Friday, November 29, 2013

Pure Luxury

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When you purchase a Furrer-Jacot band, you are purchasing a piece of superb craftsmanship. Each piece of jewelry created by Furrer-Jacot has behind it a tradition of fine craftsmanship that has been passed down from one generation to the next for over 155 years. Blending age-old techniques with innovative high technology, Furrer-Jacot adheres to its tradition of excellence and unsurpassed quality. Every aspect of the jewelry pieces are made one ring at a time by highly-skilled jewelers at the company’s shops in Schaffhausen, Switzerland. Unique and individualized, Furrer-Jacot’s dramatic designs are made for the people who are not afraid to stand out. Extremely eye-catching, the bands are a pure luxury to wear such as the Men’s Brushed Chain Link Wedding Band which is superbly crafted in 18K yellow, white or rose gold. This highly-unique band has a satin smooth finish that fells extremely comfortable against the skin.
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I Love You a Hundred Times Over

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From Roberto Coin’s flair for beauty and excellence comes an astounding gem – the Cento Diamond. Taking the brilliance of this beautiful gem to a higher level, the Cento has twice as many facets as the traditional 57-facet diamond. Boasting of 37 facets on the table and an astounding 63 facets around its pavillion, Cento dazzles with its brilliance and fire. Its facets create a symmetrical floral pattern at the heart of the gem. Made from flawless to nearly-flawless stones, this cut is applied to diamonds over 0.07 carats. Roberto Coin chooses only colorless diamonds to bring out the Cento’s ultimate beauty. Seeming to say “I Love You” a hundred times over, the Cento C-profile Solitaire Ring is made of platinum with a 4-prong C-profile setting that securely holds the centerstone, which is often accented by smaller diamonds. Roberto’s signature ruby on the inside of the band completes this fabulous piece.
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An Everlasting Passion

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Roberto Coin, Italian jeweler and designer, signs his jewelry creations with a small ruby or rubellite in a hidden position that will surely touch the wearer’s skin. With this ruby, Roberto Coin pays tribute to the passion and joy of living which he also exemplifies in his jewelry designs. Many myths and legends surround this vibrant gem. Since ancient times, the ruby has symbolized love, passion, vivacity and power. A ruby’s red glow seems to come from flames deep within it, never to be extinguished, making it a symbol of everlasting love. Ancient Egyptians believed that when a ruby is worn next to the skin, it would bring its wearer happiness, health and good fortune as well as success in affairs of the heart while Burmese warriors protected themselves by inserting rubies under their skin. Roberto Coin brings the mystique of these ancient myths and legends to his vibrant jewelry creations.
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Unfazed by Time

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The A. Link Lattice Eternity Band is an elaborate and elegant symbol of commitment and love. The band is masterfully crafted from high grade platinum and has a shared-prong mounting that shows off the maximum surface of A. Link's Forevermark Diamonds. The Forevermark Diamond marks a long tradition of diamond expertise maintained for over 125 years. Each diamond is hand-selected and meticulously scrutinized, which is why only 1% of the world’s diamonds become Forevermark. The beauty of these stunning gems are given center stage in each A. Link jewelry piece allowing them to sparkle and dazzle. With its long tradition of outstanding craftsmanship and elegant designs, A. Link creates precious jewelry that last for more than a lifetime. Their timeless beauty have always been meant to last in elegance unfazed by time.
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Touched by a Wellendorff Angel

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A woman once wrote about a jewelry piece she owned that survived the flames that had ravaged her home. The jewelry piece which had been a gift to her was a Wellendorff Collier with a little golden angel. Inspired by her story, Wellendorff launched its Golden Angel Collection. Finely-crafted in the Wellendorff tradition of excellence and classic beauty, each ring in this collection holds a touching secret – a little golden angel beautifully etched inside the band. A heavenly host like secret guardians in each band brings a sense of security and warmth to its wearer. The Golden Angel Collection exemplifies Wellendorff’s long tradition of superb craftsmanship and outstanding quality which this family-owned company has upheld for more than a hundred and twenty years. As in all Wellendorff creations, each piece in the Golden Angel Collection carries the Wellendorff logo – a diamond W. The most costly trademark in the world, the Wellendorff W is crafted from 18K gold and adorned with a full-cut diamond.
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Totally Feminine, Totally Penny Preville

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Byzantine – the word brings to mind vaulted cathedrals and arched palaces with perfectly-shaped domes and buttresses, all intricately decorated and shimmering with colorful mosaics. In this ancient Empire, lavish jewelry were made of gold, bronze, or enamel set with pearls, rubies, emeralds, and other precious gems. The regal yet romantic designs of this bygone era inspired Penny Preville’s Byzantine Collection. Expertly fusing old world techniques with contemporary designs and accents, Penny individually designed the luxurious pieces of this collection. Precious metals such as 18K white, yellow or rose gold and platinum were exquisitely crafted into fine details to create fabulous scroll bangles, teardrop-shaped earrings, delicate chains and eye-catching bands. The exquisite pieces are further enhanced by the shimmering hues of pink and blue sapphires, brilliant diamonds, pearls and moonstones. “My goal is to keep designing pieces that will make a woman look and feel fabulous,” Penny Preville once said. Her breathtaking Byzantine Collection not only makes a woman feel fabulous – it makes her totally feel like a woman.
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Forever in Perfect Fit

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Forever in perfect fit – that is the Flyer Fit Collection. For over 65 years, Martin Flyer has provided the highest quality of engagement rings and wedding bands for couples who wish to tie the knot. This exemplary brand took one step further when it launched its Flyer Fit Collection in 2006. With a unique design that the company has developed, Flyer Fit engagement ring and wedding band sets are made to fit perfectly together without awkward gaps in between, fusing two rings into one fabulous design. Moreover, the rings are handcrafted from the finest gold or platinum and set with rare Hearts and Arrows Ideal Cut Diamonds. These diamonds are cut to ideal proportions with a superior optical symmetry, polish and a specific faceting pattern that gives an illusion of eight perfectly symmetrical arrows on its crown and eight symmetrical hearts on its pavilion. This rare diamond cut gives added allure and value to Martin Flyer’s Flyer Fit Collection.
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Friday, November 22, 2013

Joyful Dance

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The story of Kirk Kara has reached far beyond America in its century-old existence. Since 1890, the brand has been perfecting the art of handcrafting rings and fine jewelry. The company’s many awards such as its 6-time Jewelers Choice Award attest to this admirable perfection. Kirk Kara’s excellence lies on its excellent gemologists and craftsmen, time-tested crafting methods and innovative design. One of Kirk Kara’s collections, Pirouetta, captures the grace and joy of dancing with dainty diamond rings set on platinum. Different shades of gold are balanced delicately in the design to achieve a noticeably unique look. The designs are replete with elegant details, emulating the rare and graceful poses and shapes of a joyful dance. Indeed, the woman who receives a Kirk Kara ring is sure to dance with glee as well.
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David Yurman and His Story

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David Yurman grew up on Long Island, sold sculptures in the school cafeteria and started working with other artists like Ernesto Gonzales when he was about 16 years old. It was not, however, until the early 1970s that the brand has started to sell artistic jewelry. The first significant jewelry pieces David Yurman made were a pair of earrings for his wife, which he had initially had been reluctant to reproduce and sell. Thankfully, Sybil his wife had always been entrepreneurial as well as artistic. It was partly due to her influence that the eponymous brand came into being. In 1982, David Yurman introduced the cable bracelet, and now that is the brand’s undisputed bestseller and iconic design.
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Life is Art

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Obtaining a Carrera y Carrera jewelry piece is being part of an awesome creative process. Each piece of the Spanish brand’s collections is an end-result of meticulous and seasoned gold craftsmanship. It was this crafting prowess and creative excellence that turned Carrera y Carrera into a world renowned icon for awe-inspiring luxury jewelry. In the brand’s Madrid workshop, the finest goldsmiths gather and create masterpieces loaded with their own artistic and sensitive expression. Not only do these masterpieces bear the marks of their creators, they are also formed as the fruits of technological, gemological and jewelry-making expertise gained through years upon years of experience. At face value, Carrera y Carrera is a fine name associated with outstanding creativity in gold. When you look even deeper, you realize that the pieces only reflect the profound and everyday wonders of life.
Keller & George is an authorized retailer for Carrera y Carrera.

A. Jaffe Through the Years

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A. Jaffe’s breathtaking 120-year story through 4 differently beautiful eras is reflected in the company’s noteworthy collections: Classics, Art Deco, Seasons of Love and Metropolitan. These collections reflect the evolutions that A. Jaffe has lived through in keeping strides with the changing times. From classic to experimental to modern pieces, the A. Jaffe jewelries stand out with life and authenticity that comes only with a jewelry-maker’s seasoned expertise. Different as they are, one theme unifies the A. Jaffe pieces. And that is, the A. Jaffe woman. Every romantic and timeless design is created for the day’s sophisticated lady who values the worth of a diamond and appreciates the intricacies of its making. She has the eye for the extra-ordinary and knows how to achieve them. That’s right, A. Jaffe is dedicated to women and inspired by women. 
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Four Seasons of Serenity

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There is more to pearly elegance than just black and white. Mikimoto has proven this all along with its collection of exquisite golden and conch pearls. For its 120th anniversary, the Mikimoto takes a whole new level of exploration on colors with its Four Seasons collection. The selection features one-of-a-kind pieces that capture the brilliance and beauty of nature. Mikimoto evokes the organic and asymmetric beauty using colored precious stones based on masterfully crafted bases of yellow gold. Since they are known throughout history as ‘living gems,’ pearls naturally exude Mother Nature’s timeless serenity. The brand displays this artfully in the Four Seasons collection. Mikimoto’s high-grade cultured pearls take center stage among the colorful floral tapestry like immaculate ladies of the earth.
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Wonderfully Complicated

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‘It’s complicated,’ in most cases, is a negative remark. Unless you are talking about a watch. Then complication becomes the major consideration that tips a timepiece’s fate towards your good favor. Piaget, the luxury watchmaking company founded by George Piaget in La Côte-aux-Fées, Switzerland 139 years ago, prides itself in its heritage of world class complications and ultra-thin watches. The Piaget Emperador Cushion-shaped watch deserves its royal title well. The 46.5mm gold case houses a Piaget manufactured 855P ultra-thin, self-winding mechanical perpetual calendar movement. Its elegant blue dial displays retrograde day and date counters, as well as a second time zone window that proves useful for travelers in getting into the right zone without upsetting the perpetual calendar. The sapphire crystal caseback allows a glimpse of the watch’s mechanisms, an intricacy as interesting as its superbly finished and beautifully readable dial.
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A Classic Dive

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Some watches are classic, and some are updated. Panerai Luminor Marina Automatic is both. On top of that, it is a dive watch. Updated with modern precision, the Italian dive watch features an automatic mechanical movement and personalized oscillating weight. True to its intended function, Marina is water resistant up to 300 meters, and bears a comfortably fitting wide strap and large buckle that secures its screw-down stainless steel square case in place. The Panerai appeal sticks with the classic and boldly simple watch face, sparsely decorated with the essential indicators. With not too many frills functioning on the side, the Panerai Luminor Marina Automatic is a no-nonsense watch that gives you the time-tested durability of a classic watch, the reliable precision of a modern one, and the commitment and service of the name that has served as timekeeper in Italy for more than a century and a half.
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For a Woman of Substance and Form

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Patek Philippe is a name associated with nothing but the most topnotch achievements in the watchmaking industry. A constant pioneer in innovative functionality and design, Philip Patek unveils remarkable grand complications and timepieces one after another. One of the brand’s latest releases, the Ladies Calatrava, is a unique Patek Philippe experience for its apparent class and simplicity. On the outside, the elegant women’s watch exudes a graceful air with hand stitched alligator strap and cream colored dial embedded with gold numerals. On the inside, the real watchmaking prowess is at work. The life of the timepiece hinges on Caliber 240 – a 2.53mm ultra-thin self-winding mechanical movement with 22k gold off-center rotor, 161 parts and Philip Patek patented Gyromax balance. The Calatrava is the company’s version of substance and form. Trust the master of complications to pull off this subtle watchmaking feat. After all, making things simple is complicated!
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The Creative Heritage Never Dies

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The 1960s was an era of creativity and groundbreaking work, which saw the creation of the famous Mystère-Falcon 20 by Dassault, arguably the best business jet in its period. Bell and Ross, the French watch company with a heritage and identity closely tied to aviation, pays a special homage to the 60’s with its new Vintage Collection BR 126 Sport Heritage watch. The 41mm polished steel case emulates the fashion of that time with its oversized numerals and index indicators, black bezel with 60 minute gradation, as well as sand-colored hands with photoluminescent coating. The self-winding mechanical movement supports the watch’s multiple functions including hours, minutes, seconds, date, and 30-minute and 60-second counters. The rubber-strapped (or steel bracelet) timepiece is protected by anti-reflective sapphire crystal and 100m water resistance. Let the good old times inspire you for greater creativity ahead.
Find the BR 126 Sport Heritage and other Bell and Ross watches at Shreve & Co. in Portland, Oregon. 

Master Collection by Master Watchmakers

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Longines has a long and distinguished tradition as well as a worldwide reputation for timepieces with intrinsic quality and style, such as the ones in the Master Collection first launched in 2005. The L2.738.4.51.6 has an elegant functionality with its tastefully designed black dial and transparent caseback crystal. It is powered by Caliber L707, a self-winding movement with 4 retrograde functions and moonphase that beats at 28’800 vibrations per hour, providing a 48-hour power reserve. On its classy dress watch black dial are the essential hour and minutes display, along with retrograde hand displays for day at 12 o’clock, date on the right hand side, second at 6 o’clock and a 24-hour second time zone on the left. Also along the 12 and 6 o’clock are the moonphase and day/night indicators. All the functions you would ever need in a dress watch are niftily bundled in the watch’s stainless steel case held secure by a triple-clasped stainless steel bracelet.
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The Corum Kind of Different

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One of Corum’s most striking distinctive features as a watch brand is its iconic “Bridge” in the Golden Bridge collection. These pieces are designed with unique vertically aligned linear movements that are suspended in tonneau-shaped cases, often enhanced by transparent case back that draw attention to the sophisticated dial and movement. The Ti-Bridge 3 day Power Reserve, incorporated with Corum CO107 manually wound movement, embraces the same Bridge concept. The “Ti-“ stands for titanium, which is the material for the watch’s case and bracelet instead of gold or stainless steel. The 42.5mm by 52.5mm curvy case fits snugly on the wrist and presents the tonneau dial and movement beneath in a bold and interesting display of unusual watchmaking feat. Along the right side of the dial is the red arrow of the linear style power indicator, and additional actual minute and hour indicators around the periphery on a flange ring. The Ti-Bridge is truly a stand-out piece is a Corum sort of way.
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Baume et Mercier Mark: Only Perfection

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Baume et Mercier, renowned for its complicated watches, is determined to leave positive marks throughout its history. The brand was founded in the 1830’s at Switzerland by founding brothers Louis-Victor and Célestin Baume, who set out their precise definition of what their company’s craftsmanship should be. “Accept only perfection; only manufacture watches of the highest quality,” a motto Baume et Mercier still upholds today with unwavering loyalty. The brand has truly made its marks, garnering various awards and recognition including the famous token of exceptional craftsmanship and quality "Poinçon de Genève" or Geneva Hallmark in 1919. Baume et Mercier has also owned a large number of patents, including the Planetary Motor which is designed for extra flat automatic watches. Today, the company’s watch workshop in Les Brenets in the Swiss Jura Mountains, continues its 180-year tradition of accepting only perfection and manufacturing watches of the highest quality.
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Time for Samba

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The Parmigiani Fleurier has been founded on a strong conviction to restore the value of Swiss watchmaking as an art and heritage. This founding principle runs in the veins of every timepiece and chronograph produced by Parmigiani Fleurier, such as the Parmigiani Toric Tecnica Samba minute repeater with tourbillon. The 42mm timepiece is inspired by the colors and motions of Brazilian samba. The platinum case encloses a white gold dial with feather motif that is hand-engraved so meticulously to show the grain and texture of the details upon close inspection. Superluminova enhances the readability of the watch’s blued steel hands, while at the 6 o’clock aperture a high-end tourbillon is held aloft by its steel bridge. The hinged case back is decorated with the same motif in vibrant enamel and opens to reveal the fine Calibre PF351 movement that runs the whole show. Like an enchanting dance piece, the Toric Tecnica Samba skips with the beat in the most elegant fashion.
Find Parmigiani Fleurier at Shreve & Co. on Post Street in San Francisco – an authorized dealer for Parmigiani Fleurier.

The Trio and the Maestro

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Movies have a thing for trios. Apparently, so does Jaeger LeCoultre. The reputed Swiss watchmaking company celebrates its 180th anniversary in the industry with the Jubilee Collection, an impressive show of JLC’s seasoned expertise displayed on three different timepieces. The Gyrotourbillon Three is a remarkable piece from name to case to movement. The second piece, is the Cylindrical Tourbillon with Perpetual Calendar, which certainly deserves a round of admiring applause for its intricacy. And then, most interesting to thin-movement aficionados, is the Master Ultra Thin Jubilee mechanical watch. It is one of Jaeger LeCoultre’s neatest and most simple designs, but with just 4.05mm thickness, this 39mm diameter platinum watch is positively the thinnest mechanical dress watch in the whole world. The watch’s Caliber 849 movement is outstanding, especially packaged in a 1.85mm width. Find out more about Jaeger LeCoultre’s Jubilee trio and find yourself in awe.
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Chanel and Essence

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There is no telling where a few strands of dreams and a cupful of determination can take you. For Coco Chanel, it led to a highly diversified fashion empire that continued to expand even well after her lifetime. Chanel had started out in the early 1900’s on Boulevard Malesherbes, the first items were delicate high fashion hats handmade personally by Coco. And as a woman with high hopes, she determined and dreamed for greater things. The “little black dress” of Chanel started a fashion revolution among the working class, post-war women who thought it was a much better choice to wear Chanel’s fashion as their primary preoccupation started to shift from just home to home and day job. Until now, the brand is still associated with woman empowerment and modernity. Now a multinational label, Chanel’s collections also includes luxury jewelry, perfumes, jewelry watches, high fashion outfits and other little things that remind today’s woman of being empowered. 
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A Watch that Rocks

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Ball Watch has built its reputation on total reliability, incredible expertise, and frontier-stretching innovations that have accompanied serious adventurers and professionals on extreme expeditions over the stretch of more than a century. In 2010, Ball’s latest version of Engineer Hydrocarbon proved its worth as “a watch that rocks” as it accompanied Ball Explorers Club member Alex Hannold in a death-defying solo climb on the 2,130 meter rock walls of the Yosemite National Park. Hannold’s single minded pursuit for greater heights as well as well-disciplined and calculated precision, looks very much like Ball Watch’s own quest for excellence in the field of watchmaking. The black Engineer Hydrocarbon, a reliable COSC-certified instrument powered by automatic caliber, is rigged with 29 micro gas tubes, timetelling and day and date functions and protected by the company’s intensive shock, water, antimagnetic resistance and extreme temperature tolerance.  With such a hardy profile, it is no wonder the world’s most daring professionals strap on a Ball Watch for their adventures.
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In Honor of the Little Prince

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Swiss watch manufacturing company IWC has an established international reputation for innovation and technical inventiveness. For the esteemed company, all of life is connected to the concept of time, and therefore to the craft of watchmaking. IWC celebrates many triumphs and precious moments of life through its various collections of timepieces and chronographs, including the birth of fine men such as Antoine de Saint-Exupery. The “Le Petit Prince” Big Pilot’s Watch Perpetual Calendar and Pilot’s Watch Mark XVII editions were launched to honor the illustrious French writer and pilot on his 70th birthday this year. The watches are brimming with technical highlights such as a 7-day power reserve and a four-digit perpetual calendar displaying date, month and year. The “Le Petit Prince” timepieces are powered by the impressive IWC 51613 caliber and decorated on the dial with the acclaimed book’s most prominent illustrations. With a classic, brown and gold case and finish, the honorary editions are indeed exceptional haute horlogerie specimen in more ways than one. 
Shreve & Co. on Post Street in San Francisco is an authorized dealer for IWC.

In Flight with Chronomat Blackbird

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Those who fly such complicated machines such as a 3200 HP race plane demand the world’s best chronograph. They get their heart’s fill with Breitling’s reliable and high-precision “Instruments for Professionals.” Breitling’s uncompromising philosophy of performance, precision and sturdiness has been in the service of aviation professionals and adventurers since 1884. The brand’s self-winding Chronomat Blackbird bears impressive features as sleek as its neat steel case and dial. The COSC-certified chronograph is powered by Breitling 44, has a minimum reserve of 42 hours and displays 1/4th second, 30 minutes and 12 hours chronometers on its black dial. True to its heritage of air-worthiness, the  Blackbird has a Co-pilot electronic auxillary module that enables smooth and swift management of multiple flight times. This is an especially cool feature for anyone to have access to, and is an even more precious commodity among the professional flyers’ circle. 
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The Rebirth of a Legend

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The original A. Lange & Sohne Datograph released in 1999 has been hailed by watch enthusiasts and serious collections as the quintessential chronograph. The watch’s impressive technical features and matching harmonious aesthetics in its dial made the Datograph a classic horology icon. Roughly a decade of unfaltering success afterwards, the nearly 200 year old Saxon watchmaking company took a bold step and reinvented the Datograph with the release of the new A. Lange & Sohne Datograph Up/Down  Men’s Wristwatch. The uncluttered elegance of the aesthetics and loaded functionality that has made the first model famous remains the essential characteristics of the new Datograph. Noticeably, the newer incarnation bears a bigger case and dial, taking on extra prominence on the wrist while providing its wearer with a much more comfortable fit. The Up/Down designation of the watch is attributed to its new function – a power reserve indicator at six o’clock that reliably shows how much of the 60-hour power reserve there is to spare. This is surely one watch that will never leave you hanging in midstride
Shreve & Co is an authorized retailer for A. Lange & Sohne.

Suna Weddings

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Three generations of master jewelers, impeccable craftsmanship, rare precious stones, pink diamonds, and fine wedding bands – Suna Brothers is known for a great many things in the jewelry making industry. The company’s line of wedding bands, for instance, boasts of unique handcrafted pieces with designs and patterns ranging from round brilliants to square cuts or carrés, to baguettes and princess cuts to endless combinations of the above. The exciting variety expands with Suna’s wide selection of precious rocks for central stone or shank adornments – diamonds, rubies, emeralds, and more exotic ones. The designs come with a wide choice of setting styles such as fishtail and prong set. Crafted in Suna Brothers’ exacting standards, the Suna wedding bands are sure to be cherished as one-of-a-kind symbol of love or family heirloom. 
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Jewelry, Passion and Philosophy

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Behind every work of art there is a passion and a philosophy. Marco Bicego’s passion for the jewelry making craft manifested itself early in life. Born in an artistically affluent community in Italy, Marco Bicego inherited the love for arts from his jewelry-making lineage. His eagerness to merge the time-tested standards of the industry and leave his own distinctive marks of creativity led to his own style that is acclaimed around the world. Marco Bicego pieces are light-hearted yet elegant, casual but intense, organic yet urban, and timeless but modern. The creation and expression of beauty in everyday luxury, in the highest possible standards, is brought to life by Marco Bicego’s nature and travel inspired pieces.
Find Marco Bicego’s globally recognized collections of gold and precious gem jewels at Shreve & Co. in Portland, Oregon – authorized dealer for Marco Bicego

Friday, November 01, 2013

John Hardy: The Bigger Story

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It’s one thing to browse the beloved John Hardy collections in the high-end jewelry stores and trunk shows, and another to visit the brand’s eco-loving compound at the heart of the island Bali in Indonesia. The silver jewelry-making company is famous for its sleek contemporary designs of Asian influenced pieces ranging from necklaces, to chandelier earrings, to bracelets and armbands and stone-encrusted rings. John Hardy’s most prominent marks, however, are in the strong environmental consciousness and soulful cultural appreciation of the brand. The company’s uniquely designed compound in Bali, applied with green architecture and surrounded by the lush sceneries of nature, is a reflection of its vision and core values – being recognized as a leader in handmade designer jewelry that are inspired by the essence of the earth and driven by authenticity, transparency, accountability and diversity.
Find the john Hardy pieces that each form part of the brand’s heritage and story at authorized dealer Shreve & Co. in Palo Alto.

A Cut Above the Average

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Crisscut Round, the latest and possibly the most famous, addition to the Christopher Designs’ Crisscut gallery was introduced in 2008. And the hallmarks of round cut diamonds had never been the same since. Surpassing the related generic round brilliant diamond’s 58 facets, the 109-facetted Crisscut Round occupies a class of its own. Cut from discreetly selected AGS ideal “triple zero” stones, Christopher Designs’ Crisscut Round diamonds bear unrivaled brilliance and fire. Using modern technology and patented cutting patterns, the brand ingeniously crafts individual stones with 12 sides and 12 straight walls expertly angled and proportioned to create the look of exquisitely scalloped borders. A dozen arrows point perfectly to the center of the stone, adding depth, elegance and overall value. Favored by jewelry connoisseurs and couples, the Crisscut Round is among Christopher Designs’ most prominent patterns.
Check it out at Shreve & Co. in Portland, Oregon – authorized retailer for Christopher Designs.

Much More than Meets the Eye

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The inimitable jewelry pieces by Alex Sepkus sing to the naked eye. The much admired Lithuanian-born jewelry designer has a distinctive style that hovers between exotic and futuristic, subtle yet quaint. Yet there’s more to his jewels than meets the naked eye at first sight. The full beauty of Alex Sepkus creations become more and more evident as you examine them more closely. Under the magnifying glass, the pieces that range from gem-studded neck adornments to enchanting arm bands and rings jump to life in worlds of their own. There is no telling what fun and unexpected vision is lurking in the fashionable crevices of the master artist’s geometric patterns – a sea creature such as a crab, a little flower blossom, or a more bizarre creature.  One thing is for sure, Alex Sepkus is literally always full of delightful surprises.
Check out Alex Sepkus at authorized retailer Shreve & Co. on Post Street in San Francisco.

The Glam Web by Stephen Webster

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Stephen Webster MBE is one of the most sought-after designers of this generation. With his fearless creativity and nearly 40 years of craftsmanship excellence, he founded his eponymous brand of contemporary jewelry pieces that are now a by-word in Hollywood and the fashion-forward crowd. Stephen’s technical excellence has been built upon his apprenticeship at the bench in Hatton Garden of London, where he started work at the young age of 16. His early start in the jewelry making industry paved the way for a fruitful career in the creation of modern classics with freshly glamorous and chic aesthetics. Stephen Webster is a name coveted by stars and admired throughout the globe.
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Michael M. Fashion

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Looking for a fresh twist to your jewelry? Michael M.’s Pave Diamond Funnel Fashion Band is the stand-out piece you want. The 2.4 carat diamond ring set in platinum, white, yellow or rose gold is part of the realization of Michael Meksian’s ultimate desire. That is, to present his own brand of high-end bridal and fashion collections. The contemporary Funnel Fashion Band does not carry Michael M.’s paramount European shank feature, and has a unique 2-layer design instead. Like other creations of the brand, the ring is handcrafted by expert artisans in the company’s workshop in Los Angeles. Like most Michael M. pieces, the band’s shank is covered mostly with fine diamond stones. Guaranteed with lifetime warranty, the piece is perfect as a rare collection piece or a family heirloom for the next generation. 
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Something Memorable Something Beautiful

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“Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.” World-renowned jewelry manufacturer Kwiat presents its own interpretation of the familiar traditional rhyme. Kwiat spins “something old” with its rendition of vintage designs that are drawn from vast family archives encompassing Edwardian and Deco periods. The Kwiat Vintage Collection is replete of timelessly elegant classics that well suit the role of heirlooms for the next generation. Kwiat balances the vintage with contemporary style using “something new” pieces such as the stackable and gem-studded colored arm bands and rings. “something borrowed” implies the idea of sharing and what better example of that than matrimony, which is the sharing of two lives together. Kwiat has been known as premier maker of luxury bridal rings with the most intricate designs and brilliant stones available. Add to that “something blue” like Kwiat’s blue sapphire pieces that complement the bride’s beauty and grace on her most special day. No wonder Kwiat is among the most trusted names for wedding and fashion jewelry pieces. 
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Wear Em Where We See Em

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Some people wear their hearts on their sleeves, but some wear it on dainty little chains around their neck or wrist. Hearts on Fire’s Lorelei interlocking Heart Bracelet is a simple and elegant design by the brand’s Italian resident designer Ilaria Lanzoni. The piece features two interlocking hearts held by a golden chain, perfect to be worn on its own as a classic style jewelry or in stacks for a more busy and modern look. The matching Interlocking Heart Necklace can also be worn alone to emphasize the stately curves of the neck or in stacks for cheerful casual wear. It also has a delightful little secret, as it can function as a layered bracelet that stacks very nicely with the collection’s bracelet and other accessories. Go on and wear your heart where everyone can see – and admire – it. 
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