Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Making of a Legend

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Some legends are born, some are made, and others are pieced together in a premiere watchmaker’s manufactory. The IWC Ingenieur timepiece is a story of a legend - a watchmaking one. In the late 1800's, with the advent of electricity, the growing number of magnetic field sources in everyday objects became an increasing concern among watch wearers, especially in the armed forces and air force. Like the stuff of heroic ballads, IWC came to the rescue of the British Royal Air Force with its anti-magnetic Professional Pilot's watch that carried parts encased in soft iron. The pilot's watch became the ancestors of IWC's Ingenieur wrist watches. Since 1955, generations of Ingenieurs have continually evolved from elegantly simple and functional pieces, to even more outstanding and innovative designs sporting shock resistance, exclusive in-house automatic movement, and remarkable three-part case. Like good ole legends, the Ingenieur story just never dies. Be a part of the long-time saga of excellence. 
Check out IWC's Ingenieur watches at Shreve & Co. in Portland, Oregon - authorized dealers for IWC.

Air Time Dominance

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Breitling is one of last remaining family Swiss watch brands that survived the Quarts movement. But Breitling not only survived; it thrived. Thanks to its reliably sturdy and high-performance instruments, the brand has shared aviation's finest moments by being official supplier to professional sky conquerors. It has a storied past with many nations' armed forces, including the Royal Air Force. Breitling's winged B also flies with the world's elite pilots in celebrated air shows, such as the spectacular Reno Air Races in the Nevada of United States. Breitling pieces are equipped with elegant and functional designs, high-performance features and outstanding self-winding in-house calibers that are chrono-meter-certified by the COSC. That is something other manufacturers could not boast of. Each durable timepiece also comes in a variety of steel and gold cases as well as a broad choice of dials and straps.
Choose your professional watch from Shreve & Co.'s selection of Breitling watches, available in their jeweler's shop at Palo Alto.

A Celebration of Scientific Supremacy

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Among the many excellent things that come from good old Germany is the remarkable watch brand, A. Lange & Sohne. The famous manufacturing firm is the tradition of ingenious minds that continue to influence the course of watchmaking conventions. Ferdinand A. Lange, esteemed pioneer in horology, takes credit for more than 27 patents and is best known for his metal alloy for watch springs. He founded A. Lange & Sohne (literally A. Lange and Sons) in 1848. The Richard Lange collection is a tribute to Ferdinand, the trailblazing family patriarch. The timepieces of this set are also an acknowledgement of the crucial role of A. Lange watches in scientific observation not just as timetellers but as precise measuring devices. Until now, A. Lange watches are sought for their superior rate accuracy, dependability and crisp legibility - characteristics that not only scientists love to make use of.
Check out A. Lange & Sohne watches at Shreve & Co. in Palo Alto - authorized dealer for A. Lange & Sohne.

All Rings are not Created Equal

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There are 7 billion people in this world, all with their own quirks and personalities. And for two people to find each other and be united for the rest of their lives is downright miraculous. When it happens, it is always a special and unique experience. So why should the symbol of their union be some off-the-rack, beautiful but typical wedding band? Suna Brothers, makers of specially crafted wedding rings, employs tedious processes and the most modern methods of metal casting and mounting just to come up with the most extraordinary wedding bands. While most wedding rings look similar, those from Suna Brothers stand out in their impeccable quality and design. Where else can you find a wedding band with beautiful princess diamonds and rubies mounted on durable, pore-free gold or platinum? If you want some other stone aside from diamond, or if rings with round, princess and emerald cuts put together better symbolize your relationship, Suna Brothers is the maker to look for.
Check it out at Shreve & Co. in Post Street, San Francisco - authorized dealer for Suna Brothers.

Marco Bicego and Siviglia

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Siviglia or "Seville" is the fourth most populated city in Spain and considered the center of artistic, cultural, and social center of the southern part of the country. The region's prominence is apparent in its many elaborately-spired gothic cathedrals, architectural remains and well-storied watchtowers that are juxtaposed brilliantly among modern and state-of-the-art architectural structures. The feel of the city is both old-age and contemporary. Siviglia is one of Marco Bicego's inspirations in his many lines of beautiful, stylish jewelries. Like the wonderful city that inspired it, the Siviglia collection cleverly mixes contemporary, everyday chic with timeless and romantic elegance. The varying lengths of gold chains are punctuated with nuggets of gold and pave diamonds. Each one is especially molded to flaunt nature's variable and irregular forms.
Indeed, Marco Bicego brings the many faces of the world in one setting. Check out the Siviglia collection at Shreve & Co. in Portland, Oregon.

Keeping the Cycle in Motion

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Over the years, the bamboo has become one of the most symbolic designs of John Hardy jewelry, the jewelry designer and manufacturer based in the beautiful island of Bali in Indonesia. The iconic smooth stems and nodes of the bamboo are skillfully transferred by John Hardy local artisans into platinum, silver or gold that turn out to be best-selling pieces of contemporary jewelry. The Crossover Cuff of the Bamboo Collection is a light and ingenious design with dazzling white sapphires and expertly carved sterling silver. The crossover strands gives a solid yet natural feel to the whole piece, making it a perfect accessory for either casual or flamboyant affairs. Much more, with every purchase of the Crossover Cuff, the brand plants 8 bamboo seedlings in its Greener Everyday project.
Find out how you can get these beautiful artworks from nature, while giving back to her in return. Check out John Hardy at Shreve & co. in Post Street in San Francisco.

A Treasure to Cushion Your Love with

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Before the rise of the more contemporary Round Cut, the Cushion was the most popular cut for diamond gems. This cut, which is a cross between the deep and large-faceted Old Mine and the modern oval cut, stands out with its marvelously classic and romantic look. Even with its popularity, the cushion is precious for its rarity. There used to be no set standards for cushion cut proportions, which made a good pair of cushion cut diamonds a very unusual find, indeed. Christopher Designs, manufacturer of the celebrated crisscut diamonds, fashions its cushion cuts with state-of-the-art techniques that apply facet configuration to a predetermined set of parameters. Christopher's crisscrossed design has also set its diamonds apart from the rest of the brilliant diamond crowd. The beautifully unique stones are perfect for women who love the timeless elegance of classic jewelry, and are also an unwavering symbol of love and commitment for traditional yet fashionable couples.
Whether you are one or the other, Christopher Designs can help you find the cushion cut that you or your beloved desires. Find them at Shreve & Co in Palo Alto - authorized dealer for Christopher Designs.

Friday, April 19, 2013

An Indescribable Beauty

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It is truly difficult to describe the beauty of an Alex Sepkus creation since it refuses to conform to any style standard and has an appeal of its own. “It is just simply my style”, quips the Lithuanian jeweler. A great reader, Alex draws inspiration from the books he reads and allows his fertile imagination to soar into realms unbound by time and space. “My jewelry pieces tell a story”, says Alex who invites us to set our imaginations free. Take a peek at another world through his Little Windows Bracelet, sparkling with 77 diamonds meticulously handcrafted in 18K gold. Conjure in your mind the stone flagged path to an ancient temple with Alex Sepkus’ Gold Pathway Ring or plunge beneath the sea with his blue sapphire Ocean Earrings. Yes, it is truly difficult to describe Alex Sepkus’ creations but one thing is certain – they are never conventional, thus their universal appeal and eternal beauty.
Shreve & Co. at Palo Alto, California carry Alex Sepkus’ amazingly beautiful jewelry creations.

Swinging with the Stars

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If you love to swing then you’ll truly love Stephen Webster, the jewelry brand that is loved by the stars and celebrities for its gothic, rock and roll and steam punk styles. If you own a Stephen Webster Creation, then you are in league with Madonna, Cristina Aguilera, Sir Elton John and Mickey Rourke, just to name a few. What makes Stephen Webster constantly in vogue? It is not just his keen eye for detail, excellent craftsmanship and glamorous designs but also the versatility of his creations that transcend time – drawing inspiration from the past while reaching out to the future. His Forget Me Knot Beaded Tassel Earring, which is superbly crafted in 18ct white gold bedecked with blue sapphire beads and white diamond bars, evoke the tasseled grandeur of the ancient Orient while being totally fashionable with contemporary styles. It can effortlessly make the switch from a pair of jeans and shirt to the most glamorous gown and suit. His oftentimes eccentric but definitely stunning creations are available at Shreve & Co.  in Palo Alto. 

The Jewel of Your Dreams

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Michael Meksian, jeweler extraordinaire, takes you on a fantastic journey with his Dreaming in Color jewelry Collection. It is a dazzling array inspired primarily by floral and animal motifs, paying a brilliant homage to Mother Nature’s intrinsic beauty. Each exquisite jewel in the twenty-eight-piece collection is splendidly handcrafted at the jeweler's Los Angeles workshop. Michael M’s fine craftsmanship brings to the fore the lustrous beauty of the rough, naturally colored diamonds that come in brilliant hues of cognac, charcoal, rich purple, deep red, gold and wine. Expertly handset in the finest quality platinum and 18K gold, the diamond’s vibrant colors give the sparkling life to each design making Dreaming in Color a truly stunning collection. The sparkling wings of a butterfly or the delicate petals of the flower are made even more dazzling when outlined by an array of brilliant white diamonds that would set any woman’s heart aflutter with desire.
Come to Shreve & Co. at Post Street in San Francisco and discover the jewel of your dreams with Michael M’s Dreaming in Color Jewelry Collection.

A Tiara for a Queen

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What is Kwiat Tiara Diamond? It is a diamond that has garnered the Excellent Cut Grade from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). The Kwiat Tiara Logo which is laser-inscribed on the girdle of each stone guarantees diamond quality fitting for royalty.  As exceptional as a Tiara Diamond could be, its maximum appeal could only be achieved by an exquisite setting. Only the finest precious metals give justice to the brilliant beauty of Kwiat Tiara Diamonds. That is why each Kwiat diamond ring is crafted in platinum, one of the finest and rarest metals in the world. Platinum’s purity and sheen survives through time while its strength allows holds the precious stones securely in place. The perfect brilliance of the diamonds and the exquisitely designed setting makes every Kwiat diamond ring truly a stunning jewel fit for the queen of your life. So why settle for less?
Give her the best. Come to Shreve & Co. at their location in Post Street, San Francisco and choose from Kwiat’s Classic, Vintage or Modern ring collections.

Setting Hearts on Fire

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A diamond’s unquenchable fire is the perfect symbol of never ending love and romance. What more perfect diamond can you give as a token of your love and commitment to the woman of your life than Hearts on Fire, the World’s Most Perfectly Cut Diamond? This is not just hearsay, it is a fact. Only hearts on Fire Diamonds can claim this distinction. A uniquely exclusive cutting formula gives every HOF diamond its perfect proportions, symmetry and polish that maximize its brilliance and fire, reflecting eight dazzling symmetrical hearts in a burst of light giving rise to the company’s distinctive name. Complementing the perfect beauty of the diamonds is the finest quality of precious metals – platinum and yellow or white gold. A brilliant testimony of HOF’s excellent craftsmanship and unmatched quality are the superbly handcrafted Anniversary and Wedding bands that are designed to match and be worn with the engagement rings. Just as an anniversary celebrates an enduring love, each perfectly scintillating diamond on an Anniversary Band represents the priceless moments that keep love’s fire aglow and are treasured in our hearts forever.
You can check out HOF rings and bands at Shreve & Co. in Portland Oregon.

Capturing the Essence of Innocence

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Aaron Basha reaches out to the eternal child in each of us with his charming collection of charms, chains, bracelets and rings that evoke the fond memories of our innocent and carefree childhood days. The jewelry brand draws inspiration from its Middle Eastern roots which value family, tradition and an inherent love for innocence and children. Each nostalgically charming creation is crafted in 18K gold or platinum, enhanced with the glossy colors of French enamel, lustrous gemstones and brilliant diamonds. Handcrafted in Italy by master craftsmen and jewelry makers, each piece of Aaron Basha’s collections reflects the fine craftsmanship that has been honed by time and experience. Who could enjoy the innocent beauty of the Ladybug Collection and not remember that irrepressible little red beetle that she used to watch with wondering eyes? Share the wonder of these lovable charms and let them bring back the child in you. 
The young and the young-at-heart come to Shreve & Co. at Post Street, San Francisco to check out Aaron Basha’s enchanting collections.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Enduring Love

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Somebody said, "The hard times make the kid strong." Memoire took that life philosophy and applied it to its mountings. The mounting is the material that supports the precious stone in a jewelry. Most of the standard mountings are created using moldings, which sometimes trap air and cause weakened finished products. Memoire, the trusted brand in diamond engagement and wedding rings, subjects its mountings to the hot extrusion process. This involves pushing the chosen metal through a tube with enormous force and heat before the mountings are cut from the metal sheets. The pressure eliminates porosity from the metal and results in platinum or 18k gold mountings that are exceptionally strong and durable. Memoire uses this technology in order to ensure each valued couple that the symbols of their commitment will last a lifetime, a true evidence of their enduring nay undying love for each other.
For the elegant and long-lasting symbol of your commitment, get a Memoire diamond ring, available at Shreve & Co. in Palo Alto. 

Beauty. Art. Perfection. Diamonds.

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The Harry Kotlar Jewelry manufacturer stands for four simple yet big words - beauty, art, perfection and diamonds. The three generation-old business established by Harry Kotlar in 1948 is one of the most reputable sellers of high-quality and sterling cut diamonds. The craftsmen, gemologists and designers at Harry Kotlar bring out the innate beauty of each stone by creating the most artful design for every piece. There designs are transformed into perfectly adorable jewelries by the skillful hands and cutting-edge technologies in the Harry Kotlar US-based workshops. Among its famous collections is the Kotlar Cushion, which had garnered the spotlight in many films and social gatherings. The pieces in the collection flaunt the Kotlar Cushion center stones mounted on handcrafted platinum or 18k gold, with artisan pave shank or pave bezel.
Browse around Shreve & Co.’s jewelry shop in Portland Oregon to Harry Kotlar’s testaments of beauty, perfection and art.  

What Ordinary?

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Every once in a while there is an interesting jewelry brand that veers away from the traditional-or-contemporary stereotype. Furrer-Jacot is one designer jewelry manufacturer that belongs to a genre of its own. Lucas Ruppli, head designer at Furrer-Jacot values the air of mystery and interest in their pieces. “It is important to me that design reflects the mood of today, and that it not only transcends fashion, but continues to be unique and carry an aura of mystique.” Dock ropes, stalks of grain, wall pegs and hardy chains are just some of Ruppli's inspirations for the brand’s vast collection of beautiful rings and jewelry. Few artists have pulled-off turning attention-grabbing accessories from objects so ordinary and unlikely. Furrer-Jacot's Highlights Collection carries many of these queer yet beautifully translated diamond and precious metal designs.
To check out more of Furrer-Jacot’s well-crafted luxury jewels, visit Shreve & Co. in Palo Alto – authorized distributor for Furrer-Jacot.  

Scoring a Hundred

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The regular diamond shines in its dazzling 57 to 58 facets. But Roberto Coin never cared for regular gems. When he decided to create diamond jewelry, the leading Italian manufacturer determined to make the already stunning precious stone stand out even more. After two years of cutting and recutting, and several million dollar’s worth of rough stones, Roberto Coin perfected another masterpiece - the Cento diamond. Cento comes from "hundred" which indicates just how far above it is over other round cuts in the market. Cento has a hundred shining facets which come from the nontraditional nine cut sections instead of just eight. The effect is an unusual brilliance that displays more scintillation and creates more fire. One glance at these ingenious diamonds is nearly all it takes for Cento to score a hundred in the sophistication and quality score. But of course, Cento deserves more justice than that. So, along with each stone come a certification report and a laser-embedded Cento number.
To purchase your Cento, check out Shreve & Co. in Post Street, San Francisco. 

Queer Beauty

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Artistry knows no limits in an inspired heart and a skillful hand. The most creative designers have incorporated marquetry, tiny paintings and miniature sculptures into their precious jewelry pieces. Roberto Coin, Italy's top ranking jewelry brand and the world's top three jewelry manufacturer, finds passionate inspiration in nature's beauty ranging from the most bizarre to the most alluring. Coin's haute jaoillerie collections display the brand's prowess in experimenting with lights, colors, shapes and fresh interpretations. Haute Couture rings are an array of dainty flower bouquets, with vibrant amethysts, citrines, topazes, diamonds and other precious stones arranged in ingeniously natural settings on 18k gold. Other collections offer with more unique selections, like its black and white diamond scorpions and dragons, its curious golden geckoes, playful bejeweled frog rings and fish bracelets, and volcano-inspired rings and earrings.
Roberto Coin uses the same old tradition of jewelry making to create whole new jewelries that are unparalleled in the world. Find the interesting Roberto Coin collections at Shreve & Co. in Portland, Oregon

Let the Dazzle Say It All

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Diamonds are a girl's best friends. But let's face the brutal fact – a woman does not typically understand the technical details of a cut diamond, nor does she really care much about it. Never mind that an A. Link diamond maximizes diameter weight and reflectivity with its 60/60 cut, or that the table and depth are precisely cut to exacting proportions to produce the dazzling effect of scintillation, fire and brilliance. She will have no real grasp of paved setting nor tell the difference between an emerald and an asscher cut. In fact, she won't understand half of what had just been written. The one thing that will really speak to her is the A. Link’s dazzling sparkle of the gem when her man slips it on her finger; it’s the ring’s exceptional brilliance even under the least amount of light, and his loving effort in finding her the best diamond engagement or wedding ring there is.
Bring her the ring with a brilliance that speaks for itself and let A. Link help you out with that. Visit Shreve & Co. in Palo Alto and ask for A. Link’s alluring diamond engagement and wedding rings. 

Love Knows No Bounds

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Love is a universal phenomenon. It knows no country, nor time. That is the essence of Wellendorff's Wedding Bands selection. The sets of matrimonial rings are fashioned after three of the world's most renowned couples. Adam and Eve wedding bands celebrate the soulfulness and innocence of the first husband and wife to wallow in the joys and trials of married life. The Adonis and Venus pair captures the story of two Greek and Roman mythical characters – a goddess and a captivating man, which reminds wearers of the human life’s beautiful fragility. The Romeo and Juliet rings stand out with a freshly youthful yet classic design, embodying the poignant tale of passion and romance from Shakespeare’s timeless literature. All three sets are expertly fashioned from 18k gold and set with the finest white diamonds. Engraved on the gold is Wellendorff’s seal of authenticity and stellar quality – the diamond-encrusted W insignia.
Symbolize your love and commitment through elegant bands that transcends all boundaries. Find Wellendorff’s Wedding Bands at Shreve & Co. in Post Street, San Francisco. 


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