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Hardworking timepiece

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Limited Edition Bell & Ross BR 01-92 Compass Watch

Bell & Ross is flying high as it is diving deep. Inspired by an aircraft’s cockpit instrument and relied upon by divers for its pressure-resistant feature, Bell & Ross evolved into a timepiece for seriously solid watches that can stand environment pressure in aviation, military and marine uses. Bell & Ross was first issued in 1992. It would soon enjoy solid admirers among divers for its ability to withstand 1,000 meters of dive pressure, with special models like the Hydromax that “swims” in special fluid to counter the external pressure. Essentially, Bell & Ross follows four principles in quality watchmaking that ensure its myriad collections of timepieces live up to the name. First, the brand may be French, but it has Swiss precision technology at the core. Each part is engineered to work in sync with the rest in the most adverse environment. Second, it can handle water pressure at great depths. Third, the controls and features are designed for optimum visual even in difficult situations, such as when deep-diving or at high altitudes. Fourth, each Bell & Ross enjoys specific features for users with specific needs as pilots and divers have different timekeeping uses, and not the least, persons who demand their watch to work hard with them in extraordinary or everyday situations.

Shreve is an authorized dealer for Bell & Ross.

Limited Edition Bell & Ross BR 01-92 Compass Watch

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