Friday, March 08, 2013

Accidental Discovery, Deliberate Craftsmanship

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Christopher Slowinski, designer and owner of Christopher Designs diamond jewelry, untiringly pursued his dream to make a name in the jewelry making industry. His most famous design, however, sprang from an unpremeditated incident. Christopher was working on an invisible-setting technique in Europe when he accidentally cut the stone in the wrong place. He noticed the stone shone brighter in the area of the erroneous facet, so he curiously made more crisscrossed cuts on the diamond to see how it would turn out. This was the birth of his celebrated Crisscut design, which now has four varieties backed up by United States patents. Crisscut stands as an unmistakable trademark on Christopher Designs diamond pieces. High-quality stones and precious metals, excellent craftsmanship, and this unique rendition, which brings out every diamond’s scintillation, brilliance and fire, make Christopher Designs a trusted name for wedding bands and engagement rings. For more of Christopher Design’s diamond collections, visit Shreve & Co. at Post Street, San Francisco.

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