Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Air Time Dominance

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Breitling is one of last remaining family Swiss watch brands that survived the Quarts movement. But Breitling not only survived; it thrived. Thanks to its reliably sturdy and high-performance instruments, the brand has shared aviation's finest moments by being official supplier to professional sky conquerors. It has a storied past with many nations' armed forces, including the Royal Air Force. Breitling's winged B also flies with the world's elite pilots in celebrated air shows, such as the spectacular Reno Air Races in the Nevada of United States. Breitling pieces are equipped with elegant and functional designs, high-performance features and outstanding self-winding in-house calibers that are chrono-meter-certified by the COSC. That is something other manufacturers could not boast of. Each durable timepiece also comes in a variety of steel and gold cases as well as a broad choice of dials and straps.
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