville's delicate, intricate metal engravings often marked by a huge center stone. The Aquamarine in sky blue hue is perfect for day formality; while the black spinel is designed for the evening. Some collections can be worn any time of the day, such as: the pink opal, which goes well with light and dark dress; the new diamond, a classic that matches any formal wear; and Chalcedony, its deep green color is perfect for both day and night attire.
Penny Preville is available at Shreve & Co. in Portland, Oregon.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Nice hairstyles for formal evenings

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Attending a formal evening means you have to choose the right dress and wear fashionable jewelry like Penny Preville. But don’t forget the hair. Celebrities are a good source to help you think what hairstyle to wear and what better congregation of celebrity hairstyles than in an Oscar night. Jessica Chastain’s half up and half down style with wavy hangs frames the face and highlights its soft features. Natalie Portman’s princess-like updo with a barrette gives her the vintage class. Stacy Keibler’s off-the-shoulder waves give her a teasing but neat look. Emma Stone’s twisting bun and paired with cat-eye gaze evokes a sweetheart appeal. Lastly, Sandra Bullock’s shiny ponytail she wore in 2012 Oscars proved the style isn’t dead yet. The swing gives her that swagger look.
Penny Preville is available at Shreve & Co. in Palo Alto, California.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Nostalgia and Jewelry

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The intricate patterns and exquisite details displayed by the bar cuff, entirely encrusted with brilliant diamonds, exhibit art deco. The style is both modern and classic, having been inspired by the art movement that sprung from France after World War I. Art Deco had a profound influence across industries, flourishing across countries and inspiring designers. It showcased geometric shapes and lavish ornaments, combining traditional craft motifs with images from the Machine Age-inspired steel and glass, among others. Penny Preville revives this influential art movement in its line of cuffs, rings, earrings, and necklaces, while adding a dash of luxury. Diamonds line the elaborate patterns and the platinum reflects a modern metallic appeal. This Penny Preville jewelry collection fits perfectly the classic woman with a taste for nostalgia.
Penny Preville is available at Shreve & Co. in Portland, Oregon.

Friday, June 13, 2014

The Little Kid

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It’s easy to imagine a little Penny Preville with big innocent eyes opening her grandmother’s jewelry box one regular day. The old lady must have been quick to reprimand the curious child that those jewelries were not toys. That day when she first saw those sparkling, luminescent jewelries stuck in Penny Preville’s mind, one that would set in motion her passion, and soon, her destiny to create a line of signature jewelry defined by femininity, luxury and detailed designs. Her Feathers Collections is one of the most impressive styles she’s created. These are not yellow and white gold leaf figurines created in molds and mass produced; rather, each speck of the fern leaf has its own distinct movement. That’s the depth of detail Penny Preville puts on her jewelry, and one that puts her jewelry brand among the best in the world.
Penny Preville is available at Shreve & Co. in Palo Alto, California.

Friday, May 02, 2014

Classic advantage

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Modern luxury jewelry collections are fine, but classics or vintage jewelry have an air of opulence and nostalgia that only they can own. When Michael Douglas married Catherine Zeta Jones, he gave her a $2.5-million diamond ring, a vintage, marquise-shaped, 10-carat diamond with a 1920s vintage vibe. Douglas probably felt classics are more sophisticated and project more confidence. He’s right. Take the Penny Preville Classics Jewelry Collection. The simple elegant lines exude timeless elegance like the Engraved and Marquise & Round Bangle Bracelets. Paired that with the Round “Believe” Charm and Classic Round Earrings, you have one of the most graceful jewelry showcases ever. They can be worn on the most formal events or during casual night dates. Classic styles do not tune out of time, so they give you a lot of fashion flexibility.
Penny Preville is available at Shreve & Co. in Palo Alto, California.

Friday, March 21, 2014

What’s your style?

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Can’t decide which jewelry style for you? Truth is, no one style fits you; it depends on your clothes and what you’re attending. For a wide array of styles, Penny Preville presents over fifteen luxurious themes, all studded in elegance. The Classic features fine lines with minimum patterns that exude simplicity. On the other hand, the Imperial uses more flair and detailed patterns that suggest royalty. It is only matched by the Byzantine collection in opulence. Meantime, Aquamarine reflects a soothing, steady feel of the deep sea, as opposed to the Midnight’s mystic air. Penny Preville also features pearls and tassels that evoke subtle elegance. For a more playful theme, you have the Leaf and Wings collections to choose from. Other Penny Preville themes include Garland, Deco, Black Tie, Lace, Draped Chains and Shoulder Dusters. 
Penny Preville is available at Shreve & Co. on Post Street, San Francisco, and our Palo Alto store in the Stanford Shopping Center.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Beauty in Simplicity

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There are countless jewelry brands out in the market today that we sometimes find it hard to choose which one to buy. And we consider as many factors in buying like the trend and what's hot, what's unique, what's cheap or expensive, and what our friends say are cool. But one thing we tend to forget sometimes, the best things are actually the ones that adhere to simplicity. Penny Preville's signature collection is exactly just that. The pieces under this collection need not be gaudy or very elaborate. They just have to be simple yet exquisite and stylish. Penny Preville's jewelry doesn't steal attention from the person who wears it. But it rather complements the beauty of the wearer . And might we add, reinforces the giver’s status.
Penny Preville is available at Shreve & Co. in San Francisco and Palo Alto, California.

Friday, January 03, 2014

Between Creativity and Continuity

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Penny Preville is a true believer in style. She explores her market with the knowing eye of an award-winning designer. Her trendy yet delicate modern designs are always one step ahead of what women want. Fashion and culture greatly influence her jewelry pieces, which she had started designing when she was just a young child playing with her grandmother’s music box. Women around the world love her artful balance between elegance, fashion, wearability and innovation. It is the unifying vein that runs through all her collections that highlight fine lines and contours embellished with colorful precious stones. “I believe in continuity. A designer should remain true to her style,” and that is exactly what Penny Preville pulls off every time she launches another collection – fresh and unique yet undeniably Penny Preville.
Find her creations at Shreve & Co. in Palo Alto and San Francisco – authorized retailers for Penny Preville.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Totally Feminine, Totally Penny Preville

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Byzantine – the word brings to mind vaulted cathedrals and arched palaces with perfectly-shaped domes and buttresses, all intricately decorated and shimmering with colorful mosaics. In this ancient Empire, lavish jewelry were made of gold, bronze, or enamel set with pearls, rubies, emeralds, and other precious gems. The regal yet romantic designs of this bygone era inspired Penny Preville’s Byzantine Collection. Expertly fusing old world techniques with contemporary designs and accents, Penny individually designed the luxurious pieces of this collection. Precious metals such as 18K white, yellow or rose gold and platinum were exquisitely crafted into fine details to create fabulous scroll bangles, teardrop-shaped earrings, delicate chains and eye-catching bands. The exquisite pieces are further enhanced by the shimmering hues of pink and blue sapphires, brilliant diamonds, pearls and moonstones. “My goal is to keep designing pieces that will make a woman look and feel fabulous,” Penny Preville once said. Her breathtaking Byzantine Collection not only makes a woman feel fabulous – it makes her totally feel like a woman.
Penny Preville’s Collections are available at Shreve & Co. on Post Street in San Francisco and in the Stanford Shopping Center in Palo Alto, California.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Passion by Penny Preville

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Award-winner jewelry designer Penny Preville had lived for crafting elegant jewelry pieces since she was a young girl playing with her grandmother’s jewels. Her serious interest in engagement rings, however, started when her own son was about to get engaged. It was important to Penny that she be the one to design the ring to represent the couple. The “Mara” ring had then gone on to become one of Penny Preville’s best selling pieces. Penny designed more bridal rings for family members and friends after that, and they are all now part of the company’s bridal collection. In a way, every couple who chooses their engagement and wedding bands from Penny Preville becomes a part of a family and a heritage with a romantic and vintage-inspired feel.
Find Penny Preville’s collections at Shreve & Co. in Palo Alto – authorized retailer for luxury jewelry brands such as Penny Preville.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Passion and Penny Preville

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There is a touch of our passions embedded in everything we do. Modern jewelry designer Penny Preville’s fascination with the timeless and elegant classic designs is fused delicately into her contemporary pieces. Famed for its vintage designs reinvented with modern touches, Penny Preville’s namesake jewelry brand enjoys immense popularity among women of all ages. The Platinum Juliet ring from the Leaf Collection seamlessly blends modern trends with the undying classics. The platinum semi mounting that features a classic four prong setting is inspired by the timeless tale of love and passion. The shank is accented with bold yet smooth and flowing organic design that beautifully highlights its brilliant diamond stone that sits elegantly on the precious metal mounting. 
Find more of Penny Preville’s enchanting designs at Shreve & Co in Portland Oregon – authorized retailer for Penny Preville.

Saturday, August 03, 2013

The Penny Preville Phenomenon

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Martha Stewart Weddings, Tatler Russia, Milieu Magazine, InStyle, W Magazine, etc. – fashionably elegant jewelry pieces by much-acclaimed designer Penny Preville are featured by style authorities everywhere all the time. The award winning artist from Long Island stepped into the fashion world with her namesake jewelry collection at a young age. Her signature style that fuses old world techniques with contemporary interpretation exudes a lovely sense of femininity, elegance and wearability. The talented entrepreneur and artist speaks fondly of her collections. “Jewelry is very personal and individual to the wearer, my goal is to keep designing pieces that will make a woman look and feel fabulous." No wonder her pieces, which feature vibrant combinations of precious metals and gems, gather accolades and recognitions everywhere. Stylists and jewelers acknowledge her natural gift in the craft, while women in all walks of life relate with the personal touch that each of her pieces exudes. 
Find Penny Preville’s luxurious designs at Shreve & Co. on Post Street in San Francisco – an authorized dealer for Penny Preville.

Friday, June 21, 2013

The Perks of Being an Artist

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Being a jewelry designer comes with its own set of perks. Long Island artist, Penny Preville, loves how she can dream up and create exactly the kind of jewelry pieces that she wants to wear. Preville’s My Blue Heaven was launched in 2011 with all of her favorite blue stones. The biggest part of the collection is the Moondance pieces, made of alluring moonstones. Legend has it that this precious gem is formed from the light of the moon, a story that Penny finds very romantic. For some earrings and pendants, Penny shows off the labradorite’s amazing play of colors. For other pieces, she combines black rhodium gold with blue and white diamonds and turn them into shimmering glimpses of the beautiful night sky. Preville’s Blue Heaven collection grows broader with every moment of inspiration. As an artist, there is no limit to what she can create.
Check out Penny Preville’s My Blue Heaven at Shreve & Co. in Portland, Oregon. 

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Fashion, Elegance and Everything Nice

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Elegance and innovation, fashion and wearability – who says they have to be mutually-exclusive? Not Penny Preville. Her popular jewelry designs, known under her namesake designer jewelry brand beautifully blend those important attributes together. The pieces in her collection are the outlet for her innate creativity. She has been designing gems since her childhood years, mix-matching and glamorizing the contents of her grandma’s jewelry box. Her well-accoladed and multi-awarded jewelries are also showpieces of Penny Preville’s natural acumen in business and advertising. Most of all, it is an expression of herself as a woman and as an individual. The depth and personal style that Penny pours into each elaborate ring or necklace makes it attractive to those who also need to express their own. After all, that is really what fashion is about. Learn more about expressing your own style with Penny Preville’s collections.
Check them out at Shreve & Co. in Palo Alto – authorized retailer for Penny Preville.

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Inspiration, Memories and Penny Preville

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Life makes way for a determined woman who relentlessly chases a lifelong dream. In the case of Penny Preville, that woman was lugging a Radio Flyer red wagon to town in Fire Island. In her heart was a childhood passion for jewelry, and on that wagon were her own handmade jewelry creations. Penny, now a celebrated designer for Hollywood celebrities, still remembers with fundness the day she took that red wagon near the beach and made her first sale from her precious collection. Many things have changed since that fateful day thirty-five years ago in Long Island - Penny Preville is now a brand of exquisite craftsmanship and inspired design. Instead of a red wagon, fine jewelers - like Shreve & Co. in Palo Alto - cart her beautiful works of art and sell them to the fashionably discriminating crowd. Nonetheless, one thing remains the same: Penny Preville still loves the thrill of seeing a costumer fall in love with her creations, make a purchase, and take the treasures home to create her own fond memories with. 

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Wear Your Heart in a Chain

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Believe – it’s a word that speaks so much to the heart of a young girl chasing a dream, a young woman finding the love of her life, a mother looking at her beautiful children. A woman, by nature, wears faith her heart. Penny Preville, by passionate artistry, adorns it on their necks.  The Top Ten Best Designers company seeks to give women the jewelry that speak their heart’s desires. Penny Preville’s round Believe charm is made of 18k beaded white gold. The word “Believe” is engraved in the middle of the pendant.  A piece of diamond sits daintily atop the charm and a delicate white gold chain, separately sold, holds it elegantly around the collar. The Believe charm is also customizable with any letter or word, either engraved or in diamonds, so you can let people know what's in your heart. Wear your heart in a chain from Penny Preville. Check out Shreve & Co. in Post, Street, San Francisco. Shreve is an authorized dealer for Penny Preville.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

For Every Woman

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It takes a woman to know a woman. And Penny Preville has proven time and time again that she knows what women desire in the jewelries they wear – pieces that they can connect to; and pieces that define each of them as a person and as a woman. It is this ability coupled with her eye for designs and her exceptional creativity that captured her many followers and collectors. A lot of them are influential and celebrated women like Anna Paquin, Hayden Panettiere, Anne Hathaway, and Jackie Kennedy-Onassis. It is through the balancing of design continuity and creating something new that Penny Preville sets herself apart. She continues to evaluate the needs and wants of her clientele and continues to create pieces that are one step beyond their expectations. So the next time you think of a gift for your wife, mother, girlfriend, and sister, maybe Penny Preville could help. Visit Shreve & Co. – authorized dealer for Penny Preville

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Penny Preville: The Woman behind the Jewelry

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Born in The North Shoe of Long Island, New York, Penny Preville designed her first jewelry as a teenager. It was a set of Sterling Silver star earrings. This wasn’t too farfetched for Penny as she grew up in a creative and artistic environment. Her grandmother was an artist and her mother was an interior designer. Jewelry was the form she chose to express herself. Or maybe it was Jewelry that chose her. As a fan of fashion and culture, Penny acknowledges that these are changing and changing fast but she puts value in continuity, of staying true to oneself. And continuity is something she strives to achieve and has found success in. A Penny Preville piece will always speak luxury and femininity. Penny Preville’s style achieves balance between innovation, fashion, elegance and “wearability”. Like the maker, the pieces are a unique balance of influences spanning from family to art history. The creativity in the family and her penchant for art history brings pieces that are truly Penny Preville – truly for sophisticated women. For Penny Preville jewelry, visit Shreve & Co. – authorized dealers for Penny Preville.

Monday, December 24, 2012

What Women Want

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Who can best know what women think or want? Mel Gibson? Nah. Try Penny Preville. Like many women and jewelers, she was first inspired by the jewelries in her grandmother’s jewelry box. This inspiration carried her to be an award winning jewelry designer that specializes in femininity, luxury and the eye for intricate details. Her take on femininity is a fusion of old world techniques, contemporary sensibility and her impeccable personal style. Preville designs insist on the exact balance between fashion, innovation, elegance and “wearability”. With her goal to make every woman feel and look fabulous, Penny soldiers on the challenge of being one step ahead of “what women want”. So far, she has been successful bagging the 1978 JA New Designer of Year Award and having her designs featured in movie and TV productions. Stars no less than Eva Longoria, Hayden Panettiere, Oprah Winfrey, Anne Hathaway and many others are among those that have been garnished by and collect her designs. All are powerful and beautiful women. All know that Penny Preville has always been one step ahead of the jewelry carnage all claiming to be for women. Everyone knows that Penny knows – exactly what women want now and possibly for a few decades more. To get your hands on Penny Preville jewelries, visit the nearest Shreve & Co. in your area – an authorized dealer for Penny Preville

Monday, July 23, 2012

A Penny for your Thoughts

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A man may spend the whole day figuring out what is between his woman and a Penny Preville necklace, and still cap the night with little clue, if any. He may not know that Penny Preville has been synonymous with high-end style, the signature jewelry worn, not by mortals, but Hollywood celebrities. Much less is he clueless that the designer, Penny Preville, started as a child tinkering with beads and seashells before moving up to 18-carat gold and platinum trinkets favored by millionaires and stars. But here’s a fact that may interest his analytical mind: jewelries extend far beyond seducing his woman with worldly desires; rather, recent social studies pointed out the role of these trinkets in setting our society to the path of civilization. A mouthful indeed, but Cro-Magnon findings revealed that bead necklaces and bracelets played more than just to the fancy of the bearer, a warrior of all people! Scientific or not, perhaps we can safely conclude that cave people were not vain. Rather, our ancient folks wore jewelries to identify themselves in case, say, they got trampled by a mammoth or a saber-tooth had them for breakfast. The jewelry at least could leave some clue who got the hit. More crucially, jewelries allowed our prehistoric people to gain a sense of individuality that would set their path to enlightenment, individual rights and whether we want our tomato sauce with mushrooms or Italian-style. Much like wearing a Penny Preville says a lot about your woman. She is stylishly above mortals.
Shreve is an authorized dealer for Penny Preville.
Image: Penny Preville Moonstone & Diamond Drop Earrings

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Preville’s Treasures

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Penny Preville’s inspiration into jewelry design came from time spent looking at the treasurers in her grandmother’s jewelry box. Her award winning style reflects the classic looks of vintage jewelry infused with contemporary
Earrings by Penny Preville are inspired by vintage jewelry, yet are infused with contemporary presence.
Lightness.  Very wearable, Preville’s collections are feminine, elegant and innovative.  Her designs have graced those on the red carpet, in television, and in movies. Nicole Kidman, Sandra Bullock, Drew Barrymore, Anna Paquin, and Oprah Winfrey are just a few of Preville’s more famous customers.  Instead of waiting to inherit grandma’s jewelry, a woman can have fun exploring the delightful designs by Penny Preville at Shreve & Co. and own them today.


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