Thursday, January 17, 2013

Perfect calibration

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A Jaeger LeCoultre timepiece is built on the tradition of the founder’s brilliant inventions and craftsmanship. The Swiss manufacturer of high-end watches and clocks traces its roots to a small workshop in Le Sentier, Switzerland that started crafting high-caliber timepieces in 1833. Antoine LeCoultre was an image of man driven by his quest to create the most perfectly calibrated movement. He was the first to measure the micrometer in 1844, and devised the world’s first millionmeter, which made it possible for watchmakers to measure a thousandth of a millimeter, a precursor to precision engineering. Three years hence, he developed a push-piece that could shift a lever from one function to another, eliminating the need for keys to set and rewind watches. He was also recognized at the 1851 Universal Exhibition in London for his precision and mechanization achievements. Since then, using mechanized systems in manufacturing watches, LeCoultre developed a wide range of timepiece calibers that produced highly precise chronographs and repeater mechanisms. The company was even a back-end manufacturer for other renowned timepiece signatures in the pre-World War II decades. Today, LeCoultre watches are known for its state-of-the-art technologies from cutting and rolling to electroplating, case polishing and decorating to manufacturing dials, skeletons, casing, calibration and engraving. The result is no less than a Jaeger LeCoultre that has defined time-keeping as a high-end science as it is an art.
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Image: AMVOX5 World Chronograph

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