Friday, July 01, 2016

Engagement diamond ring trends

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Planning to get engaged soon? First check this year’s engagement trends if you want to ride on the latest fashion in engagement rings. One style, the delicate silhouette, is making a strong comeback. The classic design features a solitaire diamond as accent. The newer styles, meanwhile, include nature-themed styles that feature bands with vines, leaves, or buds; or interweaving of metal and diamonds called twisting silhouettes. The distinct halo style, a bold fusion of round and cushion diamonds, evokes a vintage style that’s also riding the trend train. Likewise, the claw prong setting is popular this year. The claws end in thin tips that add finesse and elegance to this style. Then there are fancy diamond shapes getting a good market these days. These include oval, emerald, and square cushion cuts.
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Friday, May 06, 2016

Hearts On Fire Gets ‘Revenue’ Boost

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Hearts On Fire recently appointed a new global chief revenue officer in a move that aims to boost the company’s overall profits. The diamond company named Stephen Barraque to the new post last April to oversee Hearts On Fire’s commercial activities worldwide, including retail, sales teams, and business opportunities. Barraque brings to the table years of experience in managing fashion brands, such as, LVMH, Fossil, and Baume & Mercier. “We are so excited to welcome Stephane to our family at Hearts On Fire,” Caryl Capeci, company president, said. On his part, the new global chief revenue officer said Hearts On Fire’s value proposition combined with support from its parent company, Chow Tai Fook, gives the brand a strong market leeway in an industry “that is rapidly evolving toward omnichannel, a new definition of luxury and global branding.”
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Friday, March 04, 2016

Love for jewelry

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Diamond jewelry is given to romantic flair, but some jewelry pieces have more “love” ring to them. A good example is Hearts On Fire necklaces—at one look these elegant jewelry evoke romance. The Lorelei interlocking pendant says it all about love: two souls bound into a single creation. Lorelei features a diamond set on the chain for extra brilliance. It is set in 18k yellow gold with an unblemished polish finish. On the other hand, the Fulfillment diamond pendant has ten pieces of brilliant cut diamonds set in its heart-shaped pendant. It is a dazzling symbol of one’s love. The Illa Collection, meantime, is inspired by the Hearts On Fire designer’s childhood in Italy. The star-inspired design is reminiscent of the designer’s memory of the lovely night sky in a northern Italian town.
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Friday, January 22, 2016

Wedding tips from Hearts On Fire

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Hearts On Fire isn’t only good at making wedding rings, but also at dispensing wedding advice. In its blog HOF, the company posted a few important tips on how to plan your wedding without busting the budget or experiencing the usual hiccups. The tips were based on real-life experiences by Hearts On Fire customers. Here are the more important tips that we found: 1) Make sure the reception package includes all associated costs like service fees and taxes; 2) For hotel venues, ask for discounts if you’re using its other services like spa, restaurant, bars, etc.; 3) Preferably set your wedding day during off-season to get more discounts; 4) Instead of offering multiple menu choices, serve everyone with the same menu but more generous servings;  5) If you can’t get a discount, get more value. For example, ask for an hour extension or free use of the pool.
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Friday, November 27, 2015

Quality Meets Design

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The great thing about bridal jewelry luxury brands is that they get the fundamentals just right. What people want with bridal pieces are the brilliance of the diamonds, the durability of the pieces and the perfect fit. And when they transition to designer jewelry, this just follows with all the new design inspirations from the design team or a partner designer. This is exactly the case with Hearts on Fire and their designer collections bring to the table. The company was joined by the now Director of Design, Ilaria Lanzoni, in 2012. In the first year of this venture, the company established two hit collections the Copley and the Illa. In 2013, the company added Atlantico and Lorelei. In the following year, Hearts On Fire added the Aerial collection that takes inspiration from natural elements of nature in the air such as snowflakes, suns, raindrop and butterflies among many. 
To see more of the designer collections, visit Shreve & Co. in Portland, Oregon. 

Friday, September 18, 2015

Mediterranean dream

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Italy's Mediterranean coast is a breeding ground for arts and culture because its fresh morning breeze and temperate starry nights evoke inspirations. The sound of wave splashing against the beach, the simple life of fishing villages, the colorful panorma of sunsets and sunrises, all these feed the soul to create. When it comes to creativity, this region is remarkable to have helped inspire classical sculptures, Renaissance paintings, and the finest wines. It's also home to Ilaria Lanzoni, the creative head at Hearts On Fire. In an interview, she admitted to recall her childhood on clear nights along the coast as her inspiration for many of Hearts On Fire collections. Among them, the Atlantico reflects her Mediterranean memories. Look closely into this collection and you'll see the waves moving across the jewelry's cresting lines. 
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Friday, July 31, 2015


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In any relationship, things change. It's how we adapt to these shifts as a couple that determine whether we keep a marriage or not. There are plenty of tips on how to maintain a long-term relationship. Here are five of them that focus on acceptance. Forget about a soul mate. A good relationship is about accepting your differences, not similarities. Likewise, it's about accepting that your partner is fallible. Even so, you don't humiliate her for that. Relationship is also about accepting a reality: sex does change. As you get old sex can give way to intimacy to show your love to each other. Appreciate life together amidst the changes. You know what doesn't change? A Hearts on Fire diamond ring. It lasts a lifetime, a symbol of your everlasting love.
Hearts on Fire is available at Shreve & Co. in Palo Alto, California.

Friday, June 05, 2015

Diamonds in history

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When you hold a Hearts on Fire diamond, you’re holding one of the most renowned diamonds in the world. Elegantly styled and finely crafted, the diamond jewelry has graced many a celebrity’s momentous event. Diamonds have, in fact, mesmerized us throughout history. Here are some of the world’s most famous diamonds and the reason why. The Cullinan I or Star Africa diamond is said to be the largest cut diamond at 530.20 carats. It’s discovered in Transvaal, South Africa in 1095. In the meantime, the Regent, discovered in India in 1698 with 140.50 carats, had its part adorned Louis XVI’s crown in 1775. Another famous diamond was the Idol’s Eye, which resembled a flat pear-shaped diamond. Legend tells us that this diamond was stolen from an idol and given as a ransom by the Sheik of Kashmir to the Turkish sultan who abducted the former’s princess.
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Friday, April 10, 2015

Is This the World's Most Perfect Diamond?

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It claims to have the world's most perfectly cut diamond. Hearts On Fire backs its claim with decades of traditional jewelry craftsmanship and the use of precision technology to create a line of diamond jewelry  with accurate measurements down to the minute details. The company only chooses the most transparent diamonds with a 0.002% miniscule fraction to get the best glow. Furthermore, only 400 master craftsmen today are qualified to create a Hearts On Fire piece. They cut and polish raw diamonds at 100x magnification compared to the industry benchmark at 10x. The result is a deep dazzle of light in each diamond the company referred to as “Ten Table Diamond.” That means if you put a Hearts On Fire diamond ten tables away from a candlelight, the gemstone will still reflect an array of dancing light.
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Friday, October 17, 2014

A Great anniversary idea

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Let me share a simple idea for an anniversary date. It doesn't matter whether you're celebrating your first or fiftieth, my plan can work for couples at any stage of celebrating their marriage. In my case, we're going out to celebrate our tenth. We're dining at a fancy restaurant and we're wearing our best suit and dress and, of course, our Hearts on Fire rings. We had a five-meal course and wine, and had a great conversation about the past. We also talked about the food and the kids. It was a regular tenth anniversary celebration that if you're expecting a surprise, you might be disappointed. I reckon that celebrating anniversaries is all about being together; no need for a fancy party or event that, in truth, will only rob the two of you of the chance to be, well, together for the night. Makes sense?
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Friday, September 05, 2014

Matthew asks Camila

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It’s enough to make you grab that Hearts on Fire you’ve been eyeing and call her to pop the question. One Christmastime, Matthew McConaughey wrapped a ring in eight different boxes deep for Camila Alves, mother to his children. Camila kept on opening each box, and because the family tradition calls for taking turns to open one box in each round, she got to stop opening further for more turns. She was wondering about the fuss with the gift and got the surprise of her life when she opened the last box: the ring. Matthew took the ring, got on his knees and said, “Will you marry me and take my name?” It’s a classic proposal, but still, it packs in a punch that only the most romantic in us can dish out.
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Friday, August 01, 2014

Things not to tell a woman

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Call it unfair, but there are simple things that men should not tell a woman, lest they be damned. First, never say “relax” to a woman who’s freaking out. It implies that she’s crazy to be over reacting, which, of course, she won’t admit. Second, saying “I love you” in the midst of a fight. It suggests you’re using “love” as an excuse to get out of the mess. Third, saying, “It’s up to you.” It makes her feel abandoned, like you don’t care. Fourth, telling her “You knew I was this way…” is like admitting you won’t change for the better, not even for her. Lastly, the most dreaded of all: saying nothing when she wants an answer. When words fail you, hey, there’s always a nice Hearts On Fire diamond jewelry to make it up to her.
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Friday, June 20, 2014

Be Sophisticated Anywhere

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You know what can be more valuable than a diamond ring to a woman? A pair of diamond stud earrings. After all, women can wear luxury stud earrings even in the most casual setting, which is hard for a lavish, attention-grabbing diamond ring; in short, they’ll love the earrings because they can use these luxurious jewelries all the time. Hearts on Fire offers an impressive array of diamond stud earrings in different shapes and themes. Likewise, they are modern and chic and complement any casual or evening dress. They can be fancy like the Lorelei Floral Earrings and Atantico Circle Earrings, or conservative as the Three Prong Stud Earrings and Aerial Cluster Stud Earrings. They can be rose gold like the Lorelei Bow Stud, or white gold as the Copley Single Diamond Stud. You have a range of choice to be impressive even in the most banal moments like the office.
Hearts on Fire is available at Shreve & Co. in Palo Alto, California.

Friday, May 09, 2014

How to wear necklaces properly

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Wearing a necklace is a fashion statement that accentuates your overall outfit. It can either make or break your total appearance, so make sure you get the tips covered. Wear clothes with minimal pattern or prints since you want the necklace to stand out. Have fun mixing necklace styles with necklines to find your style. An Illa necklace by Hearts on Fire underneath a collared shirt is nifty, but can work wonders. Also make sure the necklace isn’t long enough to sit right between, well, the cleavage to avoid unflattering stares. Provide a breather between that area and the tip of the necklace. Lastly, do not pair other opulently designed earrings or bracelets with a bold necklace. They will cancel each other out. Instead, use subdued jewelry pieces, with the necklace providing the bold statement.
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Friday, April 04, 2014

Diamonds as investment

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Diamonds make a sensible investment because they last a long time and can appreciate over the years. But not all diamonds are created equal. If you want to make a diamond investment, you have to buy the right kind. Hearts on Fire tells us why its diamonds are a best value proposition. First, they are unique and rare. The brand uses less than one percent of raw diamonds to maximize light, scintillation and reflection. Second, Hearts on Fire subscribes to the highest manufacturing standard. The craftsmen cut at 100x magnification compared to the industry standard of 10x. Third, Hearts on Fire uses a proprietary cutting technique that allows perfect symmetry, proportions, polish and alignment. Fourth, combining all three factors, the brand is able to capture eight perfectly symmetrical hearts and Fireburst patterns, the inspiration behind the diamond jewelry’s name. 
Hearts on Fire is available at Shreve & Co. on Post Street, San Francisco.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Engagement Ring 101

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Like any other rings, the engagement ring has three basic parts--the band, the setting, and the gemstone. The band is the round part of the ring that wraps around the finger. Bands can be made out of different materials like platinum, silver, or gold or a mix of metals. For diamond rings, a light-colored band will be perfect as it will allow the diamond to stand out while a gold band will tend to make the diamond yellowish. The setting is that part attached to the band that holds the gemstone in place. It has to be sturdy enough to withstand human activity and time. And of course, the gemstone — which is the centerpiece of the ring. What better gemstone could there be than a perfectly cut diamond. Just like what jewelry brand Hearts on Fire is known for. From the name itself, Hearts on Fire designs rings that exude intensity — fit for a love that cannot be quenched.
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Friday, January 17, 2014

Star bright

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This was how one family's Christmas tradition inspired one husband to show his love with a Hearts on Fire.
It's a Christmas tradition in his house where a fresh alpine is brought home and meticulously decorated with an array of colorful ornaments. The last and final piece to the Christmas tree has always been the star. The responsibility of placing the star belongs to the wife, who always makes sure that the star is arranged just right. 
One Christmas, the wife was distraught to realize the star was broken. The couple went shopping for a replacement, "but they just don't make them like they used to," said a disappointed wife, as the couple returned home empty handed. However, on Christmas day the husband presented his wife with a shiny Hearts on Fire diamond star pendant, whispering to her, "because it just wouldn't be Christmas without a star."  
Hearts on Fire is available at Shreve & Co. at Palo Alto, California, San Francisco, California, and Portland, Oregon.

Friday, November 01, 2013

Wear Em Where We See Em

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Some people wear their hearts on their sleeves, but some wear it on dainty little chains around their neck or wrist. Hearts on Fire’s Lorelei interlocking Heart Bracelet is a simple and elegant design by the brand’s Italian resident designer Ilaria Lanzoni. The piece features two interlocking hearts held by a golden chain, perfect to be worn on its own as a classic style jewelry or in stacks for a more busy and modern look. The matching Interlocking Heart Necklace can also be worn alone to emphasize the stately curves of the neck or in stacks for cheerful casual wear. It also has a delightful little secret, as it can function as a layered bracelet that stacks very nicely with the collection’s bracelet and other accessories. Go on and wear your heart where everyone can see – and admire – it. 
Check out Hearts on Fire at Shreve & Co. on Post Street in San Francisco.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Intense and Elegant

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Love is one of those worthwhile things in life, so love intensely. And when choosing the jewelry to embody that love, find the diamonds with the same brilliance and intensity. Hearts on Fire diamonds, the “World’s Most Perfectly Cut Diamonds” shine with that unwavering dazzle from flawlessly cut stones and expertly crafted elegance. The Hearts on Fire diamonds are cut with precision using cutting edge technology, including 100x magnification that is 10 times more accurate than the industry average. The company also works with the most talented artists, including Ilaria Lanzoni from Italy, to create contemporary and glamorous designs that perfectly show off the extraordinary dazzling fire from each rock, from the most intricate melee to the eye-grabbing central stones in different settings. Hearts on Fire burns with passion in craftsmanship, in cut and in elegant design. 
Find Hearts on Fire at authorized dealer Shreve & Co. in Palo Alto.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Passion Intensified

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Intense is what Hearts on Fire diamond engagement rings are all about. Perfectly engaging, perfectly timeless, and perfectly passionate, the luxury jewelry pieces from the world-famous brand shine with the brilliance and intensity of fire, symbolic of love’s unquenchable fervor. The Hearts on Fire diamond, uniquely faceted to reveal a stunning ring of eight hearts at the bottom and a perfectly formed symmetrical fireburst on top of each stone, was perfected in 2006 and quickly became known, quite fittingly, as “The World’s Most Perfectly Cut Diamond.” Hearts on Fire’s engagement ring collections feature the elegant and glamorous Hearts on Fire diamond in a whole array of classic solitaires, remarkable three-stones or contemporary halo and micro-pave designs. Center diamonds stones range from 3.00 carats and up, and are guaranteed to sparkle with life and reflect the passionate love that they symbolize.
Find Hearts on Fire diamond engagement rings at Shreve & Co. Jewelers in Palo Alto – authorized dealer for Hearts on Fire.

Monday, July 08, 2013

There is a Lorelei in Every Woman

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In the mind of Hearts on Fire’s head designer Ilaria Lanzoni, Lorelei is a modern, fashion forward woman who moves about with grace and timeless elegance. She revels in the depth of friendships and love, and takes time to appreciate the beauties of everyday life. Ilaria’s Lorelei collection of jewelries for Hearts on Fire depicts the gentle sophistication of that woman. The Lorelei Diamond Collar is a show-stopping neck piece that shows off the dazzling brilliance of Hearts on Fire diamonds and the delicate intricacy of its trendy collar design. The scalloped edges of the piece, crafted expertly from 18K white gold, emulate the old-age refinement of the lace.  The rare outline of the piece which sits beautifully on a woman’s collarbone pulls the whole ensemble towards the taste of modern day fashion. Bring out the Lorelei in you or in the person that you love.
Check out the Lorelei collection and other Hearts on Fire jewels at Shreve & Co. in Portland, Oregon. 

Saturday, May 25, 2013

The World’s Most Perfectly Cut Diamonds

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The story of the World’s Most Perfectly Cut Diamond started in 1996, when Glenn and Susan Rothman founded Hearts on Fire. It was the world’s first branded diamond, which carved an indelible mark in the history of the diamond industry. No other name can claim absolute perfection in creating diamond jewelry. The Hearts on Fire diamond is a display of eight perfect when viewed from the bottom, and a perfect symmetrical fireburst of light from the top. Each one of these precious gems are handcrafted to rare brilliance by less than 400 people, the only people in the world entrusted to create Hearts on Fire quality diamonds. The stones are cut and polished at an astonishing 100x magnification, a standard so high it is 10 times higher than the industry benchmark. These are the perfectly cut stones that make their way into the passionate Hearts on Fire designs.
Check them out at Shreve & Co. in Portland, Oregon – authorized dealer for The World’s Most Perfectly Cut Diamonds.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Setting Hearts on Fire

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A diamond’s unquenchable fire is the perfect symbol of never ending love and romance. What more perfect diamond can you give as a token of your love and commitment to the woman of your life than Hearts on Fire, the World’s Most Perfectly Cut Diamond? This is not just hearsay, it is a fact. Only hearts on Fire Diamonds can claim this distinction. A uniquely exclusive cutting formula gives every HOF diamond its perfect proportions, symmetry and polish that maximize its brilliance and fire, reflecting eight dazzling symmetrical hearts in a burst of light giving rise to the company’s distinctive name. Complementing the perfect beauty of the diamonds is the finest quality of precious metals – platinum and yellow or white gold. A brilliant testimony of HOF’s excellent craftsmanship and unmatched quality are the superbly handcrafted Anniversary and Wedding bands that are designed to match and be worn with the engagement rings. Just as an anniversary celebrates an enduring love, each perfectly scintillating diamond on an Anniversary Band represents the priceless moments that keep love’s fire aglow and are treasured in our hearts forever.
You can check out HOF rings and bands at Shreve & Co. in Portland Oregon.

Monday, March 04, 2013

The Multiple Facets of True Love

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Hearts on Fire is committed not only in creating fine diamond rings but also in ensuring its pieces truly represent the love between the couple who buy and wear them for each other. In its endeavor to always come up with fresh ways to enthrall both wearer and giver of Hearts on Fire fine jewelry, the leading brand introduces its Multiplicity Love Collection. As suggested by its title, the collection delivers the message of genuine love in more ways than one. On the outside, the multiplicity ring is studded with well sized, well fitted diamond stones that dance in beautiful hues to love's gentle melodies. On the interior of the band are impressions of hearts that remain hidden from strangers' view. Its a secret expression of affection that remains between the lovers. Ooh-la-laa for this subtle yet hearwarming show of devotion from the country's favorite jeweler. The Multiplicity Love Collection and other Hearts on Fire pieces are proudly carried by Shreve & Co. in Portland, Oregon - authorized distributor of Hearts on Fire and other luxury jewelry.

Monday, February 11, 2013

For Hearts on Fire

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Hearts on Fire, the brand of “the world’s most perfectly-cut diamonds”, works with the best gem experts and uses the most advanced diamond processing technology to provide the highest grade of diamond jewelry to symbolize life’s deepest commitments. But their desire to meet your diamond needs goes past the the design studios and workshops to the display counters where their perfection stylist is ready to help the starry eyed couple choose the ring that is right for them – especially the lady, who will surely get a lot of oohs and ahhs as she relates the whole story to her thrilled girlfriends. Round cut for the classic and romantic, dream (square) for the fun and fearless. There’s a perfect Heart on Fire design for the simple and classic, the trendsetter, the bold and loud, the sophisticated. For the engagement ring that is perfect for you, find one from the Heart on Fire engagement rings selection at Shreve & Co. Portland, Oregon – authorized dealer for Hearts on Fire.

Sunday, December 09, 2012

Perfect Match Anyone?

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Getting engaged is very special for any woman. Her beau getting on one knee and asking for marriage has been a dream ever since she could remember. And the ring that is part of this ceremony plays a big part, a part just as big as any new and fun way anyone can pop the question. And one can never go wrong by putting in Hearts on Fire to the equation. Every engagement ring in the caches of Hearts on Fire has a complimentary wedding band of the same style available. If one finds it her style to fuse these two symbols of union, Hearts on Fire would be the perfect companion. Get a perfect match for your perfect match. Hearts on Fire have assisted many couples in writing and living their own love stories. If you want to catch fire and write your own romance visit Shreve & Co. – authorized dealers for Hearts on Fire.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Be your own with Hearts On Fire

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One challenge for designer brands and jewelries is the fact that the power has been swept off consumers’ hands and has been tightly locked in the closed palms of designers. This is an argument that Hearts On Fire throws out upon the competition. The brand that has been a claimant to the title of possessing the world’s perfectly cut diamonds  but now Hearts On Fire is also known to be standard a influencer of a practice that started as a trend and became a tradition. Wearing your own initial doesn’t just grant you of the chance of being different; it gives you the opportunity of being yourself. Hearts On Fire’s specialty is providing you diamonds and jewelry of the highest standards embedded in art pieces of your own initials. Individuality doesn’t just set there of course, customers and patrons have evolved this trend even better by wearing and combining their initials or special symbols with their loved ones’. By layering diamonds over your initials or combining yours with someone special, Hearts On Fire isn’t short of options to fulfill anyone’s craving for personalization and expression. One can even combine their own initials with special symbols like birthstones or their preferred charms. To get your personalized Hearts On Fire pieces, visit Shreve & Co. – authorized dealers for Hearts On Fire. 


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