Monday, May 13, 2013

Another Way to Say "I Love You"

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One thing women so easily overlook when it comes to jewelry is that men also like to stay in style. They do not think diamonds are their bestfriends, but they like to wear them fashionably, too, when they have to. A. Jaffe, a recognized New York diamond ring maker since 1892, understands not just what a girl wants but exactly what her man wants in jewelry as well. The brand’s I Love You – Morse Code Men’s Ring, from the Metropolitan collection, is a modern, cool and clever band made of solid metal mountings set with variously cut diamond stones along the center. Yes, those emerald cuts and round cuts, ingeniously placed beside one another, actually spell “I Love You” in Morse Code. It’ s a novel way of tell that beautiful man in your life how much you love them. 
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