Sunday, March 24, 2013

Corum's Bridges of Achievement

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Since its foundation in 1955, Corum has populated the horologie world with its high-quality watch collections containing distinct and innovative designs, and equipped with urbane and unique mechanical movements housed in a rectangular parallelepiped section called Bridge Movement. Being the earliest movement, the Golden Bridge Movement is composed of 140 components, with bridges and plates of fine gold, carefully assembled under the nine-step construction process. This legendary bridge movement gave way to the development of the Ti-Bridge Movement launched in 2009. Mainly centered on titanium, it is composed of 137 components assembled in the 10 steps of production.  Formally termed as “Caliber CO 007”, the bridge takes advantage of the lightness of titanium metal and the exceptional technical characteristics of the design. These bridges give unmatched quality and performance to your watch. Embedded in every Corum watch, which is carefully checked both in the technical and esthetic aspects, are the bran's characteristic high-end technology and superior design quality. Get one at Shreve & Co. in Palo Alto – authorized dealer for Corum watches.

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