Saturday, August 11, 2012

Are you the one?

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A man shuns getting engaged for many reasons, but he willingly jumps into it for only one: are you the one? The heart of the matter is, his heart, not his brain, will drive him to spend half of his fortune (figuratively), put himself on the spot at the mercy of the likelihood of rejection, kneel in front of you and pop the question. At that exact moment, all the sleepless nights and depleting cash that he has gone through to decide that this is it will not cross your mind; only the fact that it is a Mémoire ring in that box. You will not be blamed, not by men and especially women. One of the finest diamond jewelry signatures is being offered to you. A ring made by a jeweler specializing in 18k gold and platinum, its mounting created either in any of those lairs of masterful craftsmen in Switzerland, Italy, Germany…you may even forget there is a man kneeling in front of you. The Mémoire ring sparkles before you. Your eyes glow at the sight of Mémoire’s elegant lines and timeless beauty. Then reality snaps in, the guy is down there waiting for an answer. Or, hopefully, heavens forbid, not a question—is he the one?
Shreve is an authorized dealer for Mémoire.
Image: Memoire Wedding Ring A050G05/01 

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