Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Crisscut to Perfection

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Christopher Slowinsky, born in Europe, learned the intricacies of jewelry-making from the masters of the trade. He came to America thirty years ago and channelled his innovative designs to the world through Christopher Designs. The brand embodies his desire and continuing efforts to blend his classic jewelry training with the revolutionary technological advantages of the day.  The United States and International community has granted Christopher six patents for his unique diamond and jewelry patterns, the most popular of which is the spectacular crisscut diamond. The crisscut describes the crisscrossed facets that give the diamond extraordinary brilliance and fire. His creations have been featured in many fashion magazines and found their way to countless celebrities’ wardrobes.  As an authorized dealer for Christopher Designs, shreve & Co. has a wide array of crisscut diamonds and other jewels by Christopher, all available in its shop on Post Street, San Francisco.

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