Sunday, March 31, 2013

A Woman; A Jewel

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What sparkles most is you - your style, your femininity, your passionate endeavors and your enthusiasm for life. Kirk Kara, however, comes pretty close. Inspired by the beautiful women dearest to the heart of the brand's designer, Kirk Kara jewelries shine with a weight of individuality and genuine class. Angelique, Kirk's fashionable mother, is the inspiration for Kirk Kara's vintage Angelique Right Hand Ring collection. This masterpiece of poetic feminine grace was featured in Diamond is Forever's 2005 national right hand ring campaign. Kirk's wife, Lucy, has her own eye for elegant style that fills him with creative inspiration day after day. Like women, Kirk Kara's jewelries have their own individual beauties that exude their own intrinsic charms. Find the one that embodies the glowing personality in you. Check out Kirk Kara's collections at Shreve & Co. in Portland Oregon.

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