Friday, December 07, 2012

The Alchemy in Chimento

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Every piece exudes beauty and elegance coming from the innovative tradition deep in the soul of Chimento. Every piece is a hallmark for beauty; no weak link of some kind. This standard is almost impossible to achieve but Chimento has always been adamant to keep this their minimum. Since 1964, Chimento creativity and skill set allowed them to take avant-garde to another level. By paying tribute to the past with putting their own twist, Chimento produced pieces such as the Athena that come in the choice of white or black ceramic ring with rose gold and diamonds – a piece that beckons to the gods. Or the soothing medicine of the Quintessenza collection that comes with a white and rose gold necklace with topaz and diamonds, a white and rose gold ring with topaz, and a yellow gold ring, cognac quartz and diamonds – a combination of light and gold. Chimento is almost modern alchemy than grants the wearer with unexplainable feeling of being special. 
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