Monday, December 17, 2012

Everyday Life Luxury

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“All of my creations must be manipulated by hand in order for them to preserve a unique and luxurious experience.” These are the words of the master craftsman who manipulates gold and gemstones with masterful ease and decadence. His philosophy is all about the pure expression of everyday luxury blossoming from the skillful manipulation of materials. This is apparent in his coil creations that have garnered women patrons of discerning taste that regard a Marco Bicego piece as a luxurious purchase for one’s self. Marco Bicego’s inspiration come from his travels. Proofs of this are the names of his collections. Murano, Marrakech, and Jaipur Sunset among others. His Old World Italian pedigree and penchant for modern luxury has allowed Marco Bicego to position the brand in between the highbrow world of precious jewelry and the convenience of daily accessories. But in these achievements, it is his ‘guitar strings’ that he is known for. These guitar string coils were created in early 2000. They can be worn stylishly and youthful or classical and elegant. They are a testament to the playfulness of the Marco Bicego Seduction. For your Marco Bicego pieces, visit Shreve & Co. – authorized dealer for Marco Bicego.

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