Sunday, March 31, 2013

Inspiration, Memories and Penny Preville

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Life makes way for a determined woman who relentlessly chases a lifelong dream. In the case of Penny Preville, that woman was lugging a Radio Flyer red wagon to town in Fire Island. In her heart was a childhood passion for jewelry, and on that wagon were her own handmade jewelry creations. Penny, now a celebrated designer for Hollywood celebrities, still remembers with fundness the day she took that red wagon near the beach and made her first sale from her precious collection. Many things have changed since that fateful day thirty-five years ago in Long Island - Penny Preville is now a brand of exquisite craftsmanship and inspired design. Instead of a red wagon, fine jewelers - like Shreve & Co. in Palo Alto - cart her beautiful works of art and sell them to the fashionably discriminating crowd. Nonetheless, one thing remains the same: Penny Preville still loves the thrill of seeing a costumer fall in love with her creations, make a purchase, and take the treasures home to create her own fond memories with. 

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