Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Along Bejewelled Paths

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The creations of Marco Bisego are expressions of a well-travelled master craftsman who has the eye for elegant details and the knack to go beyond the limits of traditional jewellers.  In that sense, the man is a contradiction. Though Marco often leaves well-trodded paths in terms of his designs, he holds on to the values of tradition and the excellence of Italian-made luxury accessories.  Each piece of precious jewel from Marco Bigego’s workshop at Veneto, Italy is made to surpass the highest possible standards. Skillful hands bring to life the ingenious creativity of every nature and travel-inspired design. A careful glance at his varied collections like Jaipur, Paradise Pearl, Africa and Goa reveals the diverse yet universal beauty and richness of nature. To browse these interesting selections, visit Shreve & CO. at Portland Oregon – authorized dealer for Marco Bisego.

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