Thursday, February 21, 2013

Wear Your Heart in a Chain

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Believe – it’s a word that speaks so much to the heart of a young girl chasing a dream, a young woman finding the love of her life, a mother looking at her beautiful children. A woman, by nature, wears faith her heart. Penny Preville, by passionate artistry, adorns it on their necks.  The Top Ten Best Designers company seeks to give women the jewelry that speak their heart’s desires. Penny Preville’s round Believe charm is made of 18k beaded white gold. The word “Believe” is engraved in the middle of the pendant.  A piece of diamond sits daintily atop the charm and a delicate white gold chain, separately sold, holds it elegantly around the collar. The Believe charm is also customizable with any letter or word, either engraved or in diamonds, so you can let people know what's in your heart. Wear your heart in a chain from Penny Preville. Check out Shreve & Co. in Post, Street, San Francisco. Shreve is an authorized dealer for Penny Preville.

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