Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Hug, Kiss, Dance

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Five years in a row, Kirk Kara has won the Jeweler’s Choice awards. It was the Angelique K1250DC-R that caught the hearts of 16,000 fine jewelry retailers last 2012. Now, Kirk Kara unveils a new collection that surely to wow collectors and romantics alike. The XO collection invites a shower of hugs and kisses from every angle. It is described to have cool elegance meeting fiery beauty. This collection features hand-engraved details that focus the viewers’ attention to the center diamond; perfect for the woman who follows her stylistic sense the same way she follows her heart, as said by Kirk Kara himself. Another addition to the stunning Kirk Kara lineup, is the Pirouette collection. It is deemed as being joyful as it flows like beautiful dance. This is a collection of matching engagement and wedding rings. Kirk Kara’s inspiration for this design comes from dancing of the heart when it starts to fall in love. For these new collections, visit Shreve & Co. – authorized dealer for Kirk Kara. 

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