Friday, March 08, 2013

Golden is the New "Colorful"

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Marco Bicego, Italian jewelry designer, brand owner, family man, and unrestrained traveler, loves to play with colors in his nature inspired collections like Paradise and Jaipur Sunset. But Marco Bicego is not always about colors. His Jaipur Link Collection uses yellow gold as medium, embellished only with expertly rendered loops and waves. Jaipur Link chains are interwoven with golden loops that imitate nature's beautifully spontaneous and asymmetrical arrangements, giving an aura of natural and effortless grace. The interplay of long, slender strands with alternating rings add playful movement to the pieces. If there is anything Marco Bicego wants to express in this collection, elegance does not need dazzling stones and lively jewelry do not always have to be colorful. Jaipur Link is neither studded nor multi-colored, yet it is completely stylish and unexpectedly vibrant. A woman of taste can let a versatile Jaipur Link necklace hang elegantly to reveal its full length, or wrap it around to form a series of layers that reveals her creative and edgy side.
Shreve & Co. in Portland, Oregon is an authorized dealer for Marco Bicego.

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