Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Woman's Link to Elegance

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Diamond comes from the Greek word adamas, “unbreakable”. It takes a skilled craftsman to cut these stones to the right proportions. It takes the best experts to make them stand out. A. Link diamonds have gone through the skillful and precise hands of the diamond industry’s cream of the crop in terms of human expertise and state-of-the-art technology. This has always been A. Link’s claim, and it shows in every stone that lands on the company’s luxurious jewelries. The top diamond manufacturer cuts its stones in precise angles and proportions, in 60/60 cuts, allowing remarkable brilliance that lets A.Link diamonds glitter even in the dark with only the barest light. Whether in Russia, Africa, or Belgium, A. Link crafts its diamonds with the highest standards in polish and symmetry according to GIA standards. In layman’s term, A. Link diamonds are the best; they shine better than the rest. America’s finest retailers know this, and they trust only A. Link. For your own piece of A.Link treasure, visit Shreve & Co. in Portland Oregon.

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